WtW 1.5: In the Doghouse

Week 2/Saturday

We leave Desert Bloom Park after my pet receives his Celebrate birthday notice around 8 am.
Arriving at Pupperstone Park, we have a hearty breakfast and prepare for training.

By this time, I’m surrounded by clouds of filth and have flies swarming around me.

Chai: When my pet finishes learning how to lie down, he reaches Level 4 Pet Training.
Ken: You’re so filthy, Chai, that it’s making me tense! Let’s go give you a bath!

Chai: And now we’re back and ready to start training Ken’s only remaining trick.

Chai: Then, suddenly, the unexpected strikes!

Ken: Breeding a Heartsurfer with an Eggplant frog produces our missing frog: Surfer Eggplant!
It’s close to 4 pm when we complete both our frog collection and The Curator aspiration.

Chai: *exhales a huge sigh of relief

Ken: Now that we’ve learned how to Play Dead, all I have left now is to max Pet Training! Go run the obstacle course, Chai!

Chai: This is beneath me! Why do I have to be the one to walk in between these poles?

Ken: You’re right, Chai! This obstacle course is way too easy for a smart dog like you!
Look! I’ve rearranged it and added two more jumps!

Chai: You have got to be kidding me!

Ken: You don’t like it?
Chai: You seem to forget that I’m a miniature breed. How am I supposed to jump through these?

Ken: How about if I move the platform between the last two hurdles?
Chai: Uh huh, right. You go first!

Ken: Let’s try it together!

Ken: So far so good, Chai! That’s the medium-height jump!
Chai: Pffft. Easy-peasy!

Ken: I can’t believe you cleared the highest jump without even a running start, Chai!
Chai: Yep, I’m agile like that!

Chai: Let me get this straight, Ken.
I clear your obstacle course with a perfect score, but you “must be a first-class pet trainer”?!

How is it exactly that you haven’t maxed Pet Training yet?!

Chai: We continue to “Practice Tricks” and Ken reaches Level 5 Pet Training close to 10 p.m.

Ken: What do you say, Chai? Shall we go and build ourselves a house now?

Chai: Now that the challenge is basically over, we bend the rules and move to a different lot.
What does a witch’s house look like, anyway, Ken?

Ken: Apparently, our watcher hasn’t a clue. But here’s what she built.

Chai: Here’s another shot in Build mode with the Daylight filter on.
Is the landscaping finished?
Watcher: I started on it but then thought, “Why bother?”

Chai: You bought me a more expensive bowl that auto-refills every 6 hours?
Ken: Not exactly sure how it works. I think I still need to refill it now and then.

Chai: So now it’s always full and I eat whenever I feel like it?
Ken: More or less. It’s weird that I’ve lost the “Call Chai to eat” social. I miss it already!

Ken: Check it out, Chai! We have an outdoor patio upstairs with a sitting area.
Chai: Yeah, it has sofas so you can finally pamper me on the couch!

Chai: What’s the point of having a patio like this?
Ken: Well, it’s like we’re indoors and outdoors at the same time.

Chai: Huh.
Ken: We can still sit and breathe the fresh air, even if it’s raining!

Ken: I think this room is supposed to be my favorite but the jury’s still out.
Chai: Why?

Ken: Until we get a Supernatural xpack, there aren’t many witchy things for me to do!

Ken: My bedroom’s upstairs but your sleeping area is here.
Chai: Okay, but why are there two beds? I only need one, you know.

Ken: Well, I was thinking we could adopt a female shiba inu. What do you think?
You feel no driving urge to pass on your genes, Chai?
Chai: I wouldn’t mind hearing the pitter-patter of little paws around the house…

Chai: By the way, how much did this house cost us, anyway?
Ken: Around $98,000, furnished.

Chai: So, we only have about $30,000 left?
Ken: That’s right.

Chai: Listen, pet. If I’m going to raise a family in this house, you’ll need to get back to woodworking.
Ken: I knew that.


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