Rivals 7.71: Real Vs are Silent Like…

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (1/4)

Previously in Week 6:
• The Gen3 Zanna household consists of Vitoria (Gen3 heir), her spouse Jung Storey, their son Ayato, Vitoria’s twin sister Laura, Paola Pizzazz (human painter), Masato Yamaguchi (vampire bro), and the now-single Bella Goth;
• Transformed into Vitoria’s thrall, Arun Bheeda vehemently pledges his support to the success of Ayato;
• Masato hosts the first Toddler Play Date in the history of this challenge, earning a gold medal for his efforts. The play date is between Ayato and Masato’s own son Makoto;
• The children Ayato and Laura befriend Jagger and Alfonso Dinero then age them up to teens, only to discover that Jagger has gained the Kleptomaniac trait;
• Despite initial doubts about her competence, Bella is now an accomplished gardener with full Sunlight Resistance;
• Irresistible as a charmer toddler, adorable as an Outgoing Social Butterfly child, and a debonair Leader of the Pack teen since early last Saturday morning, the Gen4 heir Ayato prepares to tackle his move-out requirements with his customary panache;
• Vitoria ends the week as a Level 9 Mixologist with one remaining goal for her Master Vampire aspiration and a very-near-complete Bloodline Garden.

Week 7/Sunday 

Ayato: I can’t believe that Satoshi Soma delayed The Big Switch until 5:30 am!
Doesn’t he realize that we vampires are nocturnal creatures? Now I have to stay indoors until this evening!

Daichi: I’m pretty sure Satoshi just lacks good time management skills, Ayato.
He doesn’t seem like the malicious type to me!

Masato: I don’t know, Daichi! Satoshi was pretty fired up about leaving the Dineros and Zannas behind.

Vitoria: Don’t mind me! I only completed my Master Vampire aspiration just now…

Vitoria: It just figures, Jung, that you finally invite me out to Pan Europa but we end up fishing.
Jung: Don’t you remember? You’re cooking Ambrosia for Paola but we have no angelfish yet.

Masato: Still, it’s nice to get out of the house now and then, even if Vitoria and I have never fished before.

Ayato: Honestly, I can think of a gazillion better ways to level my charisma, besides practicing a speech in Pan Europa’s bathroom!

Ayato: Now this is what I’m talking about! I reach Level 5 Charisma while chatting with Mr. Landgraab.
As soon as I add Alfonso Dinero to our family club, I complete my Leader of the Pack aspiration!

Laura: Thank you for keeping me company, Nanny Imane. I have no idea why I’m stuck.
Imane: Can’t your watcher fix this?

Laura: Not until Vitoria comes home or she’ll be forced to leave work early.

Ayato: Thanks for coming over to help me with my writing, Arun!
Arun: I’m off on weekends so I can mentor you all you want today, Ayato.

Ayato: I’m afraid I’m not going to have a high-value collection of novels without any reward traits.
Arun: I have to agree, Ayato, but you’ll still be able to surpass Mina’s fish collection and Mint’s frog collection.

Ayato: Are the Dineros even trying?!

Elizabeth: What happened to you two?
Imane: First Laura was stuck so I was keeping her company, then I froze, too.

Elizabeth: Well, Vitoria won’t be earning her last promotion tonight anyway and Bella’s also frozen.
I’ll tell Jung to travel with Laura and Bella to the lot next door then back home again.

Laura: Thank you, Nanny Elizabeth! I really don’t want to stand here until Vitoria finishes work at midnight. That’s 7 more hours!

Ayato: Ahhhh, night has finally fallen! A short break from writing for some vampiric training.

Masato:  You’re doing really well, Ayato! Try to reach Prime Vampire rank by Monday night!


Vitoria: I didn’t make much progress at work today because we forgot to start a club gathering before I left home.

That’s why I’m hoping for a guaranteed promotion my next shift. A full promotion?
You know I’m not complaining! It’s time for me to join the ranks of the unemployed!

Vitoria: By happy coincidence, my Deathflower plant has also matured so I present to you my completed garden!

My bloodline requirements are all done! All that’s left now is to support Ayato.

Ayato: Our week started Sunday morning with Nannies Imane and Elizabeth at our home, but no Nanny Daichi.

The two nannies have been as useless as the “g” in lasagna, so I decide I can at least detect their personalities.

Imane: Oh you di’int try to pull off that stale line and pass it off as an Italian joke!
Next, you’re gonna imitate Lil Wayne and his notorious line “Real Gs are silent like…”

Ayato: Nah, that’s going too far, Nanny Imane! I have taste and discernment, remember?

Ayato: Paola’s been working hard on my portraits but I’d wish she could do more!
Her portrait of my normal form alone is worth more than Mint Dinero’s portrait and collection combined.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to beat Satoshi Soma’s collection worth to keep the Zannas in first place.

What worries me is the collection worth of the Gen5 heirs.
The Somas last collection will no doubt be paintings. How the heck can my future child’s collection beat that?

Now that there’s no threat of any bloodline buying a sixth lot, maybe the Zannas will take their time to….
It’s hopeless for us, isn’t it? The cards are stacked against vampires! We can never win without reward traits!

Laura: Yes, that’s right. I’d like to take a vacation day from school today.

It’s my birthday today, you see, but I don’t remember exactly what time.
Also, there’s something really important that I need to do before 3 pm today.
No, I can’t tell you now, because it’s still a secret.

Arun: Praise the Light that Ayato has to attend high school this morning!
Otherwise, we’d still be holed up in his cramped little bedroom!

I have to give him credit, though! Ayato has accomplished so much in the past 26 hours!

Laura: Not long after Ayato leaves for school, I get my birthday notice.
I’m so eager to age up, I just light and blow out the birthday candles all by myself.

It doesn’t even bother me that Uncle Masato is too engrossed in his Parenting book to celebrate.

Laura: I’m now a cheerful perfectionist! My makeover must wait until Ayato returns from school.
So, for now, I join Uncle Masato on the sofa and start on my homework.

Uncle Masato is being thoughtful and doesn’t mention my awful hairstyle.
What’s up with this hair anyway? And this cheerleader’s skirt!?

Vitoria: I don’t know why Laura didn’t tell me she was going to age up!
As soon as I receive her text message, I buy some garlic packets and fly upstairs.

This is a matter that Laura and I have talked over many, many times. She’s such a stubborn girl!

Vitoria: Laura, you didn’t want to wait until the founder Serena got off work.
You couldn’t even wait for Ayato to come from school in a few more hours!
At least, you could sit down and sip your drink instead of, ugh, chugging it as you stand!

Laura: Cut me some slack, sis! Take a good look at me!
I resemble a redheaded Paolo Rocca lookalike with acne! Could it get any worse?

Laura: Thank you so much, sis! The drink you made me has cured me of vampirism.
Sadly, however, the angry zits remain!

Laura: With just a couple of hours to go before my makeover, Paola offers to mentor me in painting.
Yes!!! I’m planning to become the next Zanna portrait painter!

Paola: As for me, I’m opting not to move out with Ayato when he’s ready to go.
And I still have 15 sim-days until my Adult birthday, so an Ambrosia serving really isn’t necessary.
The thought, Vitoria, is absolutely appreciated! ❤ (as well as the rare shot of my face!)

Alex: Hello, mother? It’s me, Alex. Do you have time to chat? I’ve really missed you!
Bella: Dear Alex, how have you been?

Alex: You really have no idea what we’ve been up to, mother?
Cassie and I live at Twin Oracle Point now. I’m with Mint Dinero and we plan to get married.
Bella: And what about Cassie? How has she been doing?

Alex: Cassie is living with us. Like me, she’s a young adult now. In fact, she’s having a baby with Mint’s uncle, Jagger Dinero.
I’m going to be a father, too. Will you visit your grand-children, mother?

Laura: As soon as Ayato gets home, I make a dash for the dresser. Ahhhh, much better!

Alfonso: Sure, Laura, I’d love to go visit you. Why weren’t you in school today?
Laura: Well, it’s kind of a surprise. Also, I have a question…would you still like me if I had pimples?

Alfonso: What kind of question is that, silly? We are BFFs, remember?
And you know that I’d “more than like” you if you weren’t in grade school!

Ayato: Wow, Uncle Masato, I can’t believe I got an A grade already! Life is good!
Masato: Yes, give thanks to The Well who gave you the “B” yesterday and our Good Schools lot trait!

Ayato: It’s a great day to be a Zanna!

Alfonso: Hey, we’re both teens now! Is that why you missed school today!
And I’m deeply flattered that you’d give up being a vampire for me! So what does this mean for us?

Laura: Well, of course, you’re going to join Ayato’s household once he moves out, right?
I’m thinking that if I take over Paola’s role as portrait painter, you and me could… *blushes

Laura: I couldn’t agree with you more, my lovely nephew Ayato.
Today is a great day to be a Zanna!

Current Week 7 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)
Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 10)
Garden (6/6 plants): done

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, Arun Bheeda
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
“A” in high school: yes
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 2)
Portraits (2): $0 (normal: $, dark: $)
Skills: Charisma (Level 5) and Writing (Level 6)
Collection (7):
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)


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