Rivals 7.74: Oh, Kendall!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (4/4)

Week 6/Saturday

Ayato: This is going to be such a busy day that I’ve had to compile a Get Things Done list for myself!
First on the list comes making Mina Dinero my enemy.

Ayato: Things go well until I suffer a mood swing, plunging into an eight-hour Very Sad mood.
You’ve got to be kidding me! I begin losing momentum in my argument with Mina.

Mama rushes over to Share Detox Secrets with me, but to no avail.

As a last resort, Laura gives me a Moodlet Solver which dissipates my Very Sad mood.
Notice that, unlike Laura, however, I do not stand and chug my drink.
Never! I sit down and sip it like a gentleman should.

Laura: You’re welcome, dude!

Ayato: I am distracted by the notification that someone’s transforming into a vampire nearby.
It’s my dear Kendall!

Ayato: I long to rush to her but (1) I’m in the middle of fighting with Mina Dinero, and (2) even if I weren’t in a fight, I don’t have any sunlight resistance.

Masato and Laura both agree to lure Kendall into our home to play chess or listen to music.

Ayato: Now I’m free to focus on the matter at hand, declaring Mina Dinero my enemy!
Don’t let the door slam on the way out, dear!

Ayato: Outside, Bella is falling under the charm of my great-grandfather Caleb.
How utterly typical of her! But she’s distracted and I’m not one to let an opportunity slip by!

Ayato: I quickly add now-vampire Kendal to our club while Papa lights some birthday candles.
Then I choose to age up Kendall, which brings her into our house at last.

And, yes, how very observant of you! The redhead in the center of the room is Erina.

Jung: I had Vitoria mix me a Draught of Reconfiguration earlier so I could gain the Vampire Creation power.
Erina seems to like me (a lot, I might add), but refuses to let me turn her. I wonder why not.

Ayato: I had been “saving” myself for my offspring, if you’d like to know.
But Papa’s failure requires me to step up to the plate to save the game, so to speak

I’m not considering Erina at all for one of my five offspring, as you might have guessed.
Nonetheless, she readily agrees to my offer to turn her.

Due to Erina’s present “condition,” Satoshi Soma will need to wait even longer to produce an heir.

Ayato: Girl, stop holding your tummy as if you’re with child. Satoshi will get the wrong idea!

Erina: But how will I explain this. More important, when is your young adult birthday?

Ayato: Back to my Kendall, I learn that her third trait is Foodie.
Yes, I could live with an unflirty insider who’s a foodie! And she’s so lovely!

Ayato: She’s a young adult so all I can do for now is become BFFs with her.
I also offer her, my love, vampiric training for the very first time.

And then I send Kendall off to the closet with Mama for a make-over.

Important notice: At this point in my gameplay, my save file glitched.
When I exited the closet/CAS, my game time had reverted to the beginning of this simming session: early Saturday morning.
After receiving the Challenges Team’s approval to replay my challenge from that time, I restarted.
I tried to do everything as similarly as possible to the first time.

Bella: I’m feeling forlorn due to the lack of romance in my current life and seek out Caleb once more.
From afar, I see Akira Soma’s wife Jun chatting Caleb up, much to his sister Lilith’s displeasure.
I trudge home in disappointment.

Ayato: While Papa shares Vampire Knowledge with Kendall, I find that I can use Detect Personality on her.
Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces?
The second time around, Kendall gains Mean as her third trait.

I had yet to ask Kendall to live with me and be my wife, but now I never will.

Vitoria: You’re absolutely right, Ayato. We Zannas have too much at stake here to risk you marrying a mean sim. Farewell, Kendall!

Ayato: What? You’re wondering why I’m viewing flirty paintings with Sofia Bjergsen?
If you must know, I’d been planning to seduce Sofia, since she’s the other young adult female in Satoshi Soma’s household.

I forgot, however, that I am still a teenager. Well, that’s a bust!

Ayato: Oh well, the seduction part was only the icing anyway. Back to Plan A: the cake!

Now, Claire Bjergsen is the only non-vampire woman in Satoshi’s household and she’s married. Mwahahaha!

Ayato: Once I’ve declared Megumi Soma my enemy, I’ll be ready to move out.
She’s already angry when she arrives, so I hope this will go quickly.

Masato: Ain’t gonna lie! I’m so relieved that Kendall is out of the picture.

I mean, I feel bad for Ayato losing his only chance at true love and all that.
But I know he was considering moving Kendall in to replace either Bella or my son Makoto.

By the way, I’ve decided not to age up Makoto before he moves in.
If he remains a child, I won’t need to worry about him burning up.

Ayato: What a crime to declare such a lovely, delicate, sensitive lady my enemy!
Alas, such is the life of a dynasty heir! *strikes tragic pose

Yo, break out the birthday cake, people! Your boi is done with move-out requirements!

I know this seems like nothing to you Parenthood professionals out there.
But I’m pretty sure Ayato is my first bloodline heir to earn an extra trait from a character value.
I’m eager to see how his Responsible trait plays out in his career.

What? You think it odd that, among all my heirs, Ayato would be the Responsible one? Hehe

Masato: Happy birthday, Ayato! Oh hey, who’s the lady in the towel back there?

Bella: Ayato, isn’t that one of your “offspring”?
Ayato: She is, but I don’t know anything about that towel. Teen here until a second ago, remember?

Bella: Whatever. Satoshi’s household had six members and now it’ll have at least seven!
Vitoria: Yeah, no adding Maaike Haas or another skilled helper to that household now.

Ayato: After that, I move out Masato, Bella, and Laura, then age up Laura and Alfonso.

It’s been one hectic day so far, including the pain of having to let Kendall go.
But I’m finally ready to move out!

Ayato: I move to the 30×20 lot next door to the founder, then move in the rest of my household.
Laura, Masato, and Bella are soon joined by Alfonso Dinero and Masato’s son Makoto.

After some preliminary flirting, Bella and I try for baby as bats.
I join the Politician career and The Well grants me a guaranteed promotion after my next shift. So far, so good!

Bella: I knew Ayato would come to his senses and choose me!
Oh Bella, you have no idea what a close call it was! You better treat him well!

Ayato: Since we still have some time before The Big Switch, we head out for two destinations.
What a surprise to discover  Nanny Daichi in San Myshuno, moonlighting as a busker!

Alfonso: Who should show up but Erina? She promptly starts selling her paintings.
Won’t Erina need those flirty paintings to get romantic with Satoshi Soma in Week 8?

Heirs are usually so busy preparing to move out that, once they move out, they need help getting the romance going.

Alfonso: Never let it be said that Alfonso Dinero is not a gentleman.
The lady wants to sell her flirty paintings?  Then, I will buy every last one.

Good luck getting Very Flirty when you and Satoshi finally try for baby, Erina!
I never knew that a sim could traipse off and autonomously sell off items in their personal inventory!
That is sooooooo dangerous and warrants my very, very close attention in the future!

Laura: Both Bella and I are eating for two! *smiles happily
As soon as the produce vendor arrives, we rush over and buy the produce we need.

Masato: I know you’ve had a really long day, Ayato. You must be exhausted.
Ayato: Yeah, it’s been one continuous emotional roller-coaster all day.
I can’t believe that Kendall was almost mine, then a glitch altered her third trait!

Masato: The last thing you need to do today is fish up a cowberry and dragonfruit for your garden requirement.
Fish them up, plant them back home, then we can call Week 7 a wrap!

For now, we leave Ayato’s new household, located on the Hillside Highlands.

What does Week 8 hold for the Dineros, Somas, and Zannas?
Peeking at her family tree, Bella learns the gender and skintone of her two Dinero grandchildren.
Ayato suffered an unfortunate romantic loss but made tremendous gains in the rivalry.

Ayato: What? You think what we did today was excessively underhanded?
Oh come on! We all know that the Zannas are going to win this challenge anyway.

I just wanted to shake things up with a little drama and surprise.
Not too much drama, you know, just enough to keep the competition thrilling. *winks

Final Week 7 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna 
Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful, Self-Assured
*Completed move-out requirements: ALL
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Alfonso Dinero, Arun Bheeda, Kendall Brothers
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 3)
Portraits (2/2): $20,623 (normal: $10,891; dark: $9,732)
Skills: Writing and Handiness (both Level 10)
Collection (7/7): $10,500 (Camping mascots x7 @$1,500)
Enemies: Mina Dinero and Megumi Soma
*Incomplete bloodline requirements
Two tier-5 vampire powers:
Aspiration: Vampire Family (Tier III of IV)
Career: Politician (Level 2)
Garden (6/6 plants): just started

Gen5 Heir: ? Zanna
Date of birth: Sunday, Week 8

Map of Newcrest: End of Week 7

Mint: Each dynasty’s Gen4 heir moved out this week, with the dynasties now occupying four lots each.
I naturally occupy the largest lot in all of Newcrest! *puffs with pride

Satoshi: I helped the Somas move to second place in terms of museum worth, at the expense of neither conceiving an heir nor joining a career before The Big Switch.

Ayato: The Zannas must remain vigilant as our victory is not entirely secure!

Final Week 7 Comparison

Musician (4)
Politician (2)
     Gen5 birth
Sun, Week 8
Not conceived
Sun, Week 8

Ayato: Despite the lack of reward traits, we Zannas sustain our No. 1 spot for museum worth!

Mint: As the affluent Mansion Baron bloodline, we got complacent about having the most valuable portraits and museum collections, especially after Gen2 Moss Dinero’s fantastic performance.
I really should have tried harder than Whirlyflower Frogs.

Satoshi: The Somas have high hopes of beating the Zannas with a final collection of paintings.
But what an underhanded trick, Ayato! Turning the future mother of the Gen5 Soma heir!?!?!
I mean, how could you?

Ayato: First of all, you know I have no sunlight resistance, Satoshi, yet you robbed me of Sunday’s night hours by fishing so late.
Secondly, we Zannas play to win! And when we decide to emerge victorious, we’re out for blood, both figuratively and literally.

Satoshi: I can’t believe you even turned Sofia, my future portrait painter!
Ayato: Hey, things could have been much worse. Be grateful you still have room in your household to produce an heir!
Satoshi: *at a loss for words


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