Rivals 6.55: Krishna’s Secret Mission

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (2/4)

Previously in Week 6 (yesterday, actually):
• Mina struggles to remember what her household’s plans for the Dinero dynasty before her father Moss’s selfish detour with his paramour Massimo Zanna;
• Left behind for having dilly-dallied with Caleb right in front of hubby Arun, Jessminder finally joins the Gen3 household, thanks to Krishna who convinces his father to forgive her;
• Mina and Krishna officially tie the knot at Center Park in San Myshuno.and everyone else works on the garden;
• While Mina prepares for her first day at work and the twins get ready to start school, Arun and Jessminder consider quitting their jobs.

Week 6/Monday

Mina: Since I spent yesterday learning to program and planning my wedding party, my Parenting is only Level 1.

I’ve noticed that whenever Jagger or Alfonso asks me for advice, therefore, I don’t have multiple choices.
That must be due to my low skill level, darn it!

Krishna: I’ve decided to join the Painter career so that our household can have nicer easels.
Right before my first day at work, I try my luck with the Well.

Though the Well glows white, my new boss drops my job performance to zero, saying he’s noticed a downward trend in my attitude.
Oh well, maybe I’m just deflecting the Well’s bad mojo from Mina?

Arun: I know we can just visit the homes of the founder Daniela or Moss, but having our own cloning machine is so convenient!
But the dig sites in our neighborhood hate me this morning.

Can you believe 4 time capsules and 4 fossils, but only one crystal and no meetals? Sheesh!
Maybe a Superior Being is suggesting that we go visit Daniela?

Jagger: Dude, we’re both so awesome! I don’t understand why there’s no one left for us to marry, yo!
Alfonso: I know, right? So what’s going on with all the Gen4 heirs?

Jagger: Well, they’re all just nooboos yet, like our little Mint.
Akira Soma’s son Satoshi will marry Erina Haas, who already lives in the same house.
And Vitoria Zanna’s son Ayato will marry Bella Goth.

Alfonso: Wow, those vampires are really going all out! I hear Bella was lured away from her husband, even!
Jagger: Gotta love their thirst for the win! Maybe I could just live there as a helper?
Alfonso: Bro, your desperation is showing!

Mina: Since I had a guaranteed promotion today, I socialized with my co-workers all day, meeting Akira Kibo and Sergio Romeo.

While trying to knock out my daily work task as soon as I get home, Sergio phones to invite me out to celebrate.
Sergio? Hmmmm. No, no, not Sergio! The Bros are just moderately wealthy.
I’m looking more for a  filthy rich Gen4 spouse for my Mint, and I have one or two candidates in mind…

Daniela: As much as I appreciate being invited to join your club, dearest Mina, why is your house so ugly?
Mina: Well, Krishna couldn’t bear leaving his parents behind and I wanted to bring my brothers with me.

Daniela: Whatever, I’m super excited to be helping to raise my great-grand-daughter.
In the meantime, I can start building my Parenting skill on the twins!
Jagger and Alfonso: *roll their eyes in unison

Alfonso: We’ve been doing everything at the same and we’re both usually being mentored.
Why are you skilling faster than me, bro?

Jagger: You think it’s my Top-Notch Toddler trait?
Alfonso: Hmmmph!
Daniela: Boys, boys! You do realize that your skilling speed only really matters if you’re an heir, right?

Jagger: Skills, shmills. Check out who I just introduced myself to in back of our house, yo! It’s the high-schooler Erina Haas!
Alfonso: Yowza!

Jagger: So, I’m thinking that I don’t wanna be a helper in the Zanna house no more. I’m moving into the Soma house instead!
Alfonso: Oh no you don’t! She’s a redhead, bro! Erina is miiiine!

Daniela: Erm, a little technicality, boys. Erina’s been pledged to Satoshi Soma ever since Maaike Haas adopted her.
Jagger and Alfonso: Boooooo!

Daniela: I see you need me to put things into perspective for you, Mina!
It’s great that you’re trying to learn how to be a good parent and all, but you  need to focus!

Your household needs to make bank faster and you better earn your two remaining gold medals tomorrow evening.
The only child who needs to be mentored is the Gen4 heir, Mint.
Jagger and Alfono (in unison): Gee, thanks!

Daniela: And no offense, Krishna, but you should have left your romantic hothead of a mother with my son Moss.
Do you even bother to check Jessminder’s whims?

Not only does she want Caleb to turn her into a vampire but she also wants to “Woohoo with Someone.”
Not with Arun, but with “Someone.” *rolls eyes
And, besides your father, did you realize Jessminder has pink bars with not only Caleb but also the nanny Imane Fassi?
Krishna: *shocked speechless

Mina: Maybe we could lock her up in a basement room with an easel, a cooler, and a toilet?


Arun: Mina and Krishna are off to work, the twins are at school, and I’ve taken the day off to try and boost our household funds.
Jessminder is off until Thursday, and Daniela is out front doing who-knows-what. *takes a look outside

Arun: Whoa, I guess this is my chance! What IS that man’s secret?
(calls to Jessminder): If you’re between paintings, Jessminder dearest, would you mind checking the mailbox?
(to himself): I hope that sight jolts her out of her infatuation with Caleb!
*jots down a reminder to ask Caleb about his cologne the next time

Moss: Nice work helping your mother earn a gold medal for this Dinner Party, big guy!
Jagger: Don’t you “big guy” me, Papa! I’ve just been skilling for nothing!
I worked so hard to earn that Top-Notch Toddler trait and now it doesn’t even matter! I’m just a forever-spare!

Moss: Awww, don’t get discouraged, Jagger! Stay awesome and maybe you’ll be the founder of Watchette’s next challenge.
Jagger: Shucks, I guess nothing’s for sure until our teen birthdays…


Mina: It’s 1 am and I briefly consider throwing a House Party right away, but I decide to do my father a favor.

Massimo: Seriously? You come all the way over here in the middle of the night to introduce yourself to me?
That is terribly sweet and, considering how much my brother Lio hates you, also terrifically brave of you.

Mina: Well, it’s a bit of a belated Father’s Day Gift. So, when I throw my House Party, you’ll attend, right?

Mina: Guess who ages up all by herself as soon as Papa and I walk in the door? It’s Mint, people!

Krishna: Since there are so many people over, we have Mint walk around and Watch everyone.
Since she’s never interacted with Moss and Massimo, it’s not surprising that she can’t interact with them at all.
She gets a “Talk with stranger” interaction with the founder Daniela.
Oddly enough, she cannot interact at all with my mother, despite Mama having babysat her yesterday.

Mina: While visiting Massimo Zanna, I invite him over since Papa is visiting and the whole household is still awake.

I get a glimpse of Massimo kissing Papa. So odd to see Papa blushing like a shy, high school girl.
It’s hard to believe that, at one time, Papa was the one pursuing Massimo.

I just hope the two of them tone it down in front of the kids!  Sheesh!
Moss: Is that you snooping on us from behind the column, Mina dear?

Mina: Before Mint gets overly sleepy, I read to her while she eats.
When I teach her to say please and thank you, she gains the Communication skill.

Moss: Try teaching her to talk first, Mina. She’ll learn to say please, thank you, and sorry more easily after that.
Mina: Oh right, I hear you maxed your Parenting skill elsewhere.

Alfonso: Ugh, what an annoying day at school. And now I’m going through a phase!
Jagger: Yelling at everyone is not cool, bro, but wanting to play a musical instrument is a plus, right?

Alfonso: Hey, how is your Responsibility already in a range to earn an extra trait?
Jagger: No worries, dude. You’ll be there as soon as you do your homework.
Alfonso: Hehe, you were right. Now I need to sort out this phase.

Moss: So thoughtful of Mina to meet Massimo so she can invite him to this party tonight!
Jagger (brunette): What’s wrong with your friend’s neck, Grandpa Moss?

Moss: Well, most of the adults here are feeling flirty because this is House Party, Jagger.
Alfonso (redhead): Pssst, Jagger! Check out sis with Krishna over there!

Jagger: Speaking of flirty reminds me, Great-Gramp Salim.
Yesterday, I saw Great-Gran Daniela with a vampire in  front of our house. They looked really friendly.
Salim: Grrrr, that must have been Caleb Vatore. He’s the father of Massimo. He was here, eh?

Salim: So, now that Daniela’s joined Mina’s dynasty club, Caleb sneaks over here to meet her!
Arrrrgggh!!!! *takes out his anger on the nanny

Elizabeth Scruggs: Sir, you don’t like me throwing out the trash?!

Jagger: Dude, you are so cool! I wish I were green like you! What’s your name?
Kengo: Hey, kid! Yeah, I’m looking pretty fly. My name’s Kengo Hayashi. And you are?

Jagger: I’m Jagger Dinero. Wooooo, and you’re a Master Vampire, too! Would you adopt me? Please?


Krishna: At last, my precious daughter, you’ve reached Level 2 Communication.
I can finally impart this oh-so-important message and mission to you.

I hereby entrust you with this anti-vampire stake, forged from colloidal silver.
And here is a photograph of your target, Caleb Vatore.
Should you ever spy this vampire anywhere in the proximity of your mother, report to me immediately for further instructions.
That is all I can say to you for now.

Mint: Huh?!


Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
Completed Bloodline Requirements
Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
Incomplete Bloodline Requirements
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV (needs Home Worth of $350,000)
Career: Tech Guru (Level 7)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
Incomplete Move-Out Requirements: All
Toddler skills: L2 Potty/Thinking/Imagination/Communication; Level 1 Movement

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