Rivals 6.63: Ayato the Adorable

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vittoria Zanna (2/4)

Previously this week (Week 6):
• Vitoria’s spouse Jung and Masato Yamaguchi have so much in common! They’re both Grand Master vampires, bros, and the fathers to sons;
• Masato imbibes a Draught of Reconfiguration to get rid of his Undead Aura;
• Bella Goth, future spouse of Ayato (Gen4 Zanna heir) has absolutely no knack for gardening, staying at Level 1 after hours of gardening;
• After reaching Grand Master rank, Vitoria also drinks a Draught of Reconfiguration to gain two Tier-5 vampire powers;
• Vitoria’s garden is coming along and she only needs to “Survive 19 more days as a vampire to compete her aspiration;
• The entire household is ready and committed to helping Vitoria and Ayato succeed.

Week 6/Monday

Masato: Just as Vitoria predicted, I ding Level 7 Handiness and take a quick trip to Granite Falls.
It’s good to know that I’ll be able to add to household income!
Helping Bella with the garden would probably be a good idea, too.

I can’t say yet whether I prefer my Vampiricity Run to Travel in Bat Form.
Maybe I’ll work on earning more points then buy Travel in Mist Form! Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!

Paola: Well, finally, someone remembers that I live in this household, too!
Vitoria: Let’s see if you can bring home the All-Season Deluxe Easel before Ayato’s teen birthday.
Go ahead, Paola! Make a wish!

Paola: Woooo, the Well grants me a guaranteed promotion.
Vitoria: Sadly, the Well gives me a “better luck next time” outcome.

Masato: Sorry to hear about Paola stealing your Well mojo, Vitoria.
What about an aromatherapy massage before you leave for work?

Vitoria: Masato, how did I never know until now what a great masseur you are, Masato?
Masato: Well, you’ve been relying pretty heavily on the Well so far this week, but I can be useful, too.

Vitoria: Everyone’s noticed that you are currently Watchette’s new favorite sim, you know!
If Watchette had discovered you several weeks ago, I’m sure you’d be my baby daddy instead of Ulrike’s.

Masato: Hey, don’t give me any ideas while Jung’s at work! And, anyway, Jung’s my bro!
Vitoria: Yeah, I know. I was just talking about timing and what if’s.

Laura: Thanks for all the encouragement and for helping me with my school project!
Even though I realize that you’re just practicing your parenting skills with me…
Bella: Oh c’mon, honey. Don’t be like that! We neglected sims need to stick together!

Laura: Look at my character values, Auntie Bella! My upbringing has been totally ignored!
Would you help me to become either Responsible or Good-Mannered? I’d be happy with just one!
Bella: I’m sorry, Laura, but I won’t have much free time once Ayato ages up to a toddler.

Laura: I knew you’d say that! Oh well, I’ll just try to build responsibility by myself.
Bella: I’ll ask the others so that all four of us will help you out once a day, okay?

Vitoria: Hey, Bella! Nice to hear that you’ve made it to Level 5 Gardening!
Bella: Thanks for noticing, Vitoria! Reading the skill book really helped, since reading doesn’t require mopping.

Vitoria: I still can’t figure out why you initially took so long. We even have the Homey lot trait!
Bella: Now that I can graft, though, it won’t be a problem, right?
And don’t forget that I have the Family Oriented trait! I can look after Ayato while you’re working!


Vitoria: It’s almost 2 am, Jung! Why haven’t we received Ayato’s birthday notice yet?
Jung: You’re right, darling. Quite frankly, I’d expected to receive Ayato’s notice 24 hours ago.

Vitoria: I know, right? I conceived about 20 hours earlier than Akira Soma’s spouse and their nooboo aged up Tuesday at 1 a.m.
Jung: Because of rotational gameplay, it seems the nooboo stage isn’t calculated from time of conception.
Since all three nooboos were born during their inactive weeks, the clock only starts ticking after we switch households.

Vitoria: That’s hardly fair! Ayato was already almost a day old before The Big Switch!
Mina Dinero and Akira Soma’s spouse, on the other hand, conceived at the very last minute before switching households!

Jung: Look, Serena! Ayato’s birthday notice actually arrived 15 minutes ago! Let’s age him up!
Well, I must say that isn’t a very vampire-esque outfit for our son!

Vitoria: So kill me! I just couldn’t resist dressing him in one of the new toddler outfits.
And look closely, Jung. Ayato has your green eyes!

Jung: Of course, it’s hard to tell this early, but I’m willing to bet that Ayato’s going to be the most attractive sim in this entire challenge!
Vitoria: Don’t flatter yourself, dear. If Ayato grows up gorgeous, he will have his Zanna genes to thank for that.
More specifically, Ayato would thank the founder Serena’s genes if he ages up gorgeous. Am I right, Pippin?

Vitoria: Superbly done, Ayato! Now that you’ve learned the basics with flashcards, I’ll teach you to talk.
My dear sweet Ayato, you could not be more adorable!

Ayato: Door?

Vitoria: I’ve been wracking my brains lately over what Ayato could submit as his museum items.
I’m thinking he could learn Writing as one of his unique skills then use books for the museum.

Jung: I can ask my co-worker Arun Bheeda at the Science Lab if he could mentor Ayato…
Hey, look who showed up, darling, when you phoned in for a vegetarian caterer!

Arun: Hey, Jung! Please don’t tell my wife that I filled in for her tonight.

Vitoria: Grrrr! I don’t need another guaranteed promotion cuz I already have one of those!

Bella: Hey, spliced snapdragon plant! Would you just give bloom to an orchid already?
Vitoria just received undesirable news from her boss, courtesy of the Well.
Vitoria would feel oh-so-much-happier if she had an orchid to plant and then graft!

Serena: Thanks for inviting me to the family club again, Vitoria! So this is my great-grandson!
He certainly is a charmer!
Vitoria: Well, yes, he is, Grandma Serena. He has the charmer trait, in fact.

Ayato (talks to stranger): Hello! Help me read this book, please?

Vitoria: I’m so proud of Ayato, getting a head start on becoming good friends with the founder!
Serena: Indeed, when you were a toddler, Vitoria, you wouldn’t even “watch” me!

Vitoria: Not because I didn’t want to! I was an inquisitive toddler, not a charmer!
Serena: Well, cross your fingers that Ayato grows up a looker because then our extremely biased watcher will help the Zannas win.
No comment. 

Vitoria: Good morning, Arun. Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Vitoria Zanna.
I’ve heard such good things about you from my husband Jung and my grandmother Serena Zanna.
Arun: It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Vitoria.

Vitoria: Why do you look so handsome at our house, Arun, but so plain at the Dinero homes?
Arun: I don’t know. I probably just get upstaged by Moss and my son Krishna.
Do you really think I’m handsome, Vitoria? Or are you just flattering me because you’d like me to mentor your son?

Vitoria: So handsome, family oriented just like me, and you read minds, too! *bats eyelashes
Arun (enthralled): How can I serve the future Zanna heir, Vitoria? Logic, Handiness, or Writing?

Bella: Two cowplants, each with a dangling piece of cake! How did I not see this coming?
Vitoria: Awww, c’mon, Bella, be a sport! The discomfort only lasts for a few days and you’re unemployed!

Vitoria: See, Bella? I’m joining you in a show of solidarity!
(Actually, I need Essences of both Inspiration and Happiness, but don’t have time to wait.)

Masato: I suddenly get the urge to host a toddler play date. Why me? Because Vitoria hasn’t met my son yet.
There’s a new Park and Play community venue in Countryside Windenberg so we all head over there.
This lot downloaded from the Gallery is a creation of MaxisCreator_01.
So far, I’ve added two toddler potties, a stereo, and a trashcan.

Vitoria: Ayato kicks off the play date by giving Masato’s son Makoto a “Share the Love” hug.

Oddly, Akira Soma’s wife Jun tags along instead of Makoto’s mother Ulrike.
Too bad! I was looking forward to meeting Ulrike! The stodgy Jun, not so much.

Jung: I whip out my smartphone to snap a quick shot of Wyatt Owen demolishing some toddler toy.
Ladies everywhere are always going on about how hawt this child-hating dude is.

I immediately post this shot of Wyatt on Simbook to nip all of his undeserved attention in the bud. Hah!

Masato: The toddler play date offers a great opportunity for me to spend time with Makoto!
Most of the goals require adults to interact with toddlers, like “Play with a toddler.”

Jung: There are playground-related goals, too, like “Help a child climb a slide.”

Masato: And “Help a child to slide,” but not a single goal that requires the toddlers to interact with each other.

Vitoria: The “Eat Food 0/4” goal doesn’t have vampires with withered stomachs in mind at all!
Jung: Well, if we do this again, we can always bring our own plasma fruit salad!
Vitoria: Yeah, that’s what’s up, cuz these tofu dogs taste really gross. No offense, Masato!

Vitoria: Ayato’s energy has dropped dangerously low, so we end the play date early.
Masato: Sadly, Ayato and Makoto remain just “acquaintances,” so let’s go to that park again!

Vitoria: Great idea, Masato! Although Bella will need to stay home since she has no sunlight resistance.
Bella: Hmmph. Build an underground room at that park, so I can read down there?

Vitoria: So, folks, did you notice that the gold-medal toddler play date earned us a Bamco’s All-Inclusive Toddler Jungle Gym?
Masato: No kidding! I just spent the last hour renovating the basement to make room for it, but I couldn’t place it.


Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst

*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer;
Toddler Skills: L2 Communication, Imagination, and Thinking; L1 Potty and Movement

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