Rivals 7.70: Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Akira Soma (2/2)

Week 7/Tuesday

Makoto: We’ve all come to Desert Bloom Park again! Wheee!
The pressure on me to become a Top-Notch Toddler becomes borderline ridiculous!

To boost Movement and Thinking, I go all the way to the back of Desert Bloom Park to “watch” Satoshi and Erina fishing.
But then, I have to go potty and have to run back to the front of the park for that!

You remember why I want to live with my papa, don’t you? I’m a born vampire!

Satoshi: Since I can’t fish up Anglerfish until Level 7 Fishing, I’m not bothering to go to the Forgotten Grotto until then.

Erina: Don’t you think a museum collection of fish is rather risky, Satoshi?
Massimo Zanna’s was worth $10,720, but Mina Dinero’s was worth a mere $1,353!

Satoshi: Eh, I think the Dineros felt over-confident about winning at that point. That made Mina lazy.

Makoto: Talk about being insensitive to the atmosphere! Sheesh!!!

I am in the middle of playing house with my girlfriend Luna, when Mama barges in to teach me to say please and thank you.

I am dying of embarrassment here!


Satoshi: A little past midnight, I send everyone home except Mama and Erina.
My fishing is only Level 6, but I can’t wait to visit the Forgotten Grotto.

Papa works on Wednesday so we’ll be home in time for him to get ready for work.

This is a mystical place! I can see how sims could fish here for hours, forgetting all about the time!

Satoshi: Mama is fishing like a boss, reeling in lots of potential bait for me!

Erina’s been less helpful in the bait department, but when you look as good as she does, who cares?
And how amazing that she wants to keep me company while I’m fishing!

Makoto: I love my sister, Jun! She spends all of her time with me, when my mama Ulrike is busy or working.
In fact, we are having so much fun today that I don’t even notice mama leaving for work!

Jun: Let’s try and max your last two skills today, big guy! You’re almost there!

Akira: At 5 pm, I bring home my final promotion as Charity Icon.
As much as I love my job (and this suit and tie), I quit it immediately so we can all focus on my son’s needs.

Ulrike: Around the same time, my adorable little Makoto maxes his last skill, Movement.
That’s fantastic, Makoto! You’ll earn the Top-Notch Toddler trait!

Makoto: Does this mean I can do whatever I want now until my birthday, Mama?

Satoshi: I ask Auntie Ulrike to keep Erina occupied while I become good friends with Luna and Sofia.
Erina has nothing to worry about. It’s just a little harmless chatting and cloudgazing.

Well, I have to confess that Sofia is a little more demanding and requires a hug.
Just a friendly hug, though, mind you.

Satoshi: Then back again to Forgotten Grotto with Mama and Erina.

On a hunch, I abandon the bait I usually use to lure sturgeon and anglerfish, switching to vampire squid instead.
What a chance discovery! I start reeling in the choice fish!


Satoshi: Thursday and Friday whizz by as I try to squeeze the most out of my museum collection.
Both Erina and Makoto even received birthday notices on Friday but, hey, I’m a sim on a mission!

Unwisely, I fish until 6 pm, ending with seven fish worth $9,854. So there, Dineros!!!
So much left to do before The Big Switch tonight!
But first, I go to the Soma Museum to hang up my portrait and mounted fish.

From the founder’s museum, I travel home with Masato Yamaguchi who I’ve chosen as my potential third good friend.
Why, you ask? That’s easy…to earn brownie points with our watcher.

Seriously, he seems like a cool guy and I like the way he looks after Ulrike and their son.
Now, if only he would like me as quickly as I like him!

Meanwhile, birthdays are being celebrated with minimal fanfare indoors.

Makoto ages up and gets the Cheerful trait, while Erina is now a cheerful goofball who is family-oriented.

Ulrike: Erina, of course, looks exactly the same as a young adult as when she was a teenager.
Makoto is a lovely blend of his father and myself. Time will tell who he resembles the most.

Maaike: Makoto definitely has your eyes and lips, though, Ulrike. What a looker!

Masato: Hey, that’s an old photo of me with my default hair!

Satoshi: Once Masato’s my good friend, I ask Papa to invite Mina Dinero over.
While I try to argue with her, though, Papa comes out to socialize with her.

I beseech Watchette for help and she sends Papa off to the woodworking table to craft camping mascots.

Just as Mina Dinero and I are getting really angry, I suffer a mood swing which makes me enraged.
I’ll have to be really careful about my mood when I age up but, for now, I declare Mina my enemy.

Satoshi: I almost feel bad about picking Lio Zanna as my potential enemy.
The other Zannas are so gorgeous that Lio’s turned into the family scapegoat.

On the plus side, since we’re both teens, I can pick “Fight vampire” which exponentially speeds up the process to becoming enemies.
I’m almost ready to move out!

And in case you’re wondering, drinking a moodlet solver snapped me right out of that horrid Enraged mood!

Satoshi: Gah, couldn’t you have tried to take a more complimentary birthday shot of me?
You are cutting it so close, boy, you are lucky I’m not leaving you here until next week!

Erina: Wait, why is SHE ageing up?
Satoshi: I never told you that the Bjergsens will be  moving in with us?

Satoshi: I move Makoto and Ulrike out to live with Alfonso.
This way, Ayato can later invite Alfonso to move in along with Makoto. Sorry, Ulrike, but you’ll be living alone once they move out!
I move the young adult Erina out, too.

Then, I move out to occupy the 30×20 Beech Byway lot, across the street from the founder Yukio.

After Erina moves in, I invite Sofia and her family to move in as well. Gah, I’d completely forgotten that Sofia had a younger sister!

Erina: Eh, whatever!

I’ve downloaded this lovely house for you from the gallery, dear Satoshi.
It’s “Crème Villa (Unfurnished)” by a Carl’s Forum member named @naemayo.

For now, I’ve furnished the house extremely hastily with some of the furnishings that the Bjergsens brought along.
Too bad you spent so much time fishing, Satoshi! No time to try for baby nor start your garden!

Satoshi: It’s totally worth it! I’m enjoying that fact that the Somas’ total museum worth is higher than the Dineros’!

Coming next: Week 7 with the Zanna vampires

Final Week 7 Status: The Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements: ALL
Store: Jungle Spice, resale value: $150,048
Retail perks: done
Career: Politician/Charity Organization (Level 10)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements: ALL
Museum Portrait: $9,773
Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
Freelance Botanist: done
A in High School: A
Skills: Gardening and Fishing (both Level 10)
Collection: $9,854 (Sturgeon: $2182, 1712, 1399, 1127, 876; Anglerfish: $1513, 1045)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Luna Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Masato Yamaguchi
Enemies: Mina Dinero, Lio Zanna

Gen5 Heir: ?? Soma
Projected date of birth: Day 4, Week 8 (not conceived yet)


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