Rivals 5.53: Vying for Victory

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (3/3)

Previously this week:
*Massimo completes the Master Vampire aspiration, finishing his final bloodline requirement.
*Because the founder Serena insists on Bella Goth as the future Gen4 spouse, Massimo successfully persuades Bella to leave Mortimer then turns her;
*Vitoria learns never to set the Club vibe to angry when trying to declare an enemy;
*After being declared Vitoria’s enemy, Megumi sits on a barstool near Vitoria who’s practicing bar tricks, causing them to lose their enemy status;
*Around 4 am on Saturday, Vitoria strikes out on her own as the Gen3 Zanna heir, moving in Jung, twin sister Laura, Paola Pizzaz, Bella Goth, and Masato Yamamoto.

Week 5/Saturday

Vitoria: It takes several tries and failed pregnancy tests before I conceive.
Jung: The repeated woohoo’ing poses such a hardship, but I unselfishly make the sacrifice for the famiglia!

Vitoria: Very funny, darling! When I finally learn that I’m pregnant, it’s only 9 o’clock on Saturday morning.
We still have the whole day ahead of us!
I have plans for today to help zoom the Zannas to the finish line!

Bella: Oooh, it’s the Welcome Wagon! Massimo, my dear, please come inside!
Serena: Hello!? Lilith, Penny, and I are here, too, Bella!

Penny: I see Vitoria had the good sense to give you a makeover. *smirks
Lilith: *gloats
Bella: Is that who I have to blame for this atrociously baggy turtleneck and frumpy hairstyle?!

Vitoria: Earlier, I rather rushed to give Bella her makeover and forgot all about Masato.
When I attempt to give him a makeover, though, I can’t find that outfit he’s wearing in his wardrobe.

Masato: Yep, you can never change this outfit, girlfriend!

Vitoria: Mama isn’t part of the Welcome Wagon, possibly because she isn’t a Daywalker.
So I use my Good Timers club to invite her over so we can vampire spar.

If I can defeat her three times, I’ll move to the final tier of my Master Vampire aspiration.
That means I’ll complete the “Survive 20 additional days as a vampire” goal by next Sunday!

Sadly, I’m unable to spar with Mama during or even after the Welcome Wagon event.
I’d completely forgotten that vampire sparring is out for pregnant sims! Darn, darn, darn!

My garden! I quickly buy a computer to purchase Wolfsbane, Plasmafruit, and Sixam mosquito trap seeds.
I’d already planted the other seeds I need in the morning.

Buying that Other Worldly Computer vastly exceeds our budget, but I can’t bear to sell it.
Masato and Bella can use it to start their vampire aspirations.
And maybe I’ll ask Bella to try her hand at writing novels.

Vitoria: Ahhh, the luxury of time! I listen to alternative music and eat carrots!
This is greatly preferable to hoping for a boy while relying on gender customization as a back-up plan.

Masato: What’s with all the hating on my outfit?
Peeps don’t like my beret, shades, and bejeweled bracelets?

Wow, that isn’t one of your normal form outfits and you aren’t in your dark form, either.
What exactly is that outfit? Why don’t you wear the normal-form everyday outfit I gave you?

Masato: I don’t know, Watchette! Maybe being a yoga instructor entitles me to an additional outfit that no one can touch!
Rather like the nanny Daichi Yoshida’s floral pants!

You’re so special, Masato!
Masato: I know, right? And I’m chopstick savvy to boot!

Paola: After buying that overpriced computer, I have to paint while Jung crafts camping mascots before I can afford to visit the Wishing Well!
Hmmmph, the Well puts on his hood and my boss says he’ll take care of me “next time.”

By the way, you’ll never believe what I discovered when I bought Connections this morning!
I’d never bought the Creative Visionary reward trait! No wonder my masterpieces have been so few!

Laura: There’s nothing I can do about our household’s money blues.
To make a useful contribution, though, I decide to learn the violin and piano!

These skills aren’t money-makers but I’m hoping to help mentor a future heir!

Bella: Thanks for the vampiric training, Masato! I’m so jealous that no one can change your outfit!

Masato: I’m sure the Zannas are counting their blessings now that I’ve joined this household!
Not only do I have Level 9 Wellness, but I’m also this household’s second Grand Master Vampire.
*whispers: I bet Vitoria’s relieved that Jung won’t need to give you vampiric training, hehe…
Very funny, Masato. I see we have a troublemaker in the house! 

Vitoria: After dark, we can finally head for Desert Bloom Park!
Between vampiric training cooldowns, using the Detect Personality is a great way to continue earning Vampire Power!

And I still have zero Sunlight Resistance, so it feels great to being out of the house!

Jung: The underground Science Lab at Desert Bloom Park is a real boon for poorer households like ours.
Tonight, I’m making two cloning machines to take home while Bella runs around checking the digsites.

Masato? He’s stargazing in the Observatory. If we’re lucky, he’ll nab a space print or two for our Bro Room!

Vitoria: This park is also a popular hangout for vampires, it seems.
Why do most of them make such embarrassing fashion decisions?

Which reminds me, I should always leave one household member at home to summon us in case of a vampiric break-in.
I’m sure that blonde Ayaka Mori is the reason we got stuck at Korma Chameleon the other night.

Bella: Oh look! There’s Massimo over there!
I know he says he was only following instructions to persuade me to move in with his daughter.

But just look at him! He’s so irresistible! He’s so adorable! I’m never letting him go!

Massimo: Listen, Bella. You need to give this a rest. I don’t love you.
I’ve already made a romantic commitment to Moss Dinero who I’ve known all my life.
Bella: But what about us?

Massimo: There is no “us,” Bella. You were asked to join our family to marry my grandson.
Bella: But, but….
Massimo: No buts, Bellissima. When my future grandson grows up, you’ll fall madly in love with him.
That is your destiny, Bella, just as my destiny lies with Moss. Farewell! *poofs

Jung: Thanks for your hard work tonight, buddy! Truly appreciate your help with this cloning machine!
I don’t have time to invent a second cloning machine this time, but we’ll be back!
You take care of yourself!
Invention Constructor: Yeah, yeah. I’m probably not going anywhere…

Masato: Yo, dawg! Now that we’re back home, how about a bro hug for your bro?
Jung: Cool! It’s great having another bro in the house, man.

Masato: Good going with the cloning machine, dude!
Jung: Hey, nice job with the space print, yo!

Jung: So…how do you get one of those untouchable outfits, Masato? I hear even Watchette can’t change it.
Masato: Dude, I don’t know. I just came like this, you know? You think I’d wear these short black gloves with the bracelet bling if I had the choice?

Jung: Noice! We have our very own Bro Room! But you know what it needs?
Masato: No, you tell me. What does it need, bro?

Jung: We need a bar and a big TV so we can get drunk and watch sports together!
Masato: Word! But I’m gonna let you ask, cuz you’re the Gen3 heir’s spouse AND the founder’s fave offspring!
I’m counting on you, Jung!

Jung: Hey, you’re pretty special yourself, you know?
Masato: Nah…
Jung: Seriously, I hear the Somas considered throwing a vampire cure at you so could marry the next female heir.

Laura: Thanks to Uncle Lio, I’ve maxed the violin.
I wish we had room for a real piano, but learning to play an electronic keyboard is fun, too.

My teen birthday is in 9 days on Monday of Week 7.
By then, my unborn nephew will probably be a teenager already!

Do you think I should ask Vitoria for the vampire cure?
If I could buy reward traits and paint portraits, my nephew would surely take me with him when he moves.

Vitoria: Week 5 ends on a strong note for the Zanna dynasty!
I’ve already completed my skilling requirements for the Mixologist career.
My garden plants have sprouted and I’m almost a Master Vampire already.

When I visit the Wishing Well, he guarantees me a promotion tomorrow to Level 4!

I’m pretty sure the Bro Room will keep Jung and Masato out of trouble.
Just in case, though, I’ve made “Romantic socials with everyone” a banned club activity. Mwahahahaha!
(In these perilous times, one can never be too safe!)


Final Week 5 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna 
Incomplete Vampire Bloodline requirements:
Garden (6 plants): none
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 3)
Two tier-5 vampire powers: none
Master Vampire aspiration (Tier III)

Gen4 Heir: Emilio Zanna
Status: Conceived


Map of Newcrest at the End of Week 5

Mina: Each dynasty’s Gen3 heir moved out this week, with the dynasties now occupying three lots each.
Akira: Thanks to my mother, my birth was delayed but I caught up by not going for the Happy Toddler trait. *sighs

Final Week 5 Comparison

Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709
Career Progress: #1 Dinero/Tech Guru (4), #2 Zanna/Culinary (3), #2 Soma/Politician (3)
Birth of Gen4 heirs: Sunday of Week 6 for all dynasties

Vitoria: Since we’re all advancing at roughly the same pace, the winning factor will no doubt be museum worth, which puts vampires at a huge disadvantage.
My son will submit camping mascots as his museum items. With the marketable trait, these can be worth up to $4.5k; but without marketable, they’re never worth more than $1.5k. And we haven’t a clue what to do for the Gen5 heir’s collection.
We Zannas would need a two-week lead to push ahead and buy a sixth lot. Arrrrgggh!

Toddler Question: I realize that all three Gen4 heirs will be nooboos on Sunday of Week 6. Since Vitoria Zanna conceived 20+ hours earlier than her rivals, will her nooboo age up to a toddler earlier than the other two?


Narrative Advisory

Please note that this thread will take a temporary detour to allow a safe haven for experimenting with the Parenthood Game Pack. *runs off to download it
Once the Parenthood interlude is finished, we will return to our regular programming (that is, to Week 6 of this Rival Dynasties Challenge).

6.54: Return of the Rival Dynasties!

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