Rivals 6.57: Bruh, You Need a Mint!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (4/4)

Week 6/Friday 

Mina: I love the short but daily shifts of my Start-up Entrepreneur career!
Feels great to max Programming at last! I’m almost done skilling for my final promotion!

Looking back at my teen years, I should have chosen Programming as one of my unique skills instead of Video Gaming.
But gaming is definitely more fun, amirite?

Arun: Everyone’s very focused on bringing in the Benjamins today.
I took a quick trip to Granite Falls several days ago and have been crafting camping mascots ever since.

Alfonso: Meanwhile, I’m waiting for sis to be done with Mansion Baron so Papa Arun or Krishna can mentor me in Logic.

Krishna: In the Inspired Room, Mama and I are painting away.
Jagger: I’ve almost maxed Violin, then I either want to learn Piano or Logic. Or maybe I should do Rambunctious Scamp?

Mina: We should probably devote time to Mint instead of Mansion Baron, but she’s doing fine for now.
I’ll go play with her as soon as I’ve completed my daily task.

Mina: I’ve been renovating our home whenever we have cash to spare.
Yesterday, I asked Watchette to build us an underground pool.

Alfonso: What!? There’s a pool downstairs? How did we never know that, Jagger?
Jagger: Because we’re so busy skilling that we never wander around the house. This lifestyle has to end soon! I’m talking Quality of Life, yo!

Arun: To honor our Buddhist faith, I build a small tranquility nook in the courtyard.

The Buddhist statue? Watchette found it after scouring the web for hours!
She was planning to build an ashram so we could visit for a meditation retreat. Sadly, that never happened. :(
Dude, just go to Korma Chameleon! 

Mina: After buying a few more essentials for the house, I buy a few violins to prep for our final push to Mansion Baron.
I’m thinking we won’t reach $350,000 home worth until tonight but, whaddya know, I did it!

Knight: Hold on a sec, Watchette! What exactly is going on here.
Pretty obvious, innit? You and your brother downstairs have served your purpose.

Knight: So after we’ve bravely defended your household at the risk of our lives, you’re getting rid of us?
Well, yeah. You’d just inflate the household’s bills. Maybe you could seek work at the Soma family’s restaurant?

Jessminder: Bugs, bugs, bugs! Ugh! Guess I’m still in the doghouse.


Mint: Wheee! Flying with mommy is the best!
Mina: Don’t get sleepy, don’t get sleepy! You only need one more level in Imagination! *gives Second Wind

Arun: You’ve been doing a terrific job learning Logic, Alfonso. Wanna take a break and tell me about your Loud phase?
Alfonso: It’s about time someone asked me about it! Did you know you could influence me to be quiet?

Arun: How long does your Loud phase last?
Alfonso (saddens): I wish I knew but I don’t.

Jagger: Who needs Logic anyway? Alfonso’s already Level 7.
I’ve maxed Violin already and now I’m almost done with Rambunctious Scamp.

Dat Top-Notch Todder, though! I reached Level 7 Motor before I even Practiced Typing for 4 hours.
I’m gonna breeze through Fitness and get appropriately buff. Just you wait, all you ladies in da club!

Mina: The sun’s already risen by the time Mint is ready to age up.
Good thing, too! We were both getting really bored with the dollhouse and books!

Krishna: And just in time! Even with the adults taking turn using “Give a Second Wind” on Mina, her fatigue had made her sad.
Yay, happy birthday, my precious little girl!

Krishna: Here’s a pic of Mina and I as children with Mint the birthday girl.
Mint: Oooh, I get the Hatsune Miku hair? Can I keep it forever, huh? Huh, huh?

Hey, Mint! I only have two green hairstyles for female children and didn’t want to use your mother’s hair again. You wanna keep it?
Mint: Yes, forever and ever! Even when I’m old and grey!

Well, anyway, I’m overjoyed that you inherited your mother’s sculpted cheekbones!

Mint: Hi folks! I’m now a Music Lover and Artistic Prodigy, with the Happy Toddler trait.

Mint: Great-Gran, come look and see my drawing!
Daniela: You’re a smart cookie, Mint! Invited me back into the club, did you?

Mint: Well, I could have just asked Papa or Grandma Jessminder to encourage me….
Daniela: Right, but you’d like to become good friends with me. Your proactiveness is commendable!

Mint: Um, would you mind if I draw instead of chat? The Big Switch happens tonight!

Mina: Ugh, leveling Charisma is so boring! Can’t Jessminder just make me a Snagglefluster?
Krishna: Don’t act spoiled, dear! My parents and I earned most of the coin for Mansion Baron, so you could focus on your career and avoid maxing the wrong skills.
And, anyway, you don’t need to max Charisma. You just need to gain 1.5 more levels! Sheesh!
Mina: Hmmmph!

Krishna: What happened to Rambunctious Scamp, son?
Jagger: Eh, I finished that a while ago. Now I’m trying to max Piano. That way, I can maybe mentor Mint whenever the nanny’s gone.

Krishna: Why would you want to do this instead of working on your own Character Values.
Jagger: I’m just a spare, so I don’t want to upstage the heir, gnomesayin’?

Mint: I notice a new option for toys called “Play with emotion.” I wonder what that does?
Well, that didn’t make any difference at all!

Speaking of emotion, poor Uncle Jagger entered the Loud phase this morning. What decides which phase a kid enters and when?

Huh. I thought I was doing so well with becoming good friends with the founder.
But I checked my relations, and she’s only my acquaintance even though our friendship is almost maxed. Boo!

Alfonso: That Top-Notch Toddler is some powerful mojo!
With my Genius trait, I took forever to max the Logic skill, even with Papa Arun mentoring me the last five levels!
Meanwhile, Jagger has maxed Violin, completed Rambunctious Scamp, and almost reached Level 7 Piano!

Well, if Jagger’s gonna get buff as a teen, so am I! Shiver me timbers, I’m a Rambunctious Scamp, too!

Mina: You fabulous man, you! Have I told you recently how much I love you, darling?
Krishna: Awww, shucks! Are you just saying that because I completed Painter Extraordinaire this morning?
Or do you like me when I bring home the All-Season Deluxe Easel as part of my promotion?

Jessminder: You and me, son! Get ready for Mint’s portrait marathon next week!
Krishna: Mama, do you mind? I was having a romantic moment with my gorgeous wife.

Krishna: My little girl is ready to age up a little before midnight!
Mint: Why isn’t everyone around to celebrate my birthday, Papa? And why are you posing?

Mina: We’re all preparing to help you with your teen move-out requirements, dear Mint.
And your father? He happens to be feeling invincible today. Please humor him, k?

Mint: And I’m now a Cheerful Music Lover with the Musical Genius aspiration.
No extra traits from Character Values because I’ve spent all day on completing Artistic Prodigy.

This is the look the game gave me. I’m kinda digging the threads but need mah green hair!

Mint: I’ve decided to keep the hairstyle I aged up with, but in green.
Krishna: Oh dear, our daughter’s so gorgeous! No boy will ever be good enough for her!

Mint: What are you going on about, Papa! I thought you already had someone in mind for me?

Mint: The first thing I do after my make-over is look for a job.
I decide to become a Fast Food Employee despite the fact that I’m a vegetarian.

I start work on Sunday, but then I’m off on Monday and Tuesday. What a great schedule!

Mint: Watchette, what’s going on? I only learn the Piano skill tonight!
Don’t your charges usually complete Artistic Prodigy with four levels in a musical instrument?

Usually, yes. But we forgot to buy you the Morning Sim or Night Owl reward trait. *coughs
Mina: Who exactly do you mean by “we,” kimo sabe?
Mint: Whatever, I see that I have the Night Owl trait now. Mentor me up, Nanny!

And since the Dineros have actually gone an hour past The Big Switch, it’s time to bid farewell to the Dineros until Week 7.


Final Week 6 Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
Mansion Baron aspiration: done
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements:
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 1)
A grade in high school: “C”
Unique skills:
Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier I)
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; (3 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

Rivals 6.58: Getting Busy in da Jungle

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