Rivals 6.64: Bella Steps Up Her Game

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vittoria Zanna (3/4)

Week 6/Tuesday

Bella: I guess I should be flattered that the Zannas have made such an effort to make me a part of their dynasty.

It’s hard to imagine that, by the end of Week 7, I will have conceived a nooboo with this little boy, Ayato.

Bella: Life with the Zannas had been really tough at first.
As a secret agent trained to seduce and sabotage, I’d had little exposure to such mundane activities as gardening and housecleaning.

Now, my parenting skill is second only to Ayato’s mother, Vitoria, with whom I share the Family-Oriented trait.
Here’s Ayato learning to say please and thank you.

Bella: Look at this adorable little boy!
Giving Ayato the charmer trait might have been redundant.

Vitoria: Finally, the Well pulls through and arranges for my full promotion to Level 6.
As you’ve already guessed, I choose the Mixologist branch.

Vitoria: My day just keeps getting better.
My orchid plant is now mature enough, so I graft a pomegranate cutting onto it.

My garden requirement is as good as done!

Vitoria: Ayato is inconsolable after Jung leaves for work, but he is also very tired.

Poor thing! I indulge his request for a bedtime story. Who can ignore a sad little face like that?

Bella: Everyone agrees that I need to acquire Sunlight Resistance, so Masato’s been training as often as possible.
It’s been great to have Masato here to not only train me but also share garden duties.

Masato: What I wouldn’t give to have Makoto living here with me, so I could watch him as he grows.
Sometimes, I wonder if Jung and Vitoria realize just how lucky they are.

Hey, little fella, shall we go to the park after your bath so you can play with Makoto?

Bella: There’s now a new underground room at the park!
I’m safely ensconced there, reading the second Parenting skill book.

Vitoria: There’s no benefit to leaving a vampire at home, since they can’t be directed to develop skills anyway.
Bella: Couldn’t you just have said that it’s nice to have me along?

Masato: Oh boy, wait till Jung hears that the child-hating gardener Wyatt has been prancing around the children’s park in a speedo!

I decide not to indulge his pursuit of another, more favorable shutter opportunity.
But I can’t resist capturing Akira Soma’s wife Jun as she slyly checks him out as she walks by.

Vitoria: Apparently, this new jungle gym can serve as both a pirate ship and a space ship.
When Ayato chooses to play pirates, I suddenly gain an imaginary pirate hat!

Masato: Although I’m hosting this outing as a toddler play date without party goals, my son Makoto spends all his time with me.
I guess that Jun always tags along instead of Ulrike because Jun’s the only unemployed adult in that household.

Masato: I find little Makoto in tears after something Jun said to him.
No worries, little fella. Papa is here to make everything all right.

Vitoria: I’m really going to miss Ayato as a toddler, but the show must go on!

Ayato: Papa’s here!
Vitoria: Look at those two gorgeous boys of mine with their emerald eyes!

Vitoria: Jung is so lovable!
He’s known me since I wore diapers yet he still blushes when I ask him to show me his coffin.

Vitoria: But never too shy, I’m happy to report.

By the way, do you think there’s a market for double coffins?


Bella: I have been trying to boost my vampire rank while Ayato sleeps.
Not that I have a burning desire to complete the Master Vampire aspiration or anything.

And with the many Grand Master vampires in the Zanna households, I needn’t aim to reach the highest rank, either.
I’d just like to have full Sunlight Resistance.

On that note, Ayaka Mori is truly the scapegoat for the Zanna dynasty’s vampire sparring and dueling.
Darn it! I only win 2 out of 4 spars before the sunlight forces me back indoors.

Masato: You’re looking very sleepy, little guy. Allow me to use supernatural speed to put you to bed.
Ayato: Whoa, Uncle Masato’s super speed is da shizzle!

Vitoria: Masato’s the only one in the house with Supernatural Speed.
Because of my bloodline requirements, I choose Mist Form instead.

Masato: In case you’re wondering, I finally manage to place the reward for that first toddler playdate!
Bamco’s All-Inclusive Toddler Jungle Gym has a footprint of 7×9 tiles and needs a minimum area of 8×10 tiles.

Vitoria: Little Ayato is on the fast track for aging up late tonight!
But we’re closing here for today before I leave for work.

Coming next: Ayato will hopefully celebrate two birthdays by the end of this week.


Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst

*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
Garden (5/6 plants): needs a separate Deathflower plant
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 6)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer;
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: L4 Communication, L3 Imagination/Movement/Potty/Thinking
Childhood aspiration: (Social Butterfly)
Portraits (2): $ (normal: $, dark: $)
Teen career:
“A” in high school:
Collection (7):
Good Friends: (Serena Zanna; 3 more)
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

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