WtW 1.1: A Filthy Prowler

From this point, we segue to the Teen Runaway Challenge: Pets, created by Playalot.
To read the challenge rules, click here

1.1: A Filthy Prowler

Week 1/Sunday 

Chai: And here we are at our new home.
We’ve chosen the 20×20 Bedlington Boathouse lot because…location, location, location.

We spend the rest of our cash on a tent for my pet and a food bowl for myself.
Not even $5 left for some dog food!

That’s when I suddenly age up to an adult dog!
Good! Now I can do something about our dire circumstances!

Author’s note: I had to age up Chai then restart this challenge, because I couldn’t train or walk Chai as a puppy.

Using mental telepathy, I suggest that my pet train me to sit.

Duh, I already know how to sit, but my pet needs to max his Training skill.
Handsome devil, aren’t I?

Ken: Stop rushing me, Chai! We’re just going for a short walk!
Chai: Faster, walk faster! We need to get out of the Welcome Wagon’s line of sight!

My pet and I go into full-scale Making Bank mode.
He tries his hand at fishing for the first time.

Meanwhile, I’m shaking down seagulls and scouring the kelp for mysterious packages.

Quick, Ken! Pick up the gift I brought you!
Can’t you see that the guy in the brown jacket is thinking of snatching it first?

I score a model stunt plane for $395 and a ball (for me), but Ken only catches a $6 goldfish.

He’s very attentive, though, and immediately takes me to Skye Fitness gym for a bath.

My pet Ken bathes me very skillfully–his touch is gentle yet firm.
I’m thinking that he might have a successful future someday as a veterinary doctor.

At Desert Bloom Park, Ken does his homework while hoping some kind sim will cook something.
As usual, I’m prowling the dig sites.

So far, my mysterious packages account for most of our household funds.

I never realized that a pet would be so helplessly high-maintenance.
Maybe I could telepathically suggest that he look for frogs and check the dig sites, too.


The two of us did really well collecting stuff to sell at Desert Bloom Park last night.
And my pet finally remembers to buy me a bed!

My pet tells me to go hunting but then leaves for school before I return. What’s up with that?

With my mouth full of feathers, I decide to snooze until he returns home.

I’m hoping we’ll have another lucrative night of collecting, but Ken’s acting oddly.
His bladder’s full but he just stands in front of restrooms without going in.

After waiting on him for 5-6 hours, I give up and take a nap at his feet.


A little past midnight, we travel to Pupperstone Park and Ken finally enters the public restrooms there.
I’m so glad that’s sorted!  I am starving and exhausted by this time!

It’s pretty boring when my pet’s at school, but I just take it easy!
Prowling brings in lots of cash but then Ken needs to bathe me afterwards.

I’m so proud of my pet! He earns an A at high school today!
He decides to simstagram me and I now have 22 followers.

Quite frankly, though, I’m not sure how I feel about being framed by his hairy calves.

We’ve decided that becoming companions should be our top priority.
When the “Intellectual Discussion” option pops up, Ken foolishly believes it’s due to his Genius trait.

Silly pet! It’s because I’m a Smart dog! Still, I think Ken and I are well-matched!
Ken acquired the Logic skill for having an Intellectual Discussion with his Smart dog. Cute!


My pet wakes up early so we can spend time together before school.
We play a  little fetch.

He shares his breakfast with me. What, grilled fruit again!?

Time passes quickly and it’s soon time for him to leave.
He might as well save up vacation days until we’re companions.

I guess I’ll just go back to sleep until Ken returns.
We’ll become companions today for sure!

Lately, I’ve been a little worried that my lovely bed is illegal.
But, if my pet gets to sleep in a bed or tent, I should be allowed to sleep in a bed, too!!

Poor Ken has an annoying day at school and comes home angry.
By the time he’s done jogging to clear his mind and feeding us both, it’s 8 pm.

We both badly need to bathe, but he’s too tired to care.
Looks like today’s not the day we become companions.

On the plus side, we now have $3,128 to our name.
Don’t you worry, my little pet. Once we’re companions, everything will go more smoothly!


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