Rivals 7.73: A Handyman’s Harem

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vitoria Zanna (3/4)

Week 6/Thursday

Vitoria: Excuse me!? How many times do I need to phone you before you’ll finally let me quit?
Just let me quit already!

My  game has a glitch where a sim cannot quit a full-time job without making multiple phone calls.
Vitoria has to phone 5-6 times before she can quit.

Ayato: I am keeping Writing as one of my two unique skills, but am moving to Plan B for my museum collection.
Writing novels is a huge time sink without commensurate reward!

Jung: I’m glad you’ve chosen handiness, son! This skill, I can help you with.
Ayato: After a citrus bath soak and cognitive focusing exercise, I’m ready for hardcore skilling.

Vitoria (mutters): I am the Gen3 Zanna heir! Why am I chained to a meditation stool?

I lock you out of rooms where Ayato is skilling, yet you teleport inside using Mist form.
You need to let your son focus, Vitoria.
Don’t you even remember how it was when you were trying to move out?

Vitoria: Hmmmph. After finishing my bloodline requirements I get no respect around here.
I’m just trying to prevent you from chatting with your son and from maxing the wrong skill, dear Vitoria!

Bella: Who are all those little girls in the hallway, Ayato?
Ayato: Let’s see. That’s Olivia Kim-Lewis from Willow Creek in pink and Billie Jang from San Myshuno in yellow.
The blonde Saya Nakamura and pigtailed Kendall Brothers are probably not-in-the-world sims.

Bella: Let me rephrase my question, dear. Exactly why are they here?
Ayato: I have five good friends who aren’t household members, relatives, or nannies: these four girls and Lucas Munch.

Ayato: Don’t you remember, Bella, that I have the Vampire Family aspiration? I plan to make these four my offspring!
“Offer to turn” as a Friendly social doesn’t damage the relationship but forced turning as a Vampiric social creates red bars.
Eventually I need to be good friends with five offspring, so I’m starting with these four.

Bella: I’m not sure I like where this is going, Ayato. You have me and yet you’re creating a vampire harem?
Ayato: Hardly! When I checked my relationships, Lucas Munch and these girls were my good friends! They must be from my Social Butterfly days.

Ayato: Quite frankly, I had the highest hopes for you, Saya Nakamura.
Perhaps you will look more alluring after a makeover? Makeovers, however, will have to wait until Week 8!

Ayato: Olivia’s facial expression while being turned was quite a turn-off!

Saya (left): …and after he bit my neck, I drank his vampiric essence from his wrist!

Billy (right): That’s so cool! Do you think he plans to turn all four of us?

Kendall (center): Does this mean we’ll be stuck forever as teens, without ever ageing?

Ayato: Next, Billy seeks me out eagerly, begging to be turned.

Don’t be alarmed, Kendall. I’m the kind of vampire who likes to save the best for last!

Ayato: Kendall Brothers is an unflirty insider.
I ask you, readers: If this is what she’s like when she’s feeling unflirty…

My premonition was correct. Kendall’s blood tastes most divine!

She drinks voraciously of my vampiric essence. Greedy girl!

Kendall: What are these eerie physical sensations?! These pink swirls? An immaculate conception?
Ayato: Unfortunately not, Kendall. But don’t worry, dear girl. Your discomfort will vanish completely in a few days.

Kendall: When will I transform into a vampire, O Master?
Ayato: You can just call me Ayato like before. I think the process takes three days. Too bad Sunday falls into Week 8.

Kendall: But we will meet on Sunday? You will me help me through the transition, won’t you?

Ayato (to himself): How can I keep my offspring safe during my inactive weeks?
And, it’s surely just as well that I’ll be ageing up and out of Kendall’s age bracket, isn’t it?

Why would my family believe I could trust a woman who abandoned her husband and two kids to marry me?
Fie on my family and their pre-arranged marriages!!! *curses his fate


Ayato: Thanks to your mentoring, Papa, I’ve reached Level 7 Handiness. I’m off to Granite Falls.
Jung: Not so fast, Ayato. It’s already light out and you could burn up.

Ayato: Oh! You mixed me a Sunlight Reversal Cocktail, Papa. The little purple umbrella is a cute touch!

Thus, like many before him, Ayato makes the venerable pilgrimage to the Giant Camping Mascot Guy.

Ayato: Oh man, I’m glad I stopped writing novels when I did!
My first three camping mascots are all worth $1,500 each.
Jung: So, no regrets?

Ayato: Are you kidding me? A single camping mascot is worth just a little less than all those novels combined!
Even better, my museum collection will be done in no time!

Masato: My son Masato’s been visiting since late afternoon.
It pains me that he’s a “C” student in grade school, so I help him with his homework.
Then, I buy him a school project, only to learn that I can’t influence him to work on it.

Poor Ulrike! After all her hard work with the Somas, she’s become a not-in-the-world sim, just so Makoto can live with me.

Bella: I need to talk to you right now, Vitoria! It’s an emergency!
Vitoria: What?

Bella: You need to let me lose this soccer-mom hair and baggy turtleneck.
Have you seen the way that “unflirty” Kendall Brothers clings to Ayato?
He’s even briefly considered moving in Kendall instead of Masato’s son Makoto. Watchette, I know you’ve toyed with the idea as well!
Watchette: unavailable for comment 

Bella: This means WAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!


Ayato: Before sunlight becomes an issue, I head for the Zanna Museum with Mama.

The sum total of my two portraits ($20,623) and sculptures ($10,500) is $31,123.
My novels? I’m going to save them for publishing after I move to my own lot.

Ayato: Mama, do you think our watcher will ever favor me as much as she favors your father Massimo?
Vitoria: Well, Massimo’s had several save files in which to cultivate and leave a memorable impression.

Vitoria: Pssst, Watchette!
You rang, Vitoria?
Vitoria: I can’t believe you dragged me over here only to take a shot of the back of my head.
I just wanted to avoid having to answer Ayato’s question directly, you know? 

Ayato: Back home, under the The Well’s mischievous smirk, Papa finally makes an honest vampire out of Mama.
At last!

Ayato: I go tell Bella that two enemies are all I need to move out but…wow!

Vitoria (whispers): Don’t you think you’re pushing your luck with that croptop and those low-slung jeans?
Bella: Pfft! What? You think I work out for my health? This body used to be a career asset!

Ayato: Due to a popup that someone is turning into a vampire, I look around our neighborhood.
Is Olivia transforming already even though I just turned her yesterday!?

And isn’t that Kendall walking from the opposite direction?
They need to get out of the sunlight! NOW!

Current Week 7 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements:
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Alfonso Dinero, Arun Bheeda, Kendall Brothers
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 3)
Portraits (2/2): $20,623 (normal: $10,891; dark: $9,732)
Skills: Writing and Handiness (both Level 10)
Collection (7/7): $10,500 (Camping mascots x7 @$1,500)
*Incomplete move-out requirements: 
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Author’s Note
I will be posting one more update for Week 7 with the Zanna household, which features Ayato striking out on his own.

You may be wondering why I’ve suddenly ramped up my posting pace for this challenge.
Well, Week 8 will be all about the birth of the final fifth-generation heirs. Then, all three Gen5 heirs will move out by the end of Week 9, marking the end of this challenge (I hope).

I do want to complete (or fail) this Rival Dynasties Challenge before the end of 2017.
Since I still have at least seven to twelve updates left, I’ve decided to try and post more frequently.

Thank you for following this story so far. Because of its “racey” nature, I realize it can be hard to keep track of all the household members.
For me, this has been a rather grind-y challenge so, as much as I’ve loved all the wonderful sims born within this challenge, I look ahead to completing this and trying something new.


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