Rivals 7.67: Closet Needs

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (2/3)

Week 7/Monday

Arun: Alfonso’s space missions are taking much longer than expected!
After having Mina and Krishna dig for the materials, I start building a Cloning Machine.

I’m thinking to bring this one home until the end of this week, then bringing it back here.
Having a cloning machine in this park’s subterranean Science Lab will be handy for Mint’s household after she moves out!
Alfonso (internally): And for Ayato Zanna’s…

Mint: After Papa Arun’s done with the cloning machine, we move our “party” to the founder’s house.
I ask The Well for better grades but all I get is a grade boost after my first school day. *bares teeth

Krishna: Oh Mint, honey, you have no idea! You just got one of the best boosts The Well offers.
The Well: Yeah, a small show of gratitude would be appreciated, little girl!

Krishna (whispers to Mint): Tread veeeerrrrry carefully here. This Well knows our Well.
Mint: O Wondrous Well, I am eternally grateful for your boundless generosity. *curtseys deeply

Well: That’s more like it!

Mina: Great idea, Papa Arun! This is a much better place for us to chill while Alfonso completes his space missions.
Arun (sighs): This is such a great recreation room!

Mina: Why did you never tell me that Grandma Daniela had a room like this downstairs?
Arun: Well, she had it built for her heirs to use, so we can come here whenever, but it holds back our garden’s growth.

Mina: I’ve done everything I can possibly do to prepare for work today, except for yoga.

Krishna: No need to feel so impatient, sweetheart.
If you don’t max your career today, you’ll definitely earn that last promotion tomorrow!


Arun: You know that we’re all extremely glad to see you, right? Where have you been?
Daichi: Since I’m a nanny, I love to dine out in my free time to enjoy being pampered by other people.
Nacho Mama was my oasis! After it closed, I went through a period of depression but I’m feeling better these days.

Arun: Well, know that you are always welcome here, Daichi. No one forgets how well you cared for Moss Dinero and my son Krishna.
Gotta run off to work now. Make yourself at home!

Mina: All the kids come home with improved grades and school projects.
My darling brother Alfonso, however, is experiencing an “I’m Not Okay” mood swing (Enraged, +50 Angry).
He goes for a jog then takes a cold shower, but remains enraged.
I try talking him through it but only manage to make him cry.

Krishna: Alfonso, you need to redirect your anger, boy! Go pummel that punching bag outside!

Much to my relief, Alfonso’s +50 Angry moodlet quickly vanishes like a summer shower.
I’d never experienced an unintentional Enraged moodlet before. *coughs
So, I was terrified out of my mid that I’d lose my beloved pixelated boi!

Mint: After 10 portraits by Papa Krishna and 18 portraits by Grandma Jessminder, I choose the most valuable portrait.
It’s the one in the upper center, worth $7,531. *shrugs

I’d hoped my museum portrait would be one of the last eight by Grandma, where I’m not sitting at the piano.
But those eight are all worth under $3,000 apiece.

Jessminder: Hey, you didn’t have to share that particular information! *glares

Mortimer: It’s very courteous of you to pay us a visit, Mina. I’ve been hoping to meet you.
Alex has told me a little about your challenging rivalry, but I still have a few questions.

Mina: Basically, the three of you would be moving in with my daughter and younger brother here, Jagger.
Mortimer: So, you’re expecting us to abandon this fabulous Gothic residence for some unfurnished hovel in the boondocks?

Mina: Hardly! You would be living at Oracle Twin Point. You know of it, don’t you?
That spacious 50×40 waterfront property in southern Newcrest?
Mortimer: Oh my! I’m looking forward to meeting your daughter. Of course, it’s ultimately Alex’s decision.

Jessminder: I can’t believe I fell for that ole cake thing again!
Alfonso: Hehehe… oh snap! Nobody needs an Essence of Dazed!

Mint: Could today get any better? This afternoon, I earn my first A in high school.
And tonight, I receive my final promotion in the Fast Food career. Time to kiss this unflattering uniform good-bye!

Mina: I throw a non-prestige dinner party so we needn’t hassle with party goals. All the Dineros are here!
Well, everyone except my mother for obvious reasons.  It’s just like old times!

Jagger: I’m glad your family all came here tonight, Cassandra.
Cassandra: Our pleasure, really.

Jagger: Hey, Cass, would you mind meeting me out front? There’s something we need to do in the closet.
Cassandra: Excuse me, Jagger? Are you trying to take advantage of my flirty mood, mister?
Jagger: Never!

Mint (internally): Alex is in a flirty mood but is acting all nervous. It’s rather adorable!
Alex (internally): Pull yourself together and make small talk, dude! Don’t let her gorgeous everything overwhelm you!

Mortimer: How do you do? My name’s Mortimer Goth.
Massimo: A pleasure to meet you, sir. My name’s Massimo Zanna.

Mortimer (internally): Massimo Zanna, Massimo Zanna…why does his name sound so familiar!?

Cassandra: So I’ve come out here to your closet, just like you asked, Jagger. Why not just ask me for a kiss?
Jagger: Heavens no, Cassandra! We’ve only just met but there’s something I need to do to you in the closet.

Cass: A makeover! You don’t think I look like I’m trying too hard to seem grown-up, do you?

Jagger: You’re a knock-out, Cass. And I’m hoping we’ll both be young adults by the end of this week.

Arun: Hallelujah! Daichi has started cleaning autonomously again!

Daichi (internally): After Mortimer finishes that bite, I’m snatching his plate.

Massimo: Why did I even bother to attend this party? Where’s Moss?

Mina: My father arrives in the most terrible mood, making ugly faces and arguing with everyone.

Mina: It takes four of us to finally calm Papa down, but he hasn’t spoken a word yet to Massimo.

Massimo: Have you lost interest in me already?
Moss: Not on your life, my heart. I’m just so upset now and don’t want to say anything regrettable to you.

Mint: Once Alex relaxes, we get along famously!

Alex (sighs): I take Mint out front to introduce her to my father.
Can you believe he plays a pity card and she ends up comforting him? *rolls eyes

Mortimer: That vampire Massimo Zanna! He’s the monster who stole Bella away from me.
How could she leave me for him? What does he have that I don’t!? *sobs

Alfonso: You’ve got that wrong, Mr. Goth! Your ex-wife isn’t with Massimo Zanna at all.
She’s going to marr…..ouch! Why did you step on my foot, Mint?
Mint: Just hush, okay?


Mina: Aaahhhh, this is the life! Feels so great to be done with all my bloodline requirements!
Jessminder: I’m done with Mint’s portraits so I’m basically free all day every day, just like you.

Mina: I’ve been trying to invite Daichi to join us here but I can’t.
Jessminder: Do you think it’s because he’s in Nanny mode?

Mint: Alfonso, Jagger, and I all take the day off from school today.
Technically, they’re my uncles but they treat me like a younger sister, which is nice.

Song-writing is an excruciatingly slow process, even for a music loving, musical genius like me!
I license my first song, hoping that its artistic quality reflects the 12 hours I devoted to composing it.

Jessminder: Mina, do you realize that Nanny Liz was the nanny at our house at the end of last week?
Mina: Yes, I noticed that. When this week started, though, I discovered Daichi in the twins’ bedroom, spraying under their beds.

Jessminder: Another weird thing is that he hasn’t left once since Sunday. He’s always here, bless his heart.
Mina: I love having Daichi back so I don’t mind at all that he’s transformed into The-Nanny-Who-Never Leaves. Only one question, though.

Jessminder: What’s that?
Mina: How do we get Daichi to change back into his floral pants!?

Mint: One song down and three more to go!
If any of you have any secret strategies for speeding up the song-writing process, be sure to let me know!

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements: All
Career: Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur (Level  10)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: 
Portrait: $7,513
A grade in high school: yes
Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Unique skills: Piano (Level 9) and Guitar (Level 2)
Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier III of IV)
Collection: not yet
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Hugo Villareal (2 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)


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