Rivals 8.79: Our Hero, Alex

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (3/4)

Week 8/Thursday

Cass: Thank you for mentoring me, Jagger.
Jagger: If our positions were reversed, you would do the same for me, sweetheart.

Cass: Darling, I’m trying so hard not to be jealous about Erina. And she’ll even bear your child!

Jagger: If you must know, I hardly spent any time with her because I needed to leave for work. We only “tried” once.
But, Cass, you have nothing to worry about. Would you meet me out front?

Jagger: I thought my life would be forever worthless after the Zannas rejected me, but then I met you.
Your love and faith have given my life a new meaning. And you have given me a daughter!
Will you marry me, sweet Cassandra? There isn’t room for anyone else in my heart of hearts but you and Natasha!

Cassanda: Oh Jagger! Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for saying the words I needed to hear!

Mortimer: Alex, I’ve reached the final milestone of Bestselling Author! Hey, are you reading Vampire Lore?
Alex: You bet I am, Father. Haven’t you been keeping up with what’s going on lately?

Mortimer: What exactly do you mean?
Alex: Well, first there’s the notification from the RDC Challenges Team.
If the Somas get disqualified but the Dineros and Zannas are keeping the same pace, the Dineros will win by virtue of being first in the weekly rotation.

Mortimer: The Zannas would be profoundly displeased if we leaped from third to first place!
Alex: Exactly! But there’s a second piece of news!
Yesterday, Jagger didn’t wait around to make sure that Erina got pregnant.

Mortimer: So you’re going to max Vampire Lore and learn to mix the vampire cure, in case Erina’s not pregnant?
Alex: Yes. That would allow Satoshi to start his Week 8 without dealing with Erina as a vampire.

Mortimer: If you’re making all this effort to learn Vampire Lore, then let’s hope Erina’s not pregnant.

The fourth fire in five days! Girl, you’re a straight-up fire hazard!
Cass: At least I’ve learned to autonomously extinguish fires myself!

Jagger: Daddy’s girl in her watermelon pjs, looking so much like her mother!

Jagger (sighs): I have been forced to fence off the basement stairs for household-only access.

Nanny Imane, why must you constantly wander downstairs? There is nothing for you there.
Don’t you realize how long it takes a toddler to crawl down that medium-height staircase?

Alex: As a bookworm, speed reading is my forte. Ahhh, how great it feels to be useful!

Before 24 hours have even passed, I’ve learned to mix the Vampire Cure.

Alex: I give Jagger a heads-up, so he’ll be ready to leave for the Somas the same time as me.

Since it’s already quite late, I simply buy a portable bar and mix a Vampire Cure in front of the house.

If I don’t make this drink at home, I cannot put it in my personal inventory, then I wouldn’t be able to cure an uncontrolled sim.
But, you knew all that already!

Jagger: By the time we arrive at the Soma residence, it’s 11 pm.
Luckily, everyone is still awake and Clara invites us in right away.

Alex: Since I don’t know anyone in this household, Jagger, I’ll let you go ahead and check on Erina.
If she’s not pregnant, there’s really no use in my curing her.

Jagger: My male pride takes a small hit due to my apparent lack of virility.
Nevertheless, Erina’s slim profile is a sight for sore eyes.

Since we tangoed over 24 hours ago, if she’d conceived, she would have a small baby bump by now.
I mean, look at Erina’s flat stomach then take a gander at Sofia’s huge tummy.

Alex: Watchette says she’s never cured an uncontrolled vampire before, so I’m in unexplored territory here.

I initially hope for a gentlemanly option…something like “Offer to Cure of Vampirism.”
Nothing like that exists, so I start arguing with Erina. *sighs


Alex: After one mean Fight Vampire social, the Slay Vampire option appears around 2 am.
She won’t die, will she? I only want to cure her of vampirism!

I grab the Vampire Cure out of my inventory and fling it in her face.
All the while, I’ve been worrying that Erina will lose her temper and drain me.

Alex: Erina switches back to her normal form then rises in the air in swirls of dark smoke.
Is my Vampire Cure actually working or what?

Alex: A lustrous golden shimmer reassures me that, yes, the cure IS working.
Lo and behold, Erina is a vampire no more!

Erina: I had no vampire powers and yet I grieve the loss of my vampirism. Why did you help me?

Alex: Believe me, Erina, you may feel mournful tonight but you’ll thank me later!

Jagger: As Alex and I prepare to leave, we’re informed that a vampire is breaking in.
For heaven’s sake, Lio! No wonder everyone dislikes you!

Alex: Feeling generous, I head outside to offer to fix his bad relationships, which causes him to leave immediately.
Well, I guess that’s one way to stop a vampire break-in!

Mint: Alex, you’re home at last! You took so long that I was starting to get worried! How did it go?
Alex: Everything’s fine, my love. Satoshi Soma’s household is just like it had been at the end of their Week 7.
Well, except that Sofia is still a vampire and she’s expecting.

Mint: Have I told you lately how much I love you, Alex? And you have saved the day! You are THE hero of this Rival Dynasties Challenge, you know!

Alex: My wife and the rest of the household have been showering me with lavish praise!
Me, the cheerful bookworm who got stuck with the Insane trait.

But I’m no hero. I’m just an ordinary guy who’s trying to look out for my beloved family, both immediate and extended.

Alex: Even so, Father’s feeling mighty proud of me tonight for a change, and I don’t mind that at all.  *beams happily


Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal (done)
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, House party
*Incomplete bloodline requirements: 
Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV of IV
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 8 )

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: L4 Imagination & Communication, L3 Potty/Movement ; L2 Thinking

Rivals 8.80: Sage the Socialite

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