WtW 1.6: Chai Meets Chibi

Note:  After the last update which completed the Teen Runaway Challenge, this update simply provides a transition to the Rags to Riches: Vet Challenge.

Wags to Witches

Week 2/Saturday

Ken: Now that we have a home, we add a new member to our household.
Meet Chibi, an adult female Shiba Inu.

Chibi: What? I’m expected to eat mere kibble?
Where’s my contract? I should only be eating gourmet dog food!

Ken: Chibi looks a lot like Chai but with more white in her fur.

I’ve given them bandanas so I can tell them apart more easily from afar.
Chai wears a black-with-white bandana, while Chibi wears a white floral one.

Chibi: Why do I get the feeling that someone’s staring at my tail?!

Ken: By the way, the “Call x to eat” social still works.
But I need to click on the bowl not the feeder tank.  D’oh.

Ken:  I’m glad to see they’re getting along well.
Tomorrow morning’s my natural birthday, so I need to finish baking this birthday cake before then!

Chai: Whoa, did Chibi just lick my face!? How forward of her!

Chai (via telepathy): So, did you move in Chibi for me?
Ken (also via telepathy): Yes. Does she appeal to you, Chai?
Chai: *nods

Chibi: What a nice, spacious house for raising a family!
Also, Chai and I are highly compatible. We’re both independent and smart.

Week 3/Sunday

Chai: Let us out! We need to potty!

Ken: By the time I call them back around 5 a.m., Chibi has fallen ill.

Chai: Before leaving for the vet, my pet cakes up a few hours earlier than planned.
He’s now a Cheerful Genius with his new Genius trait.

Good job, Ken! You earned the Responsible trait, too! You’re welcome!

Ken: Let’s see, I’ll check in Chibi to see about curing her sickness.

Chai: It’s Sunday, so sign me up for a weekly checkup next!

Chibi: This vet is creeping me out. Can’t you cure me instead, Ken?

Chai: I, on the other hand, take my preventative shot like a boss!

Chibi: How kind of our pet to treat us to Marinated Sausage Link Chorizo after that stressful vet visit!
Chai: Eh, it’s just normal quality. I wonder if Ken could make excellent quality at home?

Ken: It’s time, Chai! I’m going to encourage you to breed with…

Chai. Ack! I’m so grateful to you for finding Chibi!
The other available females in Brindleton Bay are so… ugh. *shudders

Chibi: I distinctly heard our pet tell you to “Be nice” to me. What’s with the hearts?
Chai: I’m not really sure myself. They just happened!

Chai: This is how I roll when I’m serious about throwing hearts!
Chibi: Oh, you think you can handle me, dawg? *licks Chai’s face (again)

Ken: I’m really hopeful for Chai and Chibi!
Their chemistry is off the charts!

Ken (whispers): Excellent job, Chai! That was…

Chai (whispers): Sssssshhh, can’t you see Chibi over there, throwing hearts by herself?
A little sensitivity, please? Now is NOT the moment to praise me for my conquest!


Chibi: It’s all been rather disheartening, really.
Our pet’s encouraged us to breed (Chai) or mate (me) every two hours or so since my arrival.
But I haven’t conceived yet. Eh, since I’m perfect, Chai is definitely to blame!.


Chai: Today, we all head out to Whiskerman’s Wharf.
Ken: Yeah, I’ve decided to stop obsessing over puppies. *sighs

Chibi: When we are least expecting it, I receive the good news at last!
Chai: Fabulous news, Chibi!

Ken: Okay, y’all. It’s 6:30 pm and we’ve  been here all day. Time to go home!


Chibi: Just before noon, I give birth to two healthy male pups!

Chai: We’ve decided to name our firstborn son Chai Jr.
He’s born Loyal and Friendly…a worthy heir to my name!

Chibi: Here’s our second son, who I’ve named Chara on a whim.
It’s pronounced “Cha” as in “chacha” + “ra” as in “ramen.”

Chibi: “Chara” can precede the word for male (chara-otoko) to describe a guy who’s a frivolous, flirty, smooth talker.

Chai: I think you just cursed our second son, Chibi! He’s an Independent Troublemaker!

Ken: Wow, does this make me a grandfather?
Chai Jr: Please tell me my pet’s not always this dense!

Ken: So, Chai Jr, are you ready to tackle the “Rag to Riches: Vet Challenge”?
Chai Jr: What about my father?

Ken: I considered Chai Sr, naturally, but you have better traits!
Chai Jr: I do?

Ken: Loyal and Friendly? Definitely! And your father has the Prowler trait, which was a minus.
Chai Jr:  His mysterious packages were a plus but all the baths were a minus?

Ken: Exactly.
Chai Jr: Well then, bring it on, pet! *puts on game face


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