Rivals 6.56: We’re So Mint to Be

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (3/4)

Week 6/Thursday

Mina: I cherish these hours in the morning, before work, when I can spend time with my precious Mint.
What a bundle of joy!

Krishna’s been working as a painter temporarily and Mina hates when we’re both gone.

Mina: I’ve somehow managed to reach Level 6 Parenting without reading the skill book.
Mint, on the other hand, seems to be leveling extremely slowly.

Krishna: Not really, she’s only been a toddler for about a day.

Mint: Who’s that stranger standing on the porch for the last four hours, Nanny Liz?
Elizabeth: That’s your great-grandma Daniela Dinero, dear.
She’s being punished by the game for hogging the easel when your father was trying to finish his daily task.

Mint: Why doesn’t she go home?
Elizabeth: Watcher usually unfreezes a stuck sim by traveling with them or entering Manage Worlds.
Since your mother’s left for work already, both methods are too risky.

Mint: So she’s just going to stand there and glare at me until 7 p.m.?
Jessminder: Nice to see that you’re being so useful, Daniela! *snorts

Jessminder:  I’ve been taking all my vacation days before quitting my Mixologist job.

You can tell you’re in the doghouse when Watchette makes you spray bugs.
It’s not my fault that Mint won’t interact with me, though, that little brat!

Arun did hire a gardener before leaving for work this morning, bless his heart.
But the prissy gardener minces into our garden, declares the garden doesn’t need tending, then leaves!
Hmmph! I wouldn’t have minded so much if he were that hawt gardener.
What’s his name? Wyatt something?

Krishna: I get a raise today so I’m only one more promotion away from that Deluxe Easel!
I return home to find Alfonso playing with the doctor kit.

Because he involuntary yells due to his Loud phase, his Emotion Control is dropping.
I’m glad to see that he’s working on his Empathy instead.

Krishna: My other brother-in-law Jagger often cleans up on his own, so we’re focusing on raising his Manners.

Alfonso: Well, I’m happy to see that Jagger doesn’t have the Morning Sim reward trait.
Sometimes I feel like everyone treats me like the spare spare!
Krishna: Great observation, Alfonso! Let’s buy that trait for both of you!

Jagger: Yeah, let’s do that. Especially since I have no chance whatsoever of becoming the vampire groom!

Jagger: Alfonso, let’s join the League of Adventurers Club and finish up Social Butterfly.
Alfonso: Noice! But why did you add Alex Goth and that other dude to the cl

Jagger: Dude, you need to read Carl’s Guides! We need three child-age friends!
Alfonso: Okay then, but why are you trying so hard to become good friends with Alex, bro?

Jagger: Duuhhhh, so I can age Alex up early!

Krishna: Whoa, whoa, whoa, is that you, Alex Goth? You wanna be part of our household that bad, eh?
Alex: And if I do?

Krishna: If you do, then you’re doing it wrong. First of all, those sneakers are all wrong.
And furthermore, your ears and that hairstyle…’nuff said!

Alex: Oh yeah, I see what you mean now, Mr., uh, may I call you Father?
Krishna: Hey, stop counting your chickens, dude! By the way, what’s your second trait now?

Alex: I’m a Bookworm who’s Cheerful. You like?
Krishna: And it’s just you, your father and your sister now, right? Yeah, I like very much!


Mina: I’m feeling really lucky tonight and chance an offering to the hooded Well.
The fickle Well removes his hood to receive my offering but dons it again to grant my wish.
A full promotion to Level 9!

I’ve been so fortunate with the Well this week that I’m going to earn my final promotion the old-fashioned way.
But tonight, I’m pulling an all-nighter to try and max Programming.

Krishna: While painting, I notice a horrid vision passing by our home.
An enraged vampire, stomping down the straight.

Well, of course, you’re angry, silly vampire! You’re wearing the “Angry Bear” animal hat.

Krishna: Today, Mama and I are off work and Papa took the day off.
If we can just earn another $50k or so, Mina can be done with Mansion Baron by tonight!

So, Alfonso, you know I got a phone call today from school about that unsent love letter, right?
Alfonso: Why am I in trouble? I didn’t even send it! And, Papa, you should see my teacher!

Krishna (sighs): Sorry I had to throw you under the bus, son, but that teacher is the one who gives your grades.
Can’t you look for love among your classmates? Too bad that Laura Zanna will grow up to be a vampire…

And as for our tragic heroine, she has some ways to go before completing her early age-up and Happy Toddler requirements.
Hopefully, we’ll be celebrating her birthday very late Friday or very early Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV (needs Home Worth of $350,000)
Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements: All
Toddler skills: Level 3 Potty, Imagination, Communication & Thinking; Level 2.5 Movement

Rivals 6.57: Bruh, You Need a Mint!

4 thoughts on “Rivals 6.56: We’re So Mint to Be

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  2. I have missed your murky self … looks like we are both off into our other work (my story ended and I am transitioning into the new one) As for Murkland .. I finished the library but have not blogged it yet … working slowly on the gym

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    • Oh Lisabee, I have really missed you, too!
      I’m so impressed that you completed the library!
      I realized with a shock that I’ve been playing/writing this challenge story since March! In game, I’m close to starting the final week (Week 9) for all three households so I’ve been trying to stay focused. The challenge has gotten a little grindy (lol), but I’m trying to keep moving forward to the end.

      Thanks for stopping by. I do want to catch up with your Bachelorette story and check out your new story, too!

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