WtW 1.4: The Elusive Frog

Week 2/Wednesday 

Our little garden has been a boon of sorts!
While waiting for it to grow, we’ve gone for walks both before and after school.
It’s a new record!

How splendid that my pet has been in a great mood all day!

He’s still trying to boost his Gardening, though, and finds a Madnip plant nearby.

Finally, he reaches Level 4 Gardening, which allows him to buy the Marketable trait.

We’re back at Desert Bloom Park where my pet resumes woodworking beneath the pergola.
Question: How many simoleons are enough?


With my pet ageing up on Sunday morn, let’s take stock of our requirements.

Pet Training     : Level 2/5 (need 3 more levels)
Aspiration        : The Curator (need 3 more frogs)
Pet Items          : Done (Pet Bowl, Pet Bed, Pet Toys)
Housing funds: Done ($46,400)

If Lady Luck turns her back on our frog breeding endeavors, what about Fabulously Wealthy?

Let’s focus on training first while praying for our last three frogs!

Fortunately, Ken has exactly two vacation days from school left.
He takes the day off and we head for Pupperstone Park.

I start by teaching my pet how to shake hands.

The speed at which he learns to heel is quite impressive!
That Genius trait of his is no laughing matter!

Chai: Next, we supposedly “run the obstacle course together.”
But I don’t see my pet jumping onto this platform with me!
Ken: I tried, okay? But, for some odd reason, I couldn’t!

Chai: Wait, what? You understand what I’m saying now?

Ken: Duh, I ran across that forum thread where you’re constantly talking trash about me.
It’s written in Simlish for the forum readers and we human sims.

Chai: So you’ve been studying dogspeak?
Ken: Of course, I have. I’ve even started compiling a Dogspeak-Simlish concordance.

We train so hard that I fall asleep while teaching Ken how to “Lie down.”

Heading back to Desert Bloom Park, I snooze while Ken woodworks and breeds frogs.
Once night falls, I’m back to prowling the dig sites.


Ken: Still no luck with the last two frogs, darn it!
It’s time we get serious about Fabulously Wealthy, Chai!

Chai: My pet can now craft camping mascots worth thousands of simoleons.
Unlike the beginning, he no longer appreciates my mysterious packages!

Ken: Oh great, Chai! Another $5 ball!
Chai (whispers): See what I mean?

We head home to catch up on our beauty sleep.

On our way back to the park, Ken gets another massage to help him stay focused.
Every little bit helps.

Life as usual for yours truly at Desert Bloom Park.

My overconfident pet has great faith in himself.
Our final frog continues to elude us, but Ken believes he can finish Fabulously Wealthy in time.


What do you think? Do I look as dirty as I feel?
Ken has yet to notice…

We still have roughly 24 hours to go, but Ken has yet to max Pet Training
The Curator aspiration requires one more frog to be complete.
To finish Fabulously Wealthy, Ken needs to craft $49,410 worth of camping mascots.

We may not be done with this challenge by Ken’s birthday.
But, with $125k+ in household funds currently, our new house will be amazing!


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