WtW: How I Adopted My Pet

Wags to Witches 0.2

Hello there! My name is Chai!
No, not Chai Jr. from the prologue. I am THE Chai, his father.

I am a magical puppy who’s in charge of Countryside Windenberg.
How magical, you’d like to know?

Well, let’s just say I’m an enlightened dog sage in a puppy’s body.
Trust me, nothing happens in this neighborhood that I don’t know about!

Take this little boy here named Ken Shiba.

He seems like a happy kid, right? Yeah, he has his moments.

Ken lives with his parents in this lovely house not too far from the Shrieking Lllama Bar.

This amazing “Tinkerbell Fairy Cottage,” which I downloaded from the Gallery, is the creation of findjoo.

Ken’s father is a witch and his mother’s a fairy.
Besides their son Ken, this couple also shares the Cat Lover and Loves the Outdoors traits.

You’d think with so much in common, they’d give Ken a proper family life.
But, no, father witch is jealous while mother fairy is romantic.

They are constantly alternating between feeling lovey-dovey and arguing.
It’s like watching a game of ping-pong!

With so much drama between them, the parents hardly pay any attention to Ken.
Any favorable, constructive attention, that is.

The mother is as self-absorbed as she is beautiful.
She loves nothing better than to gaze at her reflection in a mirror.

The father often picks fights with his wife, suspecting her of being unfaithful.
After losing such arguments, he usually vents his frustrations on Ken.

This makes the father feel better but leaves poor Ken to deal with all the negative emotions.

I’m pretty sure the father has more love for his familiar than for his son.

On this particular day, Ken runs outside on the verge of angry tears.

Remembering that today is Ken’s birthday, I decide to make my appearance.

Chai to the rescue!

I wobble on my little puppy legs behind Ken.

Then, to draw his attention, I sprint by in my best imitation of a gazelle.

When he offers his friendship, I initially keep walking.

He needs to earn my friendship or he won’t value it, right?

This is how I know that Ken has the Dog Lover trait.

Only a Dog Lover carries around dog treats when they don’t even own a dog!

Chai: Thanks for the treat, Ken! You know, you really deserve a better life!

Ken: Oh, the puppy seems to be talking to me!

Chai: Ken, you’re monolingual! Oh well!

Ken: What is this puppy doing when I pick him up? Is he trying to snuggle?

Ken: I get it! The puppy wants a hug! Awwww, this feels nice!
Chai: Yes, very!

Father: Are you sure Ken is even mine?
Mother: How can you say that? He has your violet eyes?

Father: Hmmph, you also have violet eyes. How is he a Dog Lover, though? You and I are both Cat Lovers!
Mother: Let’s try not to fight on Ken’s birthday, darling.

Chai: Ken gets a phone call to come home and blow out his candles.
I wait outside the house while Ken goes inside to cake up.

Teen Ken: But Father, you have your familiar! I would like to have a dog of my own!
Why can’t I invite a stray puppy into our home!

Father: Because your mother and I are Cat Lovers, that’s why!
The answer’s no and that’s final! And, you’re a witch! You should have a cat, not a dog!

Mother: Oh, you think I’ll say yes after your father said no?
Don’t you try to manipulate your parents, you awful child!

Ken: I’d just like to have some companionship in this house.
Mother: So now your father and I aren’t good enough for you?
Ken: *backs away slowly

Ken: I don’t know how Chai knew but he says Father hides his pocket money in this urn.
I’ll just borrow enough for that puppy and me to travel to another town!

Chai: I watch Ken walk to the edge of Countryside Windenberg then call for me.

Ken: I’m going to name you Chai, little puppy! Let’s run away together, okay?

Chai: I don’t really want to leave my turf, but Ken has given up his material comforts to be with me.

Never fear, my sad and lonely Ken! I shall adopt you as my pet!
We shall run away to another town and build a new life together, just you and me!
And I know just the place!

Chai: And that, my friends, is how I end up moving to Brindleton Bay with a runaway teen.

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