Rivals 6.60: Dem Darn VIP Buckets

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Akira Soma (3/4)

Previously in Week 5:
*The Gen4 heir, Satoshi Soma, is now an inquisitive toddler, so Erina no longer needs to stay home to babysit him;
*After a romp in the party bush with her new boyfriend, the vampire bro Masato Yamaguchi, the pregnant Ulrike’s tummy continues to grow;
*Akira can now ask for $250 donations which makes charty fund-raising much easier;
*The household’s main goals now are to help Satoshi learn and to meet Jungle Spice’s requirements;
*Presently, Jungle Spice needs two more retail perks and about $50,000 more in resale value..

Week 6/Wednesday 

Akira: Satoshi is an inquisitive toddler.

He actually gets a Sad moodlet when he hasn’t learned anything new in a while.

Erina: I’m so lucky! I have Mama as my writing mentor and Auntie Ulrike as a my painting mentor.
Maaike: And yay! Our Writing Room finally got furnished!

Satoshi: At last, we come outside for some fresh air! I hate having to stay indoors all the time!
When I grow up and start working on my Freelance Botanist aspiration, I’m doing all my gardening on this rooftop deck!
Akira: You still have two more birthdays to go, but yeah.

Jun: I guess I’m the least useful member of the household, since I generate no income.
Now that we have a microscope, though, I’ve been getting prints for our garden room.
Their Focused boost isn’t as high as that of space prints, but it’ll do for now.

Satoshi: Shoot, I forgot that I need to garden downstairs for the Focused boost!

Erina: I’m just trying to get 2-3 levels of Wellness, enough to level it whenever I’m left at home.
I wonder what Satoshi wants to do when he gets older. Will our traits be compatible?

Akira: I swear the vegetarian caterer we hired the other day looks just like our gardener!

Akira: After helping Satoshi with his skills until he gets sleepy, we leave for Jungle Spice.
I see you’ve made a show of effort, Watchette. But, seriously, is this the best you can do?
An enlarged Chef Gino MySims as our store mascot?

Well, I considered converting the store into a jungle treehouse, but the current first story has no floor, so that’s too much trouble.
I found some cool elephant cc, but it was removed by the creator so I’m looking for something else.
You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what little I found. 

Maaike: Well, thanks for not forcing us to wear animal-print uniforms, Watchette.
I considered that briefly as well, hehe.

Wyatt Patrick (red beard): Where are you going all on your little one? Are you lost?
Satoshi: Nah. As sleepy as I am, I’m being made to WALK to my bed in the backroom for my Movement skill.
Hey, no complaining! The sooner you can age up, the better!

Erina: It’s just Satoshi and me in the shop’s backroom. Whenever he naps, I paint.
And when he wakes up, I help him with his skills.
Only a teenager but a model spouse already, that’s me! Yep!

Satoshi: Who needs an airplane shot with Papa when I can be with my lovely Erina!

Ulrike: What are you doing way over there, daughter dear? You need to come help with the customers!
Jun: But I want to go check on Satoshi.

Ulrike (sighs): The backroom’s door is locked to everyone except Satoshi and Erina.
Anyway,  I’m pretty sure Satoshi is being well cared for by Erina.
Jun: *trudges back to the shop

Akira: Unlike Erina, I wouldn’t exactly call you a model spouse.
You constantly drop queues and why do you keep flirting with the customers tonight?
Jun: You can’t even call me a “model spouse,” dude, because you’ve never proposed.

Akira: After tonight, I’m not sure I want to.


Jun: Just past midnight, we’re ready to close up.
Three of us start restocking while Maaike handles any stragglers who need ringing up.

Akira: I’m getting rid of these VIP buckets. Every time one sells, half the sims on the lot get flirty.
Jun: I blame the VIP buckets!

Akira: After restocking, we have exactly 2,000 perk points so I buy our fourth perk, Sure Sales.

Ulrike: I go into labor while restocking, so I rush off to the hospital alone.
Sadly, Watchette decides against joining me at the hospital, so I couldn’t invite Masato along.

I have a boy, just as I’d hoped, and I name him Makoto (which means “sincerity”).
Will he grow up to be a vampire, like his father Masato?

Ulrike: Hey, Akira! You gotta get over your Sad +3 Drifting Love moodlet, boy!
Akira: I can’t help the way I feel, Ulrike! And the moodlet still lasts for 13 hours!

Ulrike: Well, you’re the heir, dude! You’re supposed to inspire and motivate the rest of us!
Akira: You’re so right, Ulrike! Thanks! I’ll go to my Focused Workshop and make camping mascots.
Ulrike: If I were you, I’d pay a visit to the Well first…

Akira: After the Well arranges for my boss to guarantee me a promotion, I decide to redecorate my studio to lift my spirits.

That’s when I realize a vampire break-in has started.
I immediately go around and lock all entrances to our home to Household only and Vitoria’s threat dissipates almost as quickly as it began. Whew!

Akira: Okay, folks! I have work tomorrow so Ulrike and Erina have taken days off to do this.
Let’s make this count! The last 2,500 perk points for Cheaper Restocking in two days!

Ulrike: Watchette, the white tigers are pretty cool, but couldn’t you find any elephants or giraffes?
Sadly, no. But what do you guys care? This store will soon be a thing of the past!

Maaike: Why do all the customers make a beeline to this corner of the shop.
Ulrike: Do you think it’s because of the new vases that have replaced the VIP buckets?

Akira: Satoshi only needs one more level each in Imagination and Thinking, then he can age up!
Erina has to stay home with Ulrike’s nooboo, so Satoshi is watching the household adults at work.

Ulrike: All things considered, having a nooboo wasn’t the greatest idea but I just couldn’t resist!
Me, neither! 

Masato: I hope you realize, my beloved Ulrike, what efforts I’m expending to see you each and every day.
I can’t even eat human food yet I stop by faithfully and buy kitchen appliances I’ll never use!
Ulrike: It won’t be long until we’re done with this store, darling. Then I can invite you over to spend time with your son.

Masato: Are you serious? Jungle Spice sure doesn’t appear to have a resale value of $100,000.
Ulrike: Eh, we’ve been making bank lately. We can just throw a few knight statues in the basement.

Akira: We close the store once Satoshi seems close to completing his age-up requirements.
Jun goes to play dolls with him to help him learn Imagination a little faster.

Jun: Just before midnight, Akira is ready to age-up to a child while the other three are at the shop, busily restocking.


Ulrike: So, how’d we do today, Akira?
Akira: Great! By the time we’re done with all the restocking, we’ll have 1,590 perk points.

Maaike: Noice! We only need 910 more points for the last perk, right? And the resale value?
Akira: Presently, with all our merchandise restocked, it’s $139,217! And I didn’t have to use a single knight statue, lol.
We’ll be done by Friday night!


Current Week 6 Status: Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:
Store: Jungle Spice, resale value = $139,217
*Incomplete requirements:
Retail perks: Cheaper Restocking (almost there!)
Career: Politician/Charity Organizer (Level 7)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Trait: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler trait (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (Tier I of IV)

Rivals 6.61: Farewell, Jungle Spice!

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