Rivals 7.66: Whatchu Mina By That?

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (1/3)

Previously in Week 6:
*Mina’s new household consists of her spouse Krishna, Krishna’s father Arun Bheeda, and her two twin brothers, Alfonso and Jagger;
*Initially left behind for her romantic infelicities, Jessminder is later invited to join the household later (to founder Daniela’s chagrin);
*Krishna offers a fashion makeover to the sim he’s considering for the role of his future son-in-law;
*The twins, Jagger and Alfonso, become good friends with Ayato Zanna (Gen4 heir) and Laura (Vitoria’s sister), respectively, who proceed to age them up to teens;
*Mina completes all of her bloodline requirements and ends the week at Level 9 of her Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur career;
*Mint (the Gen4 Dinero) ends the week by celebrating her teen birthday. She’s a Cheerful Music Lover and a Musical Genius to boot.

Week 7/Sunday

Jagger (brunette): *boasts about messing around
Alfonso (redhead): Hey, you don’t need to pretend with me, Jagger. I know you’re gutted about getting the Kleptomaniac trait.

Jagger (dejected): So now the Zannas don’t want me to move in with the Gen4 Zanna heir, Ayato.
Heck, they don’t even want me coming around anymore.
Did you see how quickly that Laura asked me to leave after she learned my second trait?

Alfonso: I’m sorry about your undesirable Klepto trait, Jagger, but I can’t have you flaming my future girlfriend!
Jagger: You mean Laura?
Alfonso: Heck yeah! She’s the twin sister of the current Zanna heir, Vitoria, who is inarguably a fox!

Jagger: You’ve been planning this for a while, right? Is that why you didn’t color your hair back to green?
Alfonso: Bingo! After I aged up with red hair, I saw Vitoria and her twin sister at Mina and Krishna’s wedding.
I don’t need green hair since I’m a spare. Plus, the red hair gives me an edge with Laura.
Did you see how that little girl was all over me?

Jagger: Lol. Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice that Watchette gave you one of her fave cc tops!

Krishna: Nobody’s been able to hire Nanny Daichi for weeks, it feels like, but when our Week 7 begins, he’s already at our house.

Mint: I’m so happy to see you, Nanny Daichi! Can you mentor me in piano, please?
Daichi: My pleasure, young lady.

Jessminder: The show must go on, Krishna! The piano’s been moved to allow us to place our easels.
Let’s start some portraits of Mint that we can complete later. Are you with me?

Krishna (grumbles): Hello? I’m a cheerful, genius, geek! I only started painting to earn promotions toward the deluxe easel.
Jessminder: Whatever, son. Just see what you can do, okay?

Jagger: Do I look like a gardening grunt to you? Our watcher is simply unbelievable!
I aged up with the Serial Romantic aspiration which, I believe, is a perfect fit for me.

But what happens? It gets switched to Freelance Botanist and I must seclude myself in this hideous basement. *sighs tragically

Alfonso: I’ve got the Nerd Brain aspiration, so I start reading three skill books in the Focused Room.
Watchette, now that I finished reading the Vol. 1 Logic book, may I ask you a question?
Sure, ask me whatever you want, Alfonso.

Alfonso: Did you forget that I maxed Logic last week?

Mint: Good evening, The Well! It’s me, the Gen4 Dinero heir.
I know you’re hooded right now but I’ll just be throwing $5k offerings at you until you unhood and glow white, okay?

Nice! I get a promotion at the end of my first work day!

Jagger: Hello? This is Jagger Dinero on the Tranquil Crescent lot and I’d like to hire a maid to mop up the garden.

What’s that you say? You believe that garden spills are customarily wiped up by the sim who makes the mess?
No, you would be wrong there. That may be the custom chez Zanna because of their financial circumstances.

We Dineros, on the other hand, can afford to hire others to do our menial work. So are you sending over a maid or what?
Thank you very much. In 30 minutes time will be fine.

Jessminder: We’ve each got 10 portrait canvases now, dear son. Let’s get going.

Krishna: But I’m not painting any more than ten, you hear?
If these first 20 don’t produce a winner, you’re on your own, Mama!

Alfonso: Papa Arun, why are you still making camping mascots? Mina is done with her Mansion Baron aspiration.
Arun: I’m helping you finish the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, Alfonso, so you’ll get that weekly investment income after you move in with the Zannas.

Alfonso: Um, aren’t you Team Dineros?
Arun: I’ve been with the Dineros since the founder’s generation, Alfonso.
But last week the Zannas hired me as a vegetarian caterer so I spent the evening there.
Vitoria managed to enthrall me so now I can’t help but want to support her heir.

Alfonso: Wow, just wow, Papa Arun!
Arun: Ssshhh, not so loud! I’m only sharing this secret with you because Laura’s going to invite you to move in with the Gen4 heir, Ayato.

Mina: Remember me, the current Dinero heir? Ever since my daughter Mint’s birthday, I’ve been bored stiff.
I’m not allowed to do anything because everyone’s afraid I’ll max another heir’s unique skill.
So all I do is alternate between mediating and practicing yoga.

Whoa, a popup appears to say I’ve leveled my Handiness while meditating!
So much for meditation being a “safe” way to keep me from maxing other skills! Gaming rig, please?
I have no idea when this change occurred, but this change means that none of my heirs will be allowed to meditate!

Arun: Thanks for letting us defer the adult stage yet one more time, Watchette!
Well, you two have supported three Dinero households up to now, so you certainly deserve acknowledgement for all your hard work!

Arun: Does this mean we’ll be allowed to stay in this house with our son, Krishna?
Yes, it does. Jagger’s the only one from this household who will move in with Mint.

Jagger: Hearing that I’ll be moving with Mint really picks up my spirits!
I crawl out of my Pit of Sadness to begin to learn painting, even though I can’t be mentored now.

Cheeky boy that I am, I even attempt to paint a portrait of my niece Mint!
I think you’ll enjoy living with Mint, Jagger!  I can’t say more than that right now.

Arun: You will be a perfect roomie for Ayato, the Gen4 Zanna heir! More than that I cannot say at the moment.

Alfonso: What do you think about my ageing up to a young adult, Papa Arun?
I know Laura will age me up early if I ask her, but I’m afraid of getting a negative trait.

Mina: Hey, where did our roof just go?!
Alfonso needs to “Own a rocket” as part of his Nerd Brain aspiration, but there’s no space on the ground.
Don’t worry. I’ll be selling that rocket and re-roofing that room right away.

Arun: Great job, Alfonso! Your handiness is already Level 7!
As soon as Mint gets home, let’s take a quick trip to Granite Falls then we can all head to Desert Bloom Park.

Mint: I return home from work with that guaranteed promotion!
Mama tells me that we’re all off to Desert Bloom Park tonight so I better get changed.

Hmmmm….should I bring a violin for skilling or ask Papa to introduce me that Alex boy?

Jagger: I don’t know, Papa Arun! Ever since I got the Kleptomaniac trait, people seem to give me such a wide berth.
Arun: That’s not true, Jagger! You know very well that all the people who matter still deeply care about you.

Jagger: But the Zannas dropped me like a hot potato!
Arun: Who cares? You’re going to have so much fun living with Mint. You just wait!
Be sure to max your painting and learn gardening, too!

Alfonso: When we arrive at Desert Bloom Park, I immediately spy my BFF over by the monkey bars.
Hey, how you doin’, Laura? I’ve come to use the rocket ship so I can’t chat long.

Laura: Awww, c’mon, Alfonso. You at least have time to take a picture with me, don’t you?

Alfonso: I bid a fond farewell to my adorable under-aged buddy then depart for parts unknown.

I think I prefer to stay at the teen stage. I’ll ask Laura to see if she agrees…

Mint: Thanks for mentoring me, Uncle Jagger, but why are we here instead of at the Casbah Gallery?
Jagger: Well, Alfonso needs to go on five rocket missions for his aspiration.

Mint: And that’s why I have to learn to play violin outdoors at the park? Why does Alfonso get so much attention?
You’d think our watcher were Team Zanna or something.

Jagger: Don’t worry, sugar! Once Alfonso’s done with the rocket ship and you have your museum portrait, we can take you wherever you need or want.

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
Mansion Baron aspiration: done
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements: 
Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: 
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 2)
A grade in high school: “C”
Unique skills: Piano (Level 7) and Violin (Level 2)
Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier III of IV)
Portrait: not yet
Collection: not yet
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; (3 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)


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