Rivals 6.54: Return of the Rival Dynasties!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (1/4)

Hello folks! Yes, we have returned to our regular programming.
Although I never experimented with teenage children in the side-story “Mossimo’s Fatherhood,” I’ve tired of playing four jobless (but gorgeous) adults with four children.
Moss and Massimo got their romantic date, too, so I’m returning to this Rival Dynasties Challenge. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing the four children as teens. I’m happy to oblige by ageing them up.

To help both you and me remember just where we left this Rival Dynasties Challenge, here’s a recap.

Final Week 5 Comparison

Mina: The Zanna vampire line has pulled slightly ahead of my Dinero Mansion Baron line, but we all know that their lead won’t last!

• Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709
• Career Progress: #1 Dinero/Tech Guru (4), #2 Zanna/Culinary (3), #2 Soma/Politician (3)
• Birth of Gen4 heirs: Sunday of Week 6 for all dynasties

Mina:  As you can see, all three Gen3 heirs moved out last week, so nine out of the fifteen Newcrest lots are currently occupied.
I really can’t imagine one line moving far enough ahead to purchase a sixth lot!

And now that we are now more or less reoriented, let’s begin!

Previously in Week 5:
• Mina makes a last-minute decision to move out after midnight Sunday;
• She moves to the 30×30 Tranquil Crescent lot, right across the street from the founder Daniela Dinero;
• Her new household consists of her boyfriend Krishna Bheeda, his father Arun, and her twin brothers Jagger and Alfonso.
• Busy, busy, busy! While Mina and Krishna retire to the master bedroom, the twin toddlers get their birthday notices.
• Arun bakes a birthday cake to age Jagger and Alfonso to children so Mina and Krishna can get started on bringing in the next Dinero heir.

Week 6/Sunday

Mina: I have been waiting so long to hold our newborn nooboo!
You may remember I moved out in a frantic rush last week, so I never had time to eat my carrots.
And so we have a daughter instead of the son we’d planned on. I can’t decide what to do.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if the mother’s skintone has the strongest influence. Or is just random?
My green grandmother had a single greenboo, but my non-green mother had one greenboo (me) and the non-green twins.
And I’ve had a single greenboo. If our child remains female, though, we’ll have to completely overhaul our plans for the next two generations.  Hmmmm….

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce her! Everyone, meet Mint!

Arun: I understand why Mina wants to start out with a barely furnished but complete shell, but this is absurd!
We have less than $3,000 in household funds!

Krishna: No problem, Papa! Mina can sell off the rest of her fish and harvests!
Plus you and me can start writing and publishing books. But Papa….

Arun: Yes, son?
Krishna: I know your pride’s hurt about Mama flirting with that vampire Caleb but you need to forgive her!
Arun: Why is that?
Krishna: Well, for one thing, we need her to paint portraits! And remember her Snaggleflusters!

Alfonso (redhead): So explain to me again why you were a Top-Notch Toddler but I was only a Happy Toddler?
Jagger (brunette): You don’t remember? Grandpa Moss was raising me to marry the Gen5 vampire heir.

Alfonso: Oh, so I was raised by Grandma Aaradhya? And who am I gonna marry?
Jagger: I haven’t heard the adults gossiping about that, but I hear the Gen4 Soma heir will be a boy.
Alfonso: So if I play my cards right, I have a chance to marry a female Gen5 Soma heir?
Jagger: Yep, and don’t forget to kiss up to Watchette!

Jessminder: Well, well, well! Look who Mina just invited back into the Dinero dynasty club!
I knew Mina would choose my awesomeness over Arun’s pride.

And what’s with the double standard, anyway? Caleb is allowed to run around chatting up all the women with impunity!
And as much as I love Moss Dinero, he gets away with murder as well.
Moss remains married yet he’s been having a very public fling with that Massimo Zanna!

And me? I’m exiled to an unplayed household after only flirting and embracing Caleb! Sheesh!

Krishna: Thanks for coming over, Mama. So, will you move in with us?
Jessminder: Hmmph, I knew y’all couldn’t forget about my painting and Snaggleflusters!

Krishna: Mama, you really need to get over yourself! First of all, I want you and Papa to stay together and I want my child to spend time with you both.
Second, don’t you dare ever take Papa for granted again! His love and devotion for you are vaster than the skies above!

Jessminder: You’re so right, Krishna. A woman couldn’t wish for a better husband. I need to apologize…
Krishna: You can do that later. Now, we need to finish planting the garden.

Mina: Oh c’mon, Watchette! Just let me go downstairs and work on the garden with everyone else!
Ugh, you dropped your queue four times to head for the garden, but you must NOT garden!

Mina: And why not? Gardening is awesome!
Right, but we’re saving Gardening for a future heir. And anyway, you’ve joined the Tech Guru career! You need to learn to program, girl!
You need to get to Level 4 for your next promotion so you can’t use the Wishing Well before then.

Mina (sighs): Okay then. By the time I reach Level 4 Programming, we might even be able to afford a Wishing Well!

Jagger (brunette): So, what’s the deal with all these ugly pink dinosaur paintings, bro?
Alfonso (redhead): Oh those? I bet sis is working on her Mansion Baron aspiration.

Jagger: Oh yeah, that would explain it! They seem so out of place in this Focused Room, yo!
Alfonso: You know she’s going to replace them with the expensive stuff once the coin starts rolling in!

Jung: Hey, Father-in-Law, I hear you took a little vacay from this challenge with Moss Dinero!
Massimo: Wow, news really travels fast! But yeah, it was heavenly, Son-in-Law! You should see our kids!

Jung: Wut!? You and Moss even had kids? But what about Vitoria?
Massimo: Well, of course, she remains the Zanna heir in this challenge. Nothing changes that. But Jung?

Jung: Yes?
Massimo: You know what will happen to you and your family jewels if I ever hear you’re stepping out on Vitoria, right?
Jung: You can rest assured that I only have eyes for your daughter, sir!

Jessminder: What a miracle to be holding my grandchild in my arms like this!
Weeks ago, Watchette, you promised to let me hold Krishna’s child if my family moved in with Moss.
You still remember that promise? 

Jessminder: Of course! What mother could forget a promise like that!?
But never had I imagined that my grandchild would become the next Dinero heir!

Caleb, you dawg! Heck you doing!? You just happen to be fishing behind Jessminder’s new home? *glares 

Caleb: Don’t think I enjoy this life I lead as a honey trap! It’s been forced on me!
It’s been my wife Serena’s idea that I go around and weaken the marital foundations of our rival households.
If it hadn’t been Serena’s idea, don’t you think she would have thrown me out by now for what appears to be my constant infidelity?

I give up! You’re too cute to stay mad at for long! *throws up hands
Caleb (internally): Uh huh, I get that a lot…

Jagger (brunette): Dude, I’m the Top-Notch Toddler and we’re both being mentored.
So why are you boosting Mental faster than I am?
Alfonso: I may be “only” a Happy Toddler, but I’m a Genius and you’re Cheerful, remember?

Jagger: Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now! But why am I doing Whiz Kid with you?
Alfonso: Think about it! If we could mentor Logic AND Painting, folks be throwing their daughters at us!

Mina: It’s so great having Jessminder in the house, lemme tell ya!
After drinking the Snagglefluster she mixed me, I quickly reach Level 4 Programming.
But after buying the Wishing Well, there’s no cash left for my offering.

However, just before leaving for work, Jessminder paints a masterpiece which I sell immediately.
Double thanks to Jessminder! After my $5k offering, the Well grants me a full promotion!

Krishna: After night falls, Mina and I throw a wedding party at San Myshuno’s Center Park.
I exchange simple vows with my ravishing bride in front of a small group of guests.

Mina: Our watcher is so predictable!
Krishna: What do you mean?
Mina: She struggles to capture the perfect moment as you and I stand before the wedding arch.

Krishna: Yes, she apparently snapped then rejected close to a dozen screenshots of us.
Mina: And yet she is able to perfectly time the shot of the twins’ arrival at our wedding!
Moss: Who could argue that my boys are looking fly?

Mina: While inviting our wedding guests, I was struck at how few sims I know.
Besides my parents and grandparents, I could only invite nanny Daichi and a few former high-school classmates.

Moss: I’m happy to notice my little protégé Jagger introducing himself to Vitoria Zanna.
They seem to be getting along well.

Moss: Need I remind you, son, that your objective is to marry the Gen5 Zanna heir?
Set your sights on Vitoria Zanna’s future grand-daughter, not on Vitoria!
Jagger: But she’s so pretty!

Daniela: Well, I see you’ve completed all the requirements to make this a gold-medal wedding party!
Mina: Yes, now that the gold medal’s in the bag, I can sit and chat with you.
Thank you so much for coming to our wedding, Grandma Daniela.

Daniela: Of course, your grandfather and I are here for you, dearest.
And by the way, I see your dynasty club has only six members now. Add me?

Mina: As soon as I get home, I change my clothes and head straight for the well.
Oh dear, my offering results in an orange glow. That can’t be good! What shall I do now?

I opt to make a second $5,000 offering and this time the Well glows green! Phew!
The Well guarantees me a promotion at the end of tomorrow’s work shift.

Pretty sweet, right? I’ll be ending my first day of work with a promotion to Level 6 Development Captain!

Krishna: My father, on the other hand, goes directly downstairs to the garden.
I’m surprised that our garden is already ready for grafting!

Arun: I’m all for spacious living quarters, but I still find underground gardens to be depressingly dreary.
I much prefer gardening outdoors! Even a rooftop garden beats a basement garden!

Krishna: We bring this very long first day to a close by flexing our yet untested parenting muscles!
Mina: What’s with your pained facial expressions? We’re just teaching you to say please and thank you!

Jagger: I see what you two are doing here! Alfonso and I are your guinea pigs until Mint ages up!

Krishna: That’s not true, Jagger! Like me, you and Alfonso won’t ever be aged up early!
So you both have the time to earn some extra character traits!
Mina (whispers): But Krishna, how did these two figure out that we’ll be experimenting on them?


Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party (need 2 more)
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier III of IV
Career: Tech Guru (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: None
Toddler skills: (Level ? Potty, Level ? Thinking and Imagination)*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements:
Childhood Aspiration: (Artistic Prodigy)
Teen Job: not yet
“A” in high school: n/a
Portrait: not yet
Unique Skills: none
Unique Aspiration: n/a
Collection: none
Good Friends: (Daniela Dinero; 3 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

6.55: Krishna’s Secret Mission

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