WtW 1.2: A Weekend of Woodworking

Wags to Witches

Week 1/Wednesday

Chai: By the time we’re both rested, it’s 11:30 pm when we arrive at Skye Fitness.

My pet’s finally figured it out!
From in front of the gym, he clicks on the bath to choose “Give Chai a bath.”
Then he carries me to the bath downstairs.

Before, Ken walked to the bath, while I waited on the first floor.
Then, he’d whistle for me then wait for me to trot downstairs. Now we’re twice as fast!

Too bad we can’t simultaneously bathe, too!

Thanks to my pet, I’m squeaky clean but his hygiene has hit rock bottom! *wrinkles nose


We’re back at Pupperstone Park after midnight (again).

Ken makes this funny face whenever he kisses me. My pet is so adorable!

We’re finally able to “Feel the Love.” Is that because we’re Good Friends?

Not long after, we become companions, at last!
Ken, my pet, be prepared to become our kibble-winner!

Except for high school, Ken and I do absolutely everything together.
Here we are having breakfast.

You know, you won’t hear me complaining if Ken learns to cook pet food!
We’re pretty busy these days, though, so maybe after his next birthday?

Breaking news! We learn from Playalot that we may place on our lot anything that fits into Ken’s personal inventory!
I immediately buy my pet the cheapest cooler and, for myself, the most expensive pet toy box.

While Ken takes a quick nap before school, I check whether this new cooler will suffice.
Yes, it’s less costly but will serve my pet just fine!

Ken gets home in another 8-hour Annoying School Day (Angry +1) mood, ugh!
No jogging to clear your mind today! You can’t complete Bodybuilder anyway!

Let’s see, what’s cheap and won’t tank your hygiene?
We head to the Willow Creek library where my pet “scribbles furiously” in his new journal. *sighs

After dinner, we leave for Granite Falls.
Of course, by the time my pet is no longer angry, he now needs a nap.

Honestly, my pet is soooo needy! *checks Ken’s traits to see if he’s Spoiled


You guessed it!
We’re here for the woodworking table at the National Park’s ranger station.

Granite Falls covers all of our daily needs except my bathing.
I’ll just have to refrain from prowling, which suits me just fine!
As soon as my pet learns to craft that sculpture you see behind me, we’re outta here!

Did you notice I lost my collar? I have no idea when that happened!


Nowadays, my pet mostly ignores me except when we eat or he asks me to go potty.
(I’m not sure why I don’t know how to go by myself yet.)

Staying clean has been easy, considering Granite Falls does not have a single dig site!

To pass the time, I stare at this white thing in a small room in the ranger’s station. What is it?

Ugh, my pet is such a moody creature! Since Friday, he’s been going through a Loud phase.
The random fits of anger are not pretty at all.

Thankfully, listening to music on those earbuds he got for free seems to soothe him.

Week 2/Sunday 

It’s around 2:30 am when my pet finally learns the woodworking schematic.
Time for us to go home!

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