Rivals 6.65: What Happened to the Zanna Genes?

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (4/4)

Week 6/Thursday

Bella: In a former life, I mingled with the beautiful people at various venues of plush luxury.
These days, I socialize mostly with vampiric lowlifes in a seedy section of eastern Newcrest.

Ayato, I hope you will someday acknowledge the sacrifices I’m making for you!

Bella: I defeat this pear-shaped vampire with despicable fashion taste, thus advancing ever closer to Sunlight Resistance.

Vitoria: What’s going on here, Masato!?
I come home with my Level 8 promotion to find you shirtless and surrounded by small children.
Is there something you want to tell me?

Masato: No, no, nothing like that! I was meditating when Laura decided to convene the League of Adventurers here.
Bella: I’m taking advantage of the situation by using Detect Personality on every kid on our lot.


Vitoria: Beloved Ayato maxes his Communication skill while chatting with his homie Bear-cula.

Vitoria: Sadly, I must get ready for work and can’t help Ayato blow out his candles.
Bella, would be a dear and help Ayato out?

Laura: Oh gosh, I’m the same age as my nephew!

Bella: Ayato earns the Happy Toddler trait, ageing up to a Self-Assured child with the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Vitoria: As his mother, I might be a tad biased, but I vote Ayato the most beautiful child in this challenge.
Ayato gets my vote, too! 

Jung: Since I’m home from work early, Ayato must have aged up and got a makeover.
Masato: Bro, you’re already a Level 10 Scientist, no one’s worried about your career advancement!

Jung: Vitoria darling, do you have to sit out front in that towel?
Vitoria: Sorry, sweetheart, but I just got a pre-work aromatherapy massage. Cowplant essences ftw!

Ayato: Papa’s been busy with work and camping mascots, so I have to take some time to build our friendship.
But we’re BFFs at last.
Papa, why were you Great-Grandma Serena’s BFF and not Mama’s?

Jung: Hush, son! No one ever needs to know. Here’s $1,000 so buy yourself The Slablet!
Ayato: My lips are sealed, Papa! (For today at least. I wonder how I could work this?)

Ayato: Since I’m the Gen4 Zanna heir, Auntie Laura turns over The League of Adventurers’ leadership to me.
I start a club gathering to make a few friends my own age.

Jagger: Hey, Ayato! When you move out, you oughta take me with you, bruski!
You could have a second non-vampire painterly type in your household yo!

Ayato: Oh yeah, I could roll with that. But you’ll need to change your haircolor.
We’re good friends already, Jagger. You ready to be aged up to a teen, like, now?
Jagger: Oh yeah!

Ayato: What about your twin brother, Alfonso?
Jagger: Eh, what about him?

Ayato: Never mind, Laura and Alfonso just became BFFs. I’m sure she’ll take care of him.
Laura’s had her eye on Alfonso for a while now.

Laura: Ayato ages up Jagger, then I age up Alfonso.
Jagger gains the Kleptomaniac trait, so I ask him to leave right away.

Laura: Look how handsome Alfonso is, Jung! (Jung is my brother-in-law, so I refuse to call him Uncle Jung!)
I know he’s a Genius but I can’t learn his second trait. Would you help me?

Bella: After Jung also fails, I successfully learn that his second trait is Geek.
What do you think of Jagger and Alfonso, Jung?

Jung: Your future daughter will need to learn Mischief so you don’t need a klepto like Jagger in the house who also needs to level Mischief.
Bella: I have to agree. Let’s run this by Ayato after his teen birthday.

Laura: I wanted Alfonso to age me up early during the Dineros’ Week 7, but now I’m afraid what trait I’ll earn.
Oh, my birthday’s in three days anyway. I’ll just wait.
Makes me wonder when the Dinero twins’ birthdays would have been…

Ayato: Talking to myself in the mirror gets old fast so I invite Great-Grandma Serena over.

Great-Grandma, I wanted you to be my BFF but you were at work earlier.
Serena: No worries, dear boy. I am a little worried about your father Jung and Bella.

Ayato: Why? What did they do?
Serena: They just wasted hours trying to learn Alfonso’s second trait, when they could have just used “Detect Personality”!


Ayato: Around 2:30 am, I complete Social Butterfly and celebrate another birthday!
I’m Outgoing and Cheerful with the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Bella: Ayato grows up into a most handsome teen!
All those hours mopping up water in the basement garden seem so worthwhile to me now!

Jung: I get abducted but nothing comes of it.
Masato: How can you be so sure, bro?

Jung: Our household has one empty slot, right?
Well, I clicked my coffin and got the “Try for baby” option, which means I’m not pregnant, okay?
Masato: I bet you would have looked real cute, waddling around all pregnant and stuff yo.
Jung: I bet you’d look real cute with a black eye yo.

Vitoria: Ayato takes after his father so much that it’s uncanny.
In fact, has Jung’s genes completely replaced three generations of Zanna genes?

Ayato: Excuse me? I don’t know whose genes are whose, but I happen to think I’m better-looking than Papa.
Jung: Dream on, boi.

Bella: Thanks so much for training me, Vitoria! I’m just three points away from full Sunlight Resistance now!
Hello, Vitoria? Did you hear what I said?

Vitoria: Oh, excuse me. I was just wondering if your, erm, pecs were natural or if you underwent plastic surgery.
Bella: Pffft, they’re all mine!

Paola: I’m still one promotion shy of earning that Deluxe All-Season Easel.
I’ve started eight portraits each of Ayato in normal form and dark form anyway.
These are the dark-form portraits. It never hurts to practice, right?

Ayato: Papa, I appreciate your wanting to give me vampiric training, but can it wait?
Even with my Socially Gifted trait, leveling Charisma has been moving at a snail’s pace.

Jung: I was thinking you could skill faster if you had the Child of the Moon powers.
Now that I check, though, that’s a Prime Vampire skill

Ayato: You think it would be worth it to power-level my vampire rank for Child of the Moon?

Jung: We’ve never tested it, so I can’t say for sure.
All we know is that Bella took 4-5 days to reach Level 5 gardening but Masato, with his Child of the Moon powers, reached Level 5 in several hours one night.

Ayato: I can’t wait that long, Papa. I need to max Charisma for my aspiration.

Jung: Why are you about to max Gourmet Cooking when most of us here have Withered Stomachs?
Vitoria: I thought I’d try to cook Ambrosia for Paola to thank her for her tremendous contribution to our household.

Masato: I heartily agree! She generates the most income but lives a spinster’s  life with almost zero social life and….
Vitoria: Sssshh, that’s enough from you, Masato. I’m hoping to give it to her before her adult birthday.

Jung: We’ll need to visit southern Newcrest to fish up an angelfish!

Jung: We all appreciate how hard you’ve been working on your Parenting skill, Bella.
Since our son is still a teen, however, wouldn’t your everyday outfit be more appropriate for helping him with his homework?

Bella: That baggy turtleneck? You think I plan to risk Ayato having his head turned by some younger high-school girl?  I don’t think so!

Ayato: Um, Papa, I think everything’s just fine! The view’s pretty nice from where I’m sitting.

Ayato: And I’m off to my first day of work as a Level 2 Shelf Stocker (Retail Employee).
Jung: Lookin’ good, son, lookin’ good!


Final Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
Garden (6/6 plants): done
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 9)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, Billie Jang
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (Tier III of IV)
Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 2)
Portraits (2): $ (normal: $, dark: $)
“A” in high school: “B”
Skills: Charisma (Level 3) and ?
Collection (7):
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)


Final Week 6 Comparison

Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709
Career Progress: Dinero/Startup Ent. (9), Zanna/Mixologist (9), Soma/Charity Org. (8 )
Gen4 heirs: all 3 heirs are teens

Vitoria: Despite Ayato’s superior looks, his inability to buy reward traits will severely decrease both his skilling speed and the value of his museum items.

Since pulling far enough head to buy a sixth lot will be impossible, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we will lose this challenge.
We vampires cannot compete in terms of museum value, though we will ultimately emerge victorious in terms of sheer style and flair. *sighs

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