Rivals 8.77: How Mortifying, Mortimer!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (1/4)

Week 8/Sunday

Mint: Despite living at Twin Oracle Point, the largest lot in all Newcrest, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been a disappointment.

Due to my frog collection, we Dineros are in last place in the rivalry. Can you believe that?
Also, our fifth and final Dinero heir–we’ve named him Sage–is not a greenboo.

Still, Sage is a beautiful little boy and life is not only about winning. Right?

Jagger: You remember that I’m the younger brother of Mina Dinero (Mint’s mother), don’t you?
Papa Moss had his heart set on my living with Ayato (Gen4 Zanna heir), but I aged up with the klepto trait.

It’s just as well that my twin Alfonso lives with the Zannas, since he’s so crazy about Laura.
And me? I’ve joined the Painter career and will be painting portraits with my lovely wife, Cassandra Goth.

Cass: Our daughter, Natasha, was born on the same day as Sage.
I’d really wanted to name her after one of my grandmothers.

But Jagger vetoed Cornelia for being outdated, and Father nixed Jocasta which is my maternal grandmother’s name.
She was born with the name Natasha, though, and Jagger wants to keep it.

Alex: Cass is being mentored in painting by Jagger, but I don’t know what my “thing” is.
I started out as a cheerful bookworm and thought I’d become a novelist like Father.

Then I got the Insane trait and Father no longer talks about mentoring me. *sighs
It’s fine! I don’t mind being a house hubby. Parenting and gardening are both noble pursuits!

Mortimer: I’ve always identified very strongly with my calling as a novelist.
What a surprise to learn that I’m only a Level 3 Writer with only Level 4 Writing skill!

And would you believe that, apparently, I’ve never written a book in my life?
No matter! Mint has had built this lovely room just for me! I enjoy listening to baroque music while writing.
I’ll become a bestselling author before long…I can feel it in my bones!

Mint: *won’t read her Comedy skill book and drops her queue four times

Alex: I know you don’t enjoy learning comedy, sweetheart, but you need to hit Level 3 for your next promotion.
Here, let me sit with you while I read a Parenting book. We can read together, okay?

Mint: I can’t help it, Alex. I’m just feeling so restless!
I’m planning to throw our wedding party once your father and Jagger get home from work.

Cassandra: Sensing a paranormal occurrence, Jagger and I rush outside to seek its source.
Wow, I’d heard that Erina Haas had been turned but never expected to witness her transformation!

Jagger (hugs Cassandra): I’m so glad that you and Mint have already given birth.
The Zannas have no reason to target the two of you now!
Cassandra: *shudders

Jagger: Oh look, your mother and Vitoria Zanna’s husband Jung have shown up!

Cassandra: Gah, no, Mother! Stop applauding Erina’s transformation.
Erina needs to go home because newly-transformed vampires have no sunlight resistance!
Even I know that much!

Alex: Thanks for inviting me to the Flea Market to teach me how to haggle, Jagger!
Alfonso: No problem. I thought you could maybe use some tips.

Mint: How’s life with the Zannas so far? I know it hasn’t been that long yet.
Alfonso: So sweet, Mint! Did you hear, Alex, that both your mother and my Laura are expecting?

Mint: Look, Alex! A whole table filled with snow globes? Do you think it’s a complete collection?
Alex: Who knows? But let’s buy them all up for my Curator aspiration, anyway!

Alfonso: Nooooooo, you’re supposed to haggle first, dude!!!

Alex: Don’t be silly, Alfonso! There’s too much at stake! What if the vendor refuses to sell me any globe at all!
Alfonso: But look up at the top left of your screen, Alex. You have an event goal to complete.

Mint: Get outta here. I didn’t even know “giving haggling tips” was even a thing!

Alex: Fine, I’ll go haggle with the guy at the Chinese food stall.
Alfonso: *facepalms

Mint: So, Alfonso, I’m throwing our wedding this evening. Will you attend?
Alfonso: I’d like to see anybody try and stop me. But you should go meet Alex’s mother, too.
Alex: Yes, I’ve been meaning to ask you, Mint. I can’t have a wedding and not invite Mother!

The “Haggling with vendor” event goal actually appears at the top left of the screen, just like party goals.
During photo editing, however, I cropped the event goal from another shot then placed it on the lower right, in case you’re wondering.

Mint: Alex has a hunch that his mother might still be in the neighborhood, and he’s right!
It’s so nice to finally meet you, Mrs., uh, what would you like to be called?

Bella: The pleasure’s all mine, dear. And please call me Bella.
Now, would you be kind enough to introduce me to my grandson?

Cassandra: Mother, you’re here! I’ve so missed you! Look at you, dressed like you’re my age.
Bella: That’s a long story, Cass. Oh and, technically, we are the same age now.

Bella: Hey, Mint! Ayato gets off work today at 3 pm. I’ll take you to my house to meet him real quick!

Mint (tongue-tied): Nice to meet you, Ayato!
Ayato: That’s my line, Mint dear. Well, you are every bit as lovely as everyone says you are!

Mint (internally): Until this moment, I never understood how Erina and Sofia could have agreed to let Ayato turn them.
But his eyes are simply mesmerizing. He is irresistible….must resist….

Bella: Don’t you need to go home and prepare for your big wedding? Hisssss!

Mint: I prepare our lot’s outdoor area for a modest wedding and reception.
But Cassandra starts a fire while baking the wedding cake, which delays the wedding.

Two hours later, it’s finally time!

Mint: Alex darling, you are my best friend, a loving husband, and an attentive father.
What more could I ask for?

Alex: I’m gonna love you, love you, love you, just a little more, babe.

Mint: Okay, Barry White lyrics. I’ll take ’em!

Mint: I’m so pleased that all twelve of our invited guests attend our wedding.
Look! Even Nanny Daichi tore himself away from whatever he’s usually up to and came!

I’m especially ecstatic to see that Ayato–erm, I mean, Alex’s mother Bella–is also here.

Bella: You better watch your step, Mint! Not that you pose any threat to me and mine.
Remember that I’ve been known to ruin save files to get what I want!

Ayato (internally): So that’s what happened to Kendall…
Mortimer (foreground): Bella used to feel that way about me. *sniffle, sniffle

Mint: I don’t mean to offend you, Ayato, but I must ask. Do you intend to turn me, too?
Ayato: Thank you putting that thought in my mind but, actually, that would be a rule infraction, correct?

Mint: What about Cassandra? What about Alex? Will you be targeting anyone in my household?

Ayato: Come, come, Mint. Alex and Cass are my step-children, remember? And Alfonso is my Aunt Laura’s spouse.
What do you take me for? You and I, my dearest, are practically family! *smolders

Alfonso: Check out Mint clinging to Ayato’s every word, Krishna. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Krishna: Yep, a moth to a flame!
Alfonso: I can hear Mint’s wings being singed from over here!

Cassandra: Tonight, I answer one of Watchette’s long-standing questions about the Snagglefluster drink.
If a mixologist has learned to mix the Snagglefluster, you CAN hire that mixologist and order a Snagglefluster from them while they’re tending bar.
Cool trick, right?

Daniela (Gen1): I hear that Mint has already earned a gold medal for her wedding party.
So why doesn’t she end the party now? She’ll barely have time to clean up before midnight.

Oh, I see how it is. She better take care. Those Zanna men are ruthless heartbreakers.
Mortimer: Tell me about it!


Mint: I receive two promotions tonight, one from work and another from The Well.
Such good fortune puts me in a partying mood!

Jagger: Congrats on your promotions, Mint. What kind of party will you host?
Mint: I’m planning on a dinner party. Hey, do you think I should invite Alex’s…

Jagger: No, Mint. Inviting Ayato Zanna would not be a good idea.
Mint (internally): How did Jagger know?

Cass: It’s just a small party to fill the hours before our nooboos age up.

Arun (whispers): Is Mint actually serving buffet leftovers from the wedding party?
Jagger: Your point is?
Arun: I’ve just never attended a Dinero social event where the food was merely “normal.” *shrugs

Mint: Sorry, folks, no dessert tonight! Cass’s garden salad gives us a gold medal so I’m ending this party early!


Mint: And then it’s time for Sage to age up!
You can’t tell from this shot, but Sage resembles his father quite a lot!

Jagger: Our little Natasha is a gorgeous creature, just like her mother!

Cassandra: I’m so happy that you suggested she keep the Goth family name, Jagger!
Jagger: Well, it seems only fair, since Alex’s son must become a Dinero as he’s the heir.

Alex: Have you seen Father, Cass? I thought he’d be rushing in to meet his grandchildren.

Cassandra: I don’t know, Alex. I saw him passing through the kitchen earlier.
Alex: Maybe he went to take a bath?


Current Week 8 Status: Dinero Line

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed bloodline requirements: None
*Incomplete bloodline requirements: All
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree (needs Frugal)
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, (needs 1 more)
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV of IV
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 6)

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: zero

Rivals 8.78: In It to Win It!

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