Rivals 7.68: Mint’s Misfortunes

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (3/3)

Week 7/Thursday 

Daichi: Well, I guess now you just wait for Mint to finish her last three songs?
Can’t you go somewhere else to wait? Her violin and keyboard are both portable!

Mint: That’s a great idea, Daichi, but let’s wait until she licenses her second song.
Jessminder (mutters): Whenever that is….

Mint: I finish my second song, on the violin this time, in about six hours, if I’m not mistaken.
Unbelievably, though, I’m not allowed to license it!

The message I get is: “Mint has already licensed a piano song. She must wait one week to license another song.”
A week? A whole seven days? But I’m trying to license a new violin song, not a second piano song. Bah!

Mint: I’m so embarrassed but I have solved the problem! I haven’t reached Level 9 Violin yet.
Once I play for 5 more minutes, I hit Level 9 and can license my second song!

Writing the violin song went so much faster, which is why I was still Level 8, I guess.
But now that I’m Level 9, I’m never touching another violin in my life!

Mint: I’ve invited Mortimer Goth to join our club. You’d think I’d ask Alex instead, right?
I’d hoped Mortimer would listen to me play so we could build a relationship, but he’d rather paint a mural.

Mint: I’m so glad Daichi’s back to mentor me! Level 10 Guitar, here I come!

Mint: I take a break when I notice an opportunity to nab both a snow globe and a poster outdoors.

The “rare limited-edition” snow globe is worth $20 and the poster, $65. So back to Plan A for my museum collection, darn it!


Mina: With Jessminder at home to summon us if needed, Vitoria’s break-in doesn’t bother us one bit.

Mina: I wonder who Vitoria’s unlucky victim will be tonight?

Krishna: Wow, I never even knew we could have had a mural like that in our home all this time!
I must show this to Jagger!

Alfonso: You don’t want to drink from me, Madam Zanna! You definitely do not!
Vitoria: And why shouldn’t I?

Alfonso: I’m your sister Laura’s BFF and, as soon as we’re both the same age, I’m going to make her my girl, you see.
When she hears that you drank from me of all people, she will be heart-broken and feel you betrayed her.

Vitoria: Well, it seems Laura has chosen her future partner wisely, Alfonso!
You are calm, collected, reasonable, and seem to care deeply about my sister. *ends the break-in

Alfonso: I have another favor to ask of you, Madam Zanna!
Vitoria: Yeah, yeah, so please remove your hand from my shoulder. If Laura wants the vampire cure, I’ll make one for her.
Alfonso: *prays that Laura grows up to look like Vitoria…

Mint: Dressed like a street artiste, Mortimer stops by to throw some coins at my feet.
Daichi: Not to be a busybody, dear Mint, but I’m thinking Mortimer is badly in need of a makeover, too!

Mint: You may be right, Daichi! Perhaps Mortimer secretly desires a zany, new look!
He’ll have to wait, though, until after we all move.

Mint: After completing Musical Genius, I wonder who I should choose as my second Good Friend.
Just then, Alfonso (bless his heart!) brings Sofia Bjergsen home with him from school.

She’s the perfect choice, a Cheerful Music Lover, just like me! I spam her with all my Music Lover socials.
Erm, I mean, I show her my best side so that she’ll want to become my good friend!

Mina: Now that I’ve completed my bloodline requirements, even I cannot escape the misery of becoming cowplant fodder!

Alfonso: Thanks, sis. I owe you one!

Mint: Obviously, I’d much rather be making friendly with Alex Goth.
But I need to be friends with the adult Mortimer in order to ask the Goths to move in.

I’m trying so hard to efficiently wrap up my move-out requirements as quickly as possible.
But somehow I managed to forget all about drinking Snagglefluster while learning Piano and Guitar.

Next stop, the residence of Akira Soma.


Mint: Arriving at the Somas, I hear that weird alien music and worry that Akira Soma might be getting abducted.
But, no worries! It’s just Ulrike Faust.

Ulrike: Gee, thanks!

Mint: Once Akira returns with me to my place, I start doing my best to pick a fight with Akira.
To my surprise, he gets angry really fast!

Mint: Gah, I just hate this part of my move-out requirements! I didn’t really want to hate you, Mr. Soma.

Akira: I understand. I did the exact same thing to your grandfather Moss.
And, you know, my grandchild will come after you in not too long as well.

Mint: Here I am at the Dinero Museum.  I know, I know, but 7 Whirlyflower frogs was the best I could do!

I lay the blame squarely on Grandpa Moss, the Gen2 Dinero heir!
He submitted paintings as his museum collection while snatching Writing as a unique skill!
So I couldn’t write books for my museum items, even if Musical Genius hadn’t been so time-consuming!

Oh, this portrait? Yeah, I accidentally deleted the first one so Jessminder had to paint a few more.

Anyway, the total value of my museum submissions is only $7,571.
In comparison, Grandpa Moss’s total museum value was $48,442. *sobs quietly

Mint: In an attempt to keep him out of our home, I meet with Lio Zanna at Desert Bloom Park.
When I see the “Fight Vampire” option, I leap at it.
Not such a great idea, you may be thinking, since my fitness is Level 0.

But the upshot is that I can immediately declare Lio my enemy.
Hey, folks, let’s all go home. I’m ready to move out!

Jagger: I throw a non-prestige birthday party since Mint and Cassandra don’t know each other.
When I age Alex and Cassandra up to young adults, Cassandra is luckier than Alex.

The creative but gloomy Cassandra is a vegetarian.
Alex, the cheerful bookworm, is now also insane. We still love you, Alex!

Mint: I age up and, after moving out Jagger and Alfonso, move to the Oracle Twin Point.
It’s vastness quite intimidates me so I invite Mortimer Goth and Uncle Jagger right away.

Mint: Nooooo, Cassandra! That cake is for ageing Jagger up!
Cassandra: Huh?

Mint: Luckily, I baked two cakes before moving out.
Jagger: Awww, shucks! I get the Clumsy trait! C’mon, Mint, ask me to move in!

Mint: I invite Papa and his parents over to help the others with starting up the garden.
Meanwhile, Alex and I seclude ourselves to enjoy our very first date.

We are really into each other but seem to have a problem with focus.
After our first try for a baby failed, Alex begins talking to himself so I snack on Cassandra’s leftover piece of cake.

After our second try, I am eating for two at last!

Cassandra: Jagger may be a cheerful, clumsy klepto, but I just adore him to pieces!

Jagger and Cassandra are turning out to be a great couple. They have chemisty AND focus!
Even after all the hours these two spent planting and watering the garden, Cassandra still managed to conceive before Mint did.

Jagger: You want to bet that our child’s going to be cuter, too?

It’s time to leave the new home of the fourth-generation Dinero heir.
Mint has joined the Entertainer career and reads a Comedy skill book.
Jagger has joined the Painter career and mentors Cassandra in painting.
Mortimer has found a new passion in yoga and meditation in addition to his writing.

And Alex? No doubt he will become the resident gardener and parenting expert.

Final Week 7 Status: Dinero Line

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements: All
Career: Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur (Level  10)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: ALL
Portrait: $6,451
A grade in high school: yes
Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
Collection: $1,120 (Whirlyflower frog x7)
Unique skills: Piano and Guitar (both Level 10)
Aspiration: Musical Genius (done)
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Hugo Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Mortimer Goth
Enemies: Akira Soma and Lio Zanna
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree (needs Frugal)
Three gold-medal parties: not yet
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier II of IV
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 4)

Gen5 Heir: ?? Dinero
Date of birth: Sunday, Week 8


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