Rivals 5.52: Mixology Takes Forever

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (2/3)


Vitoria: I need to plan my friendship-building strategically so I don’t suffer any downtime.
Since Papa’s just invited Bella Goth over, she’ll be my first good friend.

Hmmmm, so this is the one Grandma Serena wants my future son to marry.
If she’s going to move in with Jung and I, she’s going to have to lose that tight, red dress!

I’m envisioning her in a long, loose turtleneck sweater with baggy slacks!

Vitoria: Oh dear, she’s Romantic like Jung! I’ll have to keep a close eye on her!
Still, I can see why Grandma Serena wants Bella to contribute to the Zanna gene pool.

She’s quite a striking sim! How will I be able to keep her distracted so she’ll not go after my Jung?

Vitoria: This is Masato Yamaguchi, the vampire Papa advises me to befriend and move in.
His traits are nothing special: Clumsy, Bro, and Glutton.
I wonder why Papa believes Masato would be a good roomie for me?

Vitoria: Aha, I totally understand Masato’s appeal now!
One, he’s a yoga instructor at Perfect Balance Spa, which means he has a high Wellness skill.
Two, he’s already a Grand Master vampire, like Grandma Serena, Papa, and Jung!

Three, Jung is a Bro, too, so I bet he and Masato will get along fabulously.
And four, Masato is quite handsome. If we reach the point of a Gen6 heir, Masato could be the spouse!

Vitoria: For a mean and gloomy sim, Wolfgang Munch sure gets around!
I choose him for my third possible good friend, because we are somehow friends already.

Unlike Bella and Masato who I both met for the first time today, Wolfgang becomes a good friend quite quickly!

Out of deference to Papa, I don’t choose Moss Dinero for my enemy.
Instead, I pick a fight with his mother, the Dinero founder.
Look at this ugly face she’s making! I’ve never seen her so worked up!

Jung: While Massimo and Vitoria have been working hard to complete their requirements, I’ve also been pulling my weight.
I craft camping mascots to help with household funds and work in the garden.

Also, I’ve been quietly working in the Scientist career.
Thanks to Citrus bath soaks, Saffron incense, and the Wishing Well, I get promoted to a Level 9 Mad Scientist tonight.

To be on the safe side, I always complete my daily work task before seeking help from the Wishing Well.

Vitoria: While arguing with Daniela Dinero, I realize I’ve become Enraged. Oh no!
As soon as I’ve declared her my enemy, I take a cold shower to cool off.
I don’t plan to die from a Cardiac Explosion!


Vitoria: Instead of trying to make my second enemy, I invite Grandma Serena over.
We’re not quite good friends yet and she proves to be a very calming influence.

Serena: I was so frightened to hear that you’d become Enraged. You could have died, you know!
Vitoria: It was taking so long to become enemies that I tried setting the Club Vibe to Angry.

Serena: Oh no, you di’in’t! Be patient, sweetheart. Don’t risk your life for a rival!

Laura: I’m not sure why I’m staying up all night with the rest of the household.
It’s not like I will be ageing up early or anything.

Tonight I start my third aspiration, Artistic Prodigy.
I’m enjoying drawing in Auntie Paola’s studio and she’s been giving me lots of encouragement!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how I can avoid being left behind.
When Papa moved out, he did not take his Auntie Lilith with him.
When Vitoria moves out, she won’t be taking our Uncle Lio with her.
I need to study their behavior to avoid their mistakes and make myself indispensable!

Serena: Hello there, Pippin! Thanks for remaining a faithful fan of mine all these weeks!

Well, now that Vitoria has her four good friends, including me, I’ll be on my way.

Vitoria: It’s 2:30 am when Megumi Soma arrives at our house.
You’re probably wondering how I’ve managed to get one sim after another to come over in such a timely manner.

Do you remember back in Week 1, when Penny Pizzazz took over the Good Timers club from Bjorn Bjergsen?
I’ve been using that club to invite over potential friends and enemies, one sim at a time.

My mother, Morgan Fyres, has the worst sense of timing!
At the peak of my argument with Megumi, Mama comes into the room and tries to chat with us.
She completely photobombs the shot of my declaring Megumi my enemy! *rolls eyes

Vitoria: All that’s left is to max the Mixology skill, so I head straight to the bar.

Meanwhile, Megumi vents her rage on poor innocent Bearcula before stomping out of the room.

Imagine my surprise when Megumi sits down at the bar to enjoy the aroma of a cocktail I mixed.
She is one crazy foodie! I admire how she obsesses over fine cuisine and wines.

I better ask her to leave before we end up losing our enemy status!
Wow, I actually had to re-declare Megumi my enemy! Go home, Megumi, NOW!

Vitoria: Naturally, when I max Mixology and get the splash notice, I’m not doing some awe-inspiring bar flair.
No, I’m facing down, looking around for something beneath the bar. So typical!
Unbelievably, it takes me 11+ hours to gain my last four levels of Mixology! And I’m Very Inspired the whole time!

It takes forever to level up a skill without any reward traits or mentoring!


After baking a cake to take with me and harvesting the family garden, I finally age up to a young adult at 3:30 a.m.
(Of course I’ll be starting the plants I need for my bloodline requirements from scratch.)

Vitoria: I move out to the 30×20 Cookout Lookout lot, right next door to Papa.

Jung: Laura won’t be a teen for another 10 days and there’s no pressing need to age her up early.
Paola, on the other hand, needs to age up so she can join the Painter career and earn that Level 8 Deluxe easel!

Vitoria: With my new household all moved in, Watchette gets to work on our home.
It’s same shell Papa used for his house.
It’s not perfect and needs numerous modifications right away, but it still beats building from scratch every time!

Quite honestly, I’m still uneasy about Bella moving in with us already.
I have a plan already to keep Romantic Bella away from my Romantic Jung!
I’ve asked Watchette to build Jung and Masato a “Bro Room,’ which only they can enter.
Bella can be the resident gardener and learn the logic skill, or something. Mwahahaha.

Jung: My Vitoria is a young adult at last!
Our friendship bars are full ,so igniting a romance takes no time at all.
Vitoria is even lovelier as a young adult, if that’s even possible. I’m such a lucky vampire!

Jung: And now I will make her mine, at last!

Bella: When I agreed to move in with Vitoria, I’d thought Massimo would be living with here, too! What a scam!
And I’m, like, a super-cool double agent!
Why do I have to kneel and garden in my scarlet “hoochie-koochie mama” dress?

Masato: I see how it is! Vitoria and Jung are getting busy on the next heir.
Meanwhile, the rest of us plebes are left with the mundane task of gardening. Pffft!

Massimo: Dude, you need a makeover! That navy beret has got to go, Masato! You’re a vampire, not an art critic!


Current Week 5 Status: Zanna Line

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Completed requirements: All done!
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
Garden (6 plants): done
Career: Athlete/Pro Athlete (Level 10)
Master Vampire aspiration: done

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
Completed move-out requirements: All done!
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L3 Potty, L5 Communication & Imagination)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Aspiration: The Curator (done)
Portraits (2): $15,197 (normal: $8378, dark: $6819)
Teen career: Level 3 Barista (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Collection: 7 Paintings/$13,025 ($3204, 2601, 2026, 1779, 1209, 1202, 1004)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Bella Goth, Masato Yamaguchi, Wolfgang Munch
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Megumi Soma
Skills: Painting and Mixology (both maxed)

Rivals 5.53: Vying for Victory

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