Rivals 7.69: The Somas Get Serious

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Akira Soma (1/2)

Week 7/Sunday

Satoshi: Here I am, Satoshi Soma, the fourth-generation Soma heir!
Though I may not be devastatingly handsome like Ayato Zanna, c’mon admit it! I have a whimsical charm all my own!

Akira: Now that I’m done with my store, I can focus on my last bloodline requirement: my career!
Today’s goals are to collect more donations and seek favor from The Well.

Oh and I finally remember what my cause is: No Sim Left Behind.

Satoshi: My gardening is already Level 7, but I can’t advance with my Freelance Botanist aspiration without plants to evolve.
Only an hour before my Manual Labor job starts, so I spend it fishing across the street.

Akira: After Satoshi leaves for work, I try my luck at The Well who grants me a full promotion.
Now that I’m a Level 9 Leader of the Cause (Charity Organizer), I need to really get working on fund-raising.

Jun: You want to know why I always show up at the park with Makoto instead of his mother, Ulrike?
Ulrike’s been busy painting portraits and working, while I’m unemployed.

I don’t mind. I love spending time with Makoto, since Satoshi seemed to grow up in a flash.

Akira: Have I already told you how much I love this fishing pond?
I mean, we’re looking at $6,250  in donations right here, right now!

Akira: Nancy Landgraab, I am very grateful for your donations!
And Mina Dinero, I’m flattered that you favor my cause with a second round of donations!

Okay, I better dash home now because this Romantic sim has succumbed to a flirty mood.
And no, feeling flirty had nothing to do with my last two donations which, by the way, pushed me over the $20k milestone!

Satoshi: You think I should look happier for having maxed my Manual Labor job?
Believe me, I am! It’s just that I’m thinking hard on what I have left to do before moving out!

Oh right, this is the only move-out requirement I’ve finished so far!

Masato: I’m crazy about my little boy, Makoto, and visit him as often as I can.
I’m still trying to figure out how to move him in with me when I move with the Gen4 Zanna heir.

Makoto: My papa’s is super special. He suddenly shows up inside the house without even having to knock!

Masato: Of course, Makoto is not the only reason I visit this household whenever I’m free.
Obviously, not having to buy kitchen appliances just to see my lady is a plus!

Satoshi: Night falls and I still can’t move forward with Freelance Botanist, so I invite my great-grandpa Yukio over.
He doesn’t seem that interested in me, though. I have to chase him all over the house until he finally stargazes with me.

Naturally, as soon as we start stargazing, a plant in need of evolving starts sparkling.
I still chill with the founder until we’re Friends. Off to start gardening hardcore!


Satoshi: I complete my aspiration with an hour to spare before my first day of school.

Jun: Your partner Masato is a vampire with a withered stomach. Why is he cooking?

Ulrike: Because he’s a wonderful father, that’s why!
When our little Makoto is hungry, Masato cooks. After Makoto goes potty, Masato cleans the potty.
As a father, he is ever attentive to our son’s needs! It’s quite surprising, really.

To my surprise, Masato takes much better care of little Makoto than the queue-dropping Jun does.
Does that mean sim-blood is thicker than micro-managing?

Masato: Mama, would you please explain again why I just used the potty five times in a row?
I only had to go the first time, you know!

Ulrike: Congrats, son. With Level 3 Potty, you’re now in line to earn the Happy Toddler trait.
Now you can do pretty much whatever you want.
Masato: Cool. And my birthday’s this Friday, right?

Erina: Satoshi, I can’t believe you let Luna Villareal and Sofia Bjergsen become your friends already!
Satoshi: Hey, I didn’t have anything to do with it, Erina! Don’t you remember that today was my first day of high school?
But since they’re my friends, I want them to become two of the three good friends I need to move out.

Erina (internally): Hmmm, I see I need to step my game up or those hussies might try to step into my turf! Grrrrr!
Satoshi: *ignores the drama and thinks about his museum collection

Akira: I wasn’t planning to rely on The Well anymore but realized I only have two more shifts this week.
I don’t want to hold my son back from moving out, so I ask The Well for a promotion.

Yes, I get a favorable reply, but I’m so grungy that green fumes are swirling around me. Blech!

Satoshi: I’m pretty sure I don’t need to complete this project because I brought home an “A” today.
But I ask Great-Grandpa Yukio to help me with project and hope it boosts our friendship. (it doesn’t)

And whaddya know! I’m now within range to earn the Responsible trait on my birthday!

Satoshi: Good friends with the founder, at last!
But why do I resemble him so little?

Satoshi: It’s only Monday night but I’ve gotten so much done so far!

All that remains are one skill, my museum collection, and my good friends and enemies.
I’m going to take my time with my museum items and leave the Dineros choking in my dust!


Masato: I’m happy that Satoshi brings me along with him to Desert Bloom Park!
I meet a nice girl who plays dolls with me. She says her name is Luna.

Erina: Good job, Masato! Now keep Luna nailed to the dollhouse and don’t you dare let her go chat with “my” Satoshi!

Erina: Unbeknownst to Satoshia, I am also learning to fish!
When he traipses off to the Forgotten Grotto to work on his museum collection, I want to go with him.
I can fish up his bait and read his Book of Life!  Top that, Luna! *glares in Luna’s direction

Jun: Oh look, Akira! Isn’t that Alex Goth over there on the bench, looking as if he’s homeless?
Akira: That’s really strange! I hear his household recently moved to Twin Oracle Point, the hugest lot in Newcrest!

Jun: People say his partner Mint Dinero is gorgeous. Why’s he sleeping here instead of at home with her?
Akira: [insert outrageous reason here]?

Maaike: Thank you for having Ulrike stay home tonight instead of me, but I’m still calling unfair!

Look how cute I am! And I’ve even learned how to do bar flair!
But do I have a partner? No! Do I get to have a biological child and a baby daddy? No!
Write, write, write, that’s all I ever do!

Akira: But your daughter is going to marry Satoshi, Maaike! She’ll be the mother of the last Soma heir.
Maaike: Well, there’s that, I guess.

Yukio: You want to give birth to your biological child, Maaike? I think I can help wi…..
Akira: Hush, Grandpa Yukio! Nobody asked for your help. Sheesh! *kicks Yukio from the family club

Akira: Hey, there’s Mint Dinero strolling by our house! When’s her due date, Jun?
Jun: I imagine she’ll give birth later tonight, just like her sister-in-law Cassandra Goth.

Akira: She looks really happy, considering her husband sleeps at the park nights.
Jun: If you tried that, hun, I’d definitely hunt you down and bring you back home!

Satoshi: Thanks for helping me fish for bait, Mama. I’ll need lots when I get serious about my museum collection!
Jun: My pleasure, Satoshi. I’m always glad to help you out.

Maaike: You know, when I say I want to be in more screenshots, I didn’t mean fishing!
Jun: Sorry, Maaike! Satoshi’s museum collection is top-priority this week, so you can fish or go home.

Maaike: *mumbles and grumbles but continues fishing

Author’s Notes

Satoshi Soma made huge strides toward moving out during his first 2.5 days!
*Freelance Botanist is one of my fave aspirations, so his quick completion of it isn’t surprising.
*He’s been as lucky as Mint was unlucky. Last Sunday, Ulrike already painted a portrait of him worth almost $10k, so he’s done posing as well.
*If Satoshi manages to fish up some pricey catch, he has a chance to move the Somas ahead of the Dineros in terms of total museum worth. And he has several days to try.

Current Week 7 Status: The Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Store: Jungle Spice, resale value: $150,048
Retail perks: done
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Career: Politician/Charity Organization (Level 9)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements:
Museum Portrait: $9,773
Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
Freelance Botanist: done
A in High School: A
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Skills: L10 Gardening, L5 Fishing
Collection: not yet
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; (3 more)
Enemies: (Dinero, Zanna)


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