7.75 Kendall’s Tale: I Am the Air

Although I seem to be constantly moaning and groaning about finishing this challenge (which I’ve been playing for seven months since March), I’ve also become very attached to these sims.
Especially dismaying was the recent closet makeover fiasco which forced me to replay four hours of gameplay, reversing a decision I’d made about the spousal candidacy of a certain townie sim.
I’m talking, of course, about Kendall Brothers. Kendall has actually appeared A LOT in my game, but I’ve always cropped her out while photo-editing.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at her life and her relationship with Ayato.
If you find this short episode too dreary, never fear! We will return shortly to our regular programming with aprons to spare!

7.75. Kendall’s Tale: I Am the Air

Since the beginning of this challenge, I have always been everywhere although you didn’t recognize me.
Just like the air, I am everywhere yet forever unseen, unnoticed.
Unlike the air, however, my presence is not essential to life.

My name is Kendall Brothers and I am the sim that nobody wants.
After my humiliating rejection by the Zannas, I thought you might be interested in knowing more about me, starting with my childhood.

I live with my parents in the small 2-bedroom Raffia Quinta house in Oasis Springs.
Right now, you’re probably thinking how lucky I am to be living in such a nice neighborhood.

Personally, I’d rather live in a larger house, even if it means moving to a slightly lower-income neighborhood.
In fact, my parents must constantly work to afford to stay in this neighborhood. I hardly think it’s worth the trade-off.

That’s me, sitting with my “parents” at home.
The green-eyed, redheaded man on your left is my father, Alonzo Brothers.
The grey-eyed, blond lady on the right is my mother, Aaliyah Brothers.
Their clothing really shouts out “service NPCs,” wouldn’t you agree?

I assume you’re already wondering why I look nothing like either of them.
Yeah, it’s a mystery to me, too, but they won’t say.

You might have seen my father before in San Myshuno, working at the Indian food stall.

Initially, I thought I might be Dad’s love child with another woman, but I know now that’s highly unlikely.
C’mon, he’s a self-assured, unflirty art lover with the Soulmate aspiration!

Land prices in our neighborhood have skyrocketed since Yukio Soma built Korma Chameleon next door.
That’s when Mom and Dad started thinking that their full-time jobs weren’t enough.

After the vampire Jung Storey died, Dad took over Jung’s produce stall and started working nights, too.
Yep, my dad’s the one supplying all the dynasty women with carrots and strawberries.

As you’ve already guessed, Mom is a bartender.
She prefers working at Pan Europa because, she says, she makes the best tips there.

Like Dad, she also works a second job as a part-timer at the Shrieking Llama Bar.

Mom is a self-assured, materialistic sim who hates children.
Incredibly, her aspiration is (wait for it…) Vampire Family.
No, she’s not a vampire but her “Hates children” trait makes me think Dad talked her into adopting me.

Due to their heavy workloads, they are hardly ever home. I might as well be living alone, for all they care!

Speaking of Korma Chameleon, remember when the Soma founder Yukio fired his waiter in Week 2?
Apparently, the waiter arrived late and out of uniform, which ticked off the usually calm Yukio to no end!

After being fired, the waiter went for an enraged jog that night, trying to work off his anger.
Do you remember seeing me in this screenshot behind him? Of course, you don’t!

What’s that you say? You’re wondering why I’m out alone so late?
Have you forgotten that my parents are rarely home nights?

One day, I’m roaming around alone as usual and end up at the new Park and Play community lot.
I’m intrigued by a vampire who travels in bat form with a toddler who I assume is his son.

Oh, that’s Jung Storey! I recognize him from when he used to work at a produce stall, like my father.

As I watch, the father encourages his son who confidently climbs up the slide.

I watch the toddler with longing and envy. No doubt, he has never wanted for attention, not even for a second!

Then, the father transforms into a bat and flies to catch the little boy just as he reaches the bottom of the slide.
A sense of overwhelming sadness floods me at the sight of the loving father and his happy, trusting son.

What is wrong with me? Why have such love and affection always eluded me?

I should know crying won’t change anything, so I pull myself back together.
Then, when I start doing my homework, I get the sense that someone is watching me.

It’s that little boy! But why is he here by me?
He hasn’t learned to talk yet, so I listen while he babbles away.

That look on his face says he has a very important  message to tell me.

Next, he shows me his toy butterfly. Unlike me, he has never known what it feels like to be unloved.
But his pure joy brings a smile to my face. I’m feeling better now.

I want to show my thanks to the little boy but only have three social options.
I can talk to him about another sim, hug him, or…uh, I forget the third option.

I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I hugged someone or been hugged.
It’s a nice feeling. It’s almost as if this little boy is healing me.

Later, I learn from my classmates that his name is Ayato and that he’s practically royalty!
He’s the great-grandson of Serena Zanna, founder of the Zanna dynasty of vampires.

A few weeks later, I get a text message out of the blue from someone who claims to be Ayato Zanna.
Yeah, fat chance! Says he wants to meet me during lunch hour today.

I arrive at grade school a half hour early as usual and, whoa, who’s that total dreamboat walking my way?

Ayato: Hey, Kendall! Don’t you remember me? I’m Ayato–we met at the park!
Kendall: You look pretty different from the last time we met. Um, happy birthday?

Ayato: You never answered my text. Can we meet during your lunch hour later?
Kendall: No problem. (I’m trying to pretend I don’t care. Is it working?)

Fast-forward to lunch hour…
Ayato: So this rooftop is your secret hideout, Kendall? Cool!
Kendall: Yeah, nobody ever comes up here except me.
Hey, how’d you know my phone number? I never even told you my name! Haha, you couldn’t even talk when I last saw you!

Ayato: Oh, I’ve got my ways. By the way, I’m not in school, you know. I came just to see you!
Did you make this plasma fruit salad yourself?
Kendall: I did. Don’t you like it? I really tried to cook something you’d like.

Ayato: It smells great, Kendall! Thanks for packing me a lunch!

After school, Ayato texts again to invite me over so I do my best to look nice.
Imagine my embarrassment when I learn it’s just a gathering of the League of Adventurers!

Ayato: Now that the club’s over, you wanna sit behind the house and chat, Kendall?
Kendall: Sure.

Ayato: I’ve been wanting to talk to you. *explains about his responsibilities as Zanna heir and his Vampire family aspiration
Kendall: That all sounds crazy difficult, Ayato, but why are you telling me?

Ayato: When we’re both older, I want to turn you into a vampire like me. Would you like that? Would you become my offspring?
Kendall: Honestly? I’m not gonna try to hide how I feel, Ayato. I’d do anything to spend more time around you.
Ayato: That’s exactly how I feel about you! But I’m going to become a teen tomorrow. We’ll be the same age again soon, Kendall. I promise!

Over the next week, Ayato occasionally texts me to say he’s making progress with his requirements.
Then, one day, he invites me over again but, this time, I know I won’t be the only one.
Ayato explains that he’s a teen now and that he’s going to be turning four sims, including me.

After he ages us all up to teens, he turns the other three girls then sends them on their way.
And now that it’s just the two of us, he offers to turn me.

Once I agree, he pounces on me with an ardor that I’ve never known.
His touch burns me. His fangs ignite my blood. I am his.
I drink hungrily from his vampiric essence. He is  mine.

You already know what happens next.
Two days later, Ayato ages me up to a young adult and I gain a third trait: Foodie.
But when I get a makeover, our simverse runs haywire and I gain the Mean trait instead.

Bella gloats while Jung informs me that I’m no longer a suitable match for Ayato.

To add insult to injury, Bella kicks me out of the house in a most unceremonious manner!

I rush home and head for bed, wanting only to curl up and forget.
The poster I had made of a younger Ayato smiles down at me as I cry myself to sleep.

Like the air, I am everywhere yet forever unseen, unnoticed.
Unlike the air, my presence is not essential to life. In fact, at times like this, my very life seems unnecessary.

What need have I now for immortality?

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