Rivals 6.62: Vitoria the Victorious

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vittoria Zanna (1/4)

Previously in Week 5:
• Massimo (Gen2 heir) completes his Master Vampire aspiration, the last of his bloodline requirements;
•  Because founder Serena wants Bella Goth for the Zanna dynasty, Massimo is tasked to convince Bella to leave Mortimer then Massimo turns her;
• Now a teen, Vitoria (the Gen3 heir) works diligently on her move-out requirements;
• Vitoria’s twin sister Laura ponders her place in the Zanna dynasty and considers the vampire cure;
• Very early Saturday morning, Vitoria moves out to Cookout Look, the lot right next door;
• Her new household includes her spouse Jung Storey, twin Laura, and three helpers: painter Paola Pizzaz, Bella Goth, and Grand Master Vampire Masato Yamaguchi;
• Jung and Masato are both Bros, so Vitoria builds them their own Bro Room as a tactic to keep her Jung away from her future daughter-in-law, the romantic Bella Goth.

Week 6/Sunday 

Vitoria: Yes, Jung and I had a little boy while y’all were off reading about our rivals.
I’ve named him Ayato, which isn’t an Italian name at all, but the name of a hawt pink-haired vampire in that manga Diabolik Lovers.

With Jung and I as his parents, Ayata will no doubt grow up into a most gorgeous vampire!

Masato: I don’t know, man. I still think this Bro Room of ours lacks oomph.
Is sports TV on occasion totally unacceptable to Watchette?
Jung: You know very well that we’ll be wanting to watch TV all the time yo.

Masato: So, did you hear that I have son with Ulrike now? She named him Makoto.
Here’s some photos that Ulrike took of Makoto and me.
Jung: Wow, Masato, why do you look so serious?

Masato I don’t know, bro. Being a father feels like such a big responsibility, you know?
Jung: Yeah, I feel the same but we’re both gonna be great dads, friend.

Masato: I really hope so, Jung. Look at the way Makoto looks at me, like I’m some kind of hero!
Jung: I heard from Caleb that Makoto’s a born vampire. What you gonna do about that?
Masato: I’m still thinking about that, Jung.

Masato: You know I need to “Defeat 3 vampires in combat,” right? Would you spar with me?
Jung: I don’t mind, but I’m a Master of Darkness so you’ll probably lose…

Masato: Gah, I lost 2 out 2. I need to find a weaker opponent to advance my aspiration!

I totally freaked when I notice Masato’s Romance bar with Jung. Is their Bro Room to blame?
I select Jung and he has no pink bar with Masato; and when I reselect Masato, that pink bar’s gone.
Just a temporary glitch, I guess, but how shocking!

Masato: So we’re both pretty evenly matched, Vitoria, so how about we spar?
Vitoria: Great idea, Masato, since I also need to complete the “Defeat 3 vampires in combat” goal.
But I’m the Gen3 heir, so you know what that means?
Masato: Enlighten me, gorgeous.

Vitoria: As much as I adore you as a friend, Masato, I don’t have the time to be losing to you.
I’m on the clock to finish my aspiration asap, or I’ll lose to my rivals.

Masato: Well, I may just be a “vanity helper,” but I’d still like to complete my aspiration, darn it!

Green vampire: Good evening, fellow vampire! My name’s Kengo Hayashi! How might you be?
Masato: Oh dear, Kengo! Your look is just not fly!
I like you, so please stop by the house next week and I’ll introduce you to the closet we will no doubt own by then.

Kengo: Wow, you’re already a Grand Master, Masato! Would you please spar with me?
Masato: What perfect timing and you are a Master Vampire!
Yes, of course, I’ll spar with you, Kengo!

Masato: I defeat Kengo three times in a row. Now I definitely owe him a make-over!
Vitoria: Hey, Masato, I hear your popularity has been suffering cuz of your Undead Aura.

Masato: How did you know? You’re right! I have little red friendship bars with every non-vampire I’ve met.
Vitoria: Well, I made you a Draught of Reconfiguration, honey. Go regain all the adoration you deserve!
Masato: I’m touched, Vitoria! How very thoughtful of you!

Bella: I don’t mind sparring with you, Vitoria, but can we do it indoors? It’s getting light out!
Vitoria: Gah, we’re both burning! My Sunlight Resistance is only at 67% still.

Vitoria: Thanks for helping me reach the last tier of my Master Vampire aspiration. You’re a real sport!
Bella: I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have defeated if I tried. Does my life with you Zannas get better?

Vitoria: Well, once you move out with Ayato, you become the Lady of the House so you can pretty much call the shots.
You could even wear that tacky, tight, red dress again if you wish, but I’d advise against it.
Bella: I can do this! I’ll transform myself into the perfect spouse you Zannas are hoping I’ll be!

Vitoria: That’s the spirit, girl! I know you can do it! Just keep away from my papa Massimo, you hear?

Vitoria: And look, Bella, you have your very own personal trainer! Come, Masato!
Bella: Hmmph, how can Masato be “my very own” when he’s already Ulrike’s baby daddy?

Jung: Once Ayato grows up, Bella, you won’t have eyes for anyone else’s baby daddy except your own.
Masato: Do you mind? Could we start training? I have other things I’d like to be doing…

Jung: So, Vitoria didn’t like that Bella and I were both feeling Very Flirty by the end of the double training session.
Sheesh, I can’t help it! I’m a Romantic sim, like Bella. And, anyway, I was feeling flirty toward Vitoria, not Bella.
I’m a vampire of discernment, I’ll have you know.

And that’s why I’m in Granite Falls picking herbs. Vitoria banished me from the house until I’m not feeling flirty. *sighs

Vitoria: I’m pretty sure today is my first day of work, because I would remember wearing this lame career outfit.
Why do I have to dress like a convenience store clerk!?

I’m only Level 3 Culinary right now, but I have a guaranteed promotion.
I’ll really have to rely on the Wishing Well if I want to get promoted at the same rate as my rivals with their reward traits.

Last night, I was taking a midnight stroll when I ran into Akira Soma.
You gotta respect that guy! He was so far behind in Week 4 but he’s managed to catch up and even overtake Mint, the Gen4 Dinero heir,

However, I’m not in the least concerned about him staying ahead of my son Ayato.
So when Akira asked me for a donation, I generously donated $1,000 to his cause.

Jung: I’m mentoring you in Handiness, bro, because I want you to move out with Ayato. You with me?
Masato: Well, you can’t leave this house but I can, so I figured that was the plan.
Jung: Yeah, since you’re a Grand Master, you could continue training Ayato after he moves, too.

Masato: You think Ayato would be down with me inviting my son Makoto to live with us?
Jung: I know Makoto would be happier living with you, but what about the rules?
Masato: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that once the Soma heir moves out, Makoto reverts to a regular townie.

Jung: What a beautiful smile, Ayato! I’m sorry your papa hasn’t been around much.
I’ve been busy making money so that you’ll have an easier time completing your move-out requirements.

Life is so unpredictable, my precious son! Let me tell you about my life.
Serena, the Zanna founder, turned me into a vampire weeks ago but I burned to death.
Then she took me in my ghostly form into her home and gave me life again.

I never imagined that I would one day become the father of Serena Zanna’s grandson.
The Zanna founder granted me with immortality not once, but twice.
I will repay my debt to the Zanna dynasty by doing all I can to ensure that your mama and you succeed!


Jung: Hey, that looks like a new work uniform, sweetheart!
Vitoria: Yep! After bringing home my Level 4 promotion tonight, the Well arranges for my full promotion to Level 5!
How was everyone’s day?

Jung: Well, Laura’s been using the Observatory most of the day, so her Logic has soared, even without mentoring.
Vitoria: Nice! And you?

Jung: I’ve been alternating between grafting the garden and mentoring Masato in handiness.
Even though I haven’t been mentoring Masato the whole time, he already has Level 5 Handiness.
Vitoria Excellent news! He’ll be ready for a trip to Granite Falls soon!

Vitoria: And Bella? What’s she been up to today?
Jung (sighs): Bella’s gardening skill is still Level 1.

Vitoria: Get outta here! Bella’s been mostly gardening for the last 24 hours.
That Gen4 Soma heir reached Level 6 Gardening and Level 7 Gourmet Cooking during the final 24+ hours of their week.
That means he also has Level 5 Homestyle Cooking at least, all while spending time at the store, too.

Jung: I’m not sure what Bella’s problem is, but she seems to be spending more time mopping up after herself.
Vitoria: Unbelievable! Do you think she’ll reach Level 5 gardening by the time Ayato is ready to move out?
She needs to be in charge of his household’s garden. *rolls eyes

Bella: Vitoria’s got me so conditioned that I’m actually grateful to be sitting around in a baggy sweater reading a gardening skill book.
Earlier, I overheard Jung and Masato chatting about Vitoria going on a vampire dueling spree once she got home.

To be honest, I’ve been a little worried that I would have to be her opponent again.
Thankfully, she has found another punching bag, it seems.

Ayaka: How can you treat me like this, Vitoria? At one point, the Zanna founder even considered me as a spouse candidate.
Vitoria: Oh puhleeze, everyone’s talking about the idiot vampire who goes out to dine every night but spends half her time throwing up in the restroom.
It’s uncouth vampires like you that give the rest of us a bad name!

Spectator: That Vitoria must really be proud of her mixologist uniform! She wears it even for vampire duels!
Weird that. I’m not sure why she didn’t change clothes when she assumed her dark form.

Vitoria: Surprisingly, I reach the Master Vampire rank after only three duels.
I remember Papa saying he spent hours and hours dueling to become a Master Vampire.
Whatever, I’m glad that I have no more duels in my future!

Ayako: Feels really weird to be dueling with someone dressed like a cook, though.

Vitoria: Ignoring Ayako’s remark, I rush inside and mix another Draught of Reconfiguration.
This one’s for me!

Vitoria: For my Tier 5 vampire powers, I choose Mist Form and–on Watchette’s urging–Tamed Thirst.
I’m still a Child of the Moon with full Sunlight Resistance, too!

Vitoria: My darling Ayato, I can’t wait for you to age up tomorrow night!
Your mother has really good news for you, too.

Except for my career, I only need to wait on my garden and my Master Vampire to complete.
So whenever I’m not at work, my beloved son, I’ll have all the time in the world for you!


Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
Garden (6 plants): not yet
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Age: Still a nooboo

Rivals 6.63: Ayato the Adorable

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