WtW: Prologue

Wags to Witches 0.1: Prologue

Chai Jr.: Oh gosh, I hope I arrived here in time to prevent the disaster! *pant, pant

Who me? I’m obviously a Shiba inu puppy which, as you know, is a Japanese breed.
Did you know that “inu” means “dog”?
In Japan, my breed is actually called Shiba ken, since “ken” is an alternate reading of the “inu” character.

But enough of that! I’m here to rescue my pet sim! I hope he’s okay!

Sim: Hey, Chai! Do you have any idea why I’m posing at Pupperstone Park, dressed like this?
Isn’t this an outfit inspired by that Chinese MMORPG named Jian Wang 3?

Chai: Gah, I’m too late!
Sim: Do I look awesome or what?

Chai: My honest opinion? You look very “or what.” It really suits you!
That outfit, however, has almost nothing at all to do with why you and I are here today.

Sim: Oh, right! You and I are going to try the Rags to Riches: Vet Challenge by Playalot!

Chai: Correct! Well, half correct, anyway.
Sim: So why am I dressed like this?

Chai: Apparently, you’re supposed to be a witch with a dog, hence the title “Wags to Witches.” *rolls eyes

Watchette spent hours seeking a suitable wizard or sorcerer outfit for you today. Hours!
But all she found was that costume on a History Challenge website. Where’d that hat come from?

Sim: It’s from Spooky Stuff, but I had to make holes for my ears. So I don’t get to keep this outfit?

Chai: I admit that its creator, Reminisms, did an amazing job!
If we were doing a challenge set in Medieval China, I’m sure you’d totally be wearing that!

Sim: But check out these thigh-high boots, beading detail, upright collar, and subtle tonal gradations!
And my Spooky hat is flawlessly color-coordinated!
Chai: Forget about it! Watchette’s just sharing the outfit for the readers’ entertainment. What are our other options?

Sim: Well, we tried out the Grim Reaper’s costume. *sighs
Chai: You don’t like it? It’s an actual robe, at least!

Sim: You’ve got to be kidding me, Chai! It makes me look like I have no waist! Sheesh!
Not only that, it brings back unpleasant memories…

Sim: Next, we tried out the hermit’s outfit. Ugh. Raggedy Andy!
Chai: You could have at least changed out of your grey party-wear oxfords, bro!

Sim: Oh puhleeze! As if a sorcerer would be wearing flipflops!
Do you think Gandalf would ever be caught dead in flipflops? *rolls eyes

Chai: No, no, no! That Jedi Witch look is definitely out!
Sim: Right?

Chai: So what else?
Sim: That’s it, Chai! I’m changing back to the first outfit now.

Chai: Well, since I’ve seen our options, your first outfit has started to grow on me.
I mean, it seemed outrageous at first but now, not so much.
Sim: I agree. *acts nonchalant but secretly really wants to keep this outfit

Chai: You wouldn’t be able to wear that outfit for work, obviously.
Sim: Of course, I’d only be wearing it when I do my sorcery stuff (whatever that is).

Chai: Okay, buddy, run back to where I am and let’s call this prologue a wrap.

Chai: Eh, who cares what you wear? You know this story’s going to be all about me and my family!
Sim: Uh huh.

Chai: Hey, are you ever going to introduce yourself?
Sim: Oh right. Nice to meet you all. My name’s Ken Shiba!
Chai: *groans

WtW: How I Adopted My Pet


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