Rivals 8.78: In It to Win It!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (2/4)

Week 8/Tuesday

Cass: Worried about Father, we all stay up to wait for his return. Where could he have gone?

Alex: Look how all of us are on the same page! How cute are we?

Mortimer: It’s nearly 5 am when I walk back through the kitchen again.
I try for a casual saunter, as if I had not just been zapped and jolted by aliens on a UFO.

Since I wasn’t probed, I’ll be spared the indignity of pregnancy, right? Right!?!?

Mint: At this point, Sage and Natasha look more like Goths than Dineros.
Regardless, they are simply adorable.

Natasha (thinks): I’m definitely not a fan of the potty shot! Sheesh!
Alex (wonders): Will we be blackmailed for this photo when we’re older?!

Mortimer: Ahhh, I could listen to baroque music all day!
(wistfully): Apparently, the aliens still consider me to be a catch.
Perhaps I should take another chance at love? Maybe I’ll be luckier the second time around…

I wouldn’t be repeating that bit about the aliens to anyone else, Mortimer.

Mortimer: Oh, it’s you, Watchette! Whatever happened to that makeover you promised me?
I tried, believe me, I tried. You just don’t have the right build for skin-tight destroyed jeans.
I even tried different hairstyles with a soul patch. Nothing really clicked.

Mortimer: I’m fine with the way I am now. And I definitely don’t want to seem like a tryhard!

Mint: Now that it’s morning, I head out to fulfill my “Meet someone new” whim.
Because I bought the Entrepreneurial trait on Sunday, I can’t afford to buy my last required trait: Frugal.

Jung: It’s nice to meet you, too, young lady. It’s always a pleasure to meet family.
Mint: Family?
Jung: You do realize your husband’s mother is married to my son, don’t you?

Mint: Hey, it’s not what it seems! I’m just point farming!
I got the “Hug someone” whim but Alex is busy gardening and this hug takes me to 1,930 satisfaction points.

Jung: Are you having transference issues, Mint? You know I’m the father and not the son, right?
Mint: Yay, only 70 more points and I can buy Frugal!

Mint: Buying the Frugal trait tickles my ambition and I decide to host a House Party.
Besides our household, I only invite two guests.

Unfortunately, Bella arrives but “he” does not.
Bella looks extremely uncomfortable and should no doubt leave for the hospital asap.

Cassandra: Who can blame me for sharing photos of the todders in their party garb?

Natasha wears a fancy blouse with tiny iridescent fairy wings.
Sage wears a T-shirt that resembles a citrus drink which he pulls off with a boyish flair.

Mint: Just my luck! The “Play musical instrument for one hour” goal pops up.
If I’d remembered this possibility, I would have hired an entertainer.  Grrrrr.

Jagger: After the hour of piano music, the last goal is eating cake.
Mint earns a gold medal before completing it, though, and ends the party early for Bella’s sake.

Alex: Why are there so many pregnant ladies walking around lately?
Jagger: The Zannas definitely passed a very busy Week 7!

Mortimer: Being abducted by aliens really shocked me out of my self-pitying doldrums.

Tonight, I reach the goal of publishing 10 novels and can stop hoarding my literary creations at last.


Sage: I overhear Auntie Cass saying that Papa is crazy.
Is that why I usually have to ask him several times for help with the same task?

But Papa always tells me that he has all the time in the world for me. ❤
What more could a kid ask of a parent? Well, except, maybe Papa’s help the first time I ask…

Anyway, after four tries, I finally get Papa to give me a bath!

Sage: Papa, is it just my imagination or am I building skills slower than previous Dinero toddlers?
Alex: The truth? Watchette is probably not as gung-ho about the Dineros as she used to be.

Sage: Because I wasn’t a greenboo?
Alex: Of course not, Sage. Our watcher loves you to pieces! However, she did the math.

Sage: What math?
Alex: There’s nothing you can do to budge the Dineros out of third place.
Even if your portrait is worth $10k and your collection achieves maximum value in its category.

Jagger: Either Cassandra is jinxed or there’s something seriously wrong with this build!

This is the third fire this week and it’s only Wednesday morning.
Cass started one fire at the stove and this is the second time her easel’s caught fire.

What would this household do without me?

Mint: Last night at work, I heard some rather unsavory gossip about Sofia Bjergsen, my good friend from high school.
Morbid curiosity getting the better of me, I visit her new home in north Newcrest along with Jagger and the toddlers.

Jagger: We arrive just in time for me to witness my second vampiric transformation this week!

Mint: And if being turned isn’t bad enough, Sofia looks like she’ll give birth any minute!

Sofia: Don’t bother asking me who the father is, Mint! That secret’s going with me to the grave!
Mint: But you’re immortal, Sofia, unless of course you stay out in the sunlight and burn up.

Sofia: You are one of my few remaining friends left, Mint. I am begging you not to ask me.
Mint: As your friend, I wouldn’t dream of invading your privacy. *wonders who the child will resemble

Jagger (whispers): Mint, what’s your Wellness level? I don’t have any Wellness at all.
Mint (whispers back): Not high enough to offer a Fertility Massage, if that’s what you’re thinking.
Sage: Pssst, Uncle Jagger. Looks like we’ll need to go with Plan B!

Jagger: So, I saw Erina transform yesterday. How’s she doing? I’ll just go check up on her.

Sage (whispers): We’re all counting on you, Uncle Jagger!
Jagger (whispers): I know! What would this household do without me?

Jagger: What am I doing, you ask?
Why, I’m ensuring that the second-place spot goes to the Dineros.  What else?

You want to know how Cassandra feels about this? I already discussed it with her before leaving home.
As I left the house, Cass said: “Do what you have to do, sweetheart. We are in it to win it.
We do not come in last!”

Sage: And that, boys and girls, is how to motivate your grown-ups to get serious about your education!

Mint (internally): Second place! I can almost taste it!

Jagger: I earn my Level 7 promotion today and, naturally, I choose to branch to Master of the Real.
Only one more promotion and I can bring home that coveted Deluxe All-Seasons Easel.

Sims have been known to paint high-value portraits on lesser easels, but why take that risk?

Jagger: I can’t wait to hug my girls! I imagine Cass has spent the day helping Natasha with her skills.

But first, I take a brief detour to pay my respects to The Well.

Jagger: To my great surprise, The Well grants me a full promotion to Level 8.
I immediately replace our existing easels with the Deluxe All-Season Easels.

Next, I quit my job to better focus on the toddlers and our household funds.
At this point, is there any way that the Somas could knock us out of second place?

Moss: Hello, son! Long time, no see!
Jagger: Papa, how long has it been since we’ve spent time together?

Moss: Well, I’m no longer a played sim, you know, so if you want to see me, you’ll need to do the inviting.
But that’s not why I called to chat.
Jagger: Is something the matter, Papa?

Moss: I heard from the founder who heard it from Mint that you accomplished something wonderful today.
Jagger: Awww, shucks, Papa. Anyone would have done the same. I’m just lucky that Cass is so understanding.

Moss: I agree, son. That’s why I’ve sent her three dozen roses. They should arrive tomorrow!
Great job, son. I’m so proud of you! By the way, why don’t you and I look more alike?

Jagger: I don’t know about our resemblance, Papa, and we’ll have to wait and see about Erina.

Cass: How is this even fair, Watchette? I’m always getting the short end of the stick!
Jagger “needs” to have a fling with the enchanting Erina, while I get to eat cake?

Think about it, Cass. You and Alex are both jobless, but Alex is the dynasty spouse.
If Alex can eat cake, so can you!

Cass: I get it, I get it. I am making yet another sacrifice for The Cause!

Mint: I’m only one tick away from the right, so earning my Level 7 promotion tonight’s no surprise.
Miraculously, though, right after that, The Well also grants me a full promotion to Level 8 Professional Pianist.

This week, I’ve only been making wishes once every other day.
It seems like The Well favors me more when I play hard to get. Does The Well worry about becoming irrelevant?


Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal (done)
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, House party
*Incomplete bloodline requirements: 
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV of IV
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 8 )

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: Level 3 Imagination; Level 2 Communication, Movement, Potty, Thinking

Rivals 8.79: Our Hero, Alex

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