Rivals 8.80: Sage the Socialite

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (4/4)

Week 8/Friday

Mint: Thanks to two days of massage and yoga, I bring home a Level 9 promotion tonight, even without The Well’s recent assistance.

And that’s not all. I complete my Mansion Baron aspiration tonight as well.

I’ve been lucky to have the support of Jagger and Cassandra who paint, Papa Mortimer who writes, and dear Alex who gardens!

Mint: Around 11:30 pm, Sage finally maxes Imagination and is ready to age up early.

He gains the Social Butterfly aspiration and the Self-Assured trait.


Mortimer: Can someone explain why we’ve come to a club in the middle of the night?
Mint: Well, some of us are here to accompany Sage so that he can introduce himself to five sims.

Cass: The question is, Father, why are you here? You’re supposed to stay home with Natasha.
Mortimer: But I never get to have a night life!

Sage: I introduce myself to some lumberjack sort of fellow in a plaid shirt.
Next, I introduce myself to that fellow in the brown sweater who keeps on dancing.

Alex: Don’t forget to introduce yourself to that gentleman in the maroon jacket, son!
Do you remember your maternal grandmother, Bella Goth?
Sage: Just barely.

Alex: Well, that gentleman is Caleb Vatore, dynasty spouse of the Zanna line’s founder.
He’s also the grandfather of your maternal grandmother’s spouse, Ayato Zanna.
Sage: Say what?

Sage: And this is Travis Scott, the bartender. I like him because our relationship lacks complexity.
In fact, we are not related at all.

Sage: Amidst all the clamor and glittering lights, I manage to become BFFs with Papa.
Do you mind if we go home now, Papa? I can barely hear myself think!

Daniela: I am the founder of the Dinero dynasty and yet I’ve never met the two of you before.
Would you please explain how we’re related?

Cassandra: I am the younger sister of Alex Goth, who is married to your great-grand-daughter Mint.
In addition, I’m married to your grandson Jagger Dinero and this little girl is our daughter, Natasha Goth.

Sage: For my adult friends, I become good friends with Uncle Jagger and Founder Daniela.

I invite five kids over…these three and Lucas Munch plus a boy whose name I forget.

At the end of last week, Elsa Bjergsen moved from Windenberg Island to north Newcrest.
And Makoto Yamaguchi moved from north Newcrest to east Newcrest.
Max Villareal lives in a super deluxe estate on Windenberg Island.

C’mon, guys! I really need three of you to become my friends!

Sage: By the end of our play date, I’m friends with Elsa and I’m good friends with Makoto and Max.
These two fellas are the most interesting, really.

Makoto’s a born-vampire but doesn’t become a vampire himself until his teen birthday.
Max, on the other hand, leads a gang of trouble-makers called The Renegades.

If I weren’t going to age up early, I would probably want to chill with Makoto and Max.
Elsa’s okay, too, for a girl…

Mint: I’ve entered that tedious stage where I have only one promotion left and can no longer help Sage with his skilling.

I try out our new hookah but, to be honest, toking alone ain’t much fun.
Oh, look at the time! I start work in four hours!

Mint: Since this here is the last Mansion Baron residence, you’d think our watcher would want to go all out, right?
But no, she didn’t even finish landscaping our yard.

Can you believe the only thing between my massage table and the sidewalk is this flimsy screen?

Sage: I really wish I could complete Social Butterfly before Mama leaves for work.
But no way I can go from Level 6 to 10 in the next two hours!

After my teen birthday, I’ll have to start my Friend of the World aspiration in some lame clothes, I’m sure!

Sage: Originally, I was supposed to be doing the Nerd Brain aspiration.
But then, Watchette realized that the two other households already had heirs in careers requiring max Charisma.

That’s why I suddenly got stuck with Friend of the World.
I don’t mind all that much, but it doesn’t support my museum collection at all.

All us Gen5 heirs suffer a mismatch between our aspirations and museum items. That much is fair, at least.

Sage: There’s the front doorbell! Fine, nobody else goes to get it, so I go see who it is.

Krishna: Is your mother home, young man?
Sage: Um, I don’t think I should tell you unless you tell me who you are first.

Krishna: Oh, your parents have trained you very well, Sage. I’m your mother’s father.
Sage: You are my Grandpa Krishna? I have really been looking forward to meeting you!

Krishna: So what are your plans for your museum collection, Sage?
Sage: It doesn’t go well at all with Friend of the World, but I’ll be crafting camping mascots.

Krishna: I’d be happy to mentor you, if you wish, Sage.
Sage: That would be awesome, Grandpa Krishna!

Krishna: Sure, no problem. When you’re ready to start learning handiness, just add me to your club.
Sage: Awwww, you’re the best, Grandpa!

Sage: I’m sick and tired of talking to myself in the mirror, so I ask Grandpa to cloudgaze.
Hmmph! Cloudgazing boosts my friendship with Grandpa and raises my Creativity, but does nothing at all for my Social!

That’s why I ask Grandpa to sit and chat with me instead.

Cass: Natasha’s birthday comes in three more days on Tuesday of Week 9.
Week 9 is when Jagger and I will be frantically painting portraits of Sage.

But I’m hoping that Natasha’s Auntie Mint and Uncle Alex can help her become a Top-Notch Toddler.
Of course, that adds nothing at all to this challenge, but Natasha deserves the best!

Sage: Mama’s still at work when I complete Social Butterfly while chatting away with Grandpa.

Before blowing out the candles, I try to get everyone to gather but they’d rather be elsewhere.
Fine, I’ll age up all by myself then!

Sage: Wow, I forgot about Mama being at work and was this close to giving myself a makeover!
She would have been so angry if I’d forced her to leave work early.

Well, here I am in my pre-makeover weirdness. These overplucked eyebrows must go!

Sage: Mama finally gets home from work at 9 and I dash to the dresser for my makeover.
Green hair in a more devil-may-care do and thicker (but not burly) eyebrows.

Would you think me immodest if I were to say that I’m rather cute?

Alex: You have your mother’s eyes but my lips!

Sage: Back at Narwahl Arms, this time so I can introduce myself to 10 sims.
Mint: Hey, everyone’s here! Who’s at home with little Natasha! Mortimer?

Mortimer: Oh c’mon! Jagger is wearing a towel. Make him go home!
Jagger: No can do, Papa Mortimer! I am Sage’s clubbing mentor, you know.

Cassandra: Fine, I’m bringing Natasha here then I’ll go home with her when she’s sleepy. Sheesh!

Sage: Narwahl Arms is hopping tonight!
I eagerly introduce myself to eight new sims, only to find that my aspiration only acknowledges five of them.
Uncle Jagger, what do I do now?

Jagger: You and I shall move on, leaving the rest of the household here.

Sage: I meet a few more sims at the Pan Europa Disco.

Please note that introducing yourself to the DJ will cause that DJ to stop working for the rest of the night.
That’s why I saved him for last!

Sage: After more bar hopping, I not only introduce myself to 10 sims but also proceed to meet someone new in 3 locations.

After making my last introduction to the bartender at Rattlesnake Juice Bar, I head home with Uncle Jagger.
I believe I’ve accomplished all that I can for Week 8!

Mortimer: By the way, you have undoubtedly forgotten all about me and my recent extraterrestrial escapade.

You will be glad to know, as I am, that I did not give birth to an alienboo.
With all the recent rivalry nonsense, that would have been the last thing we needed!

And now it’s time for The Big Switch!


Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal (done)
Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, House party
Mansion Baron aspiration: done
*Incomplete bloodline requirements: 
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive; Self-Assured, Cheerful
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination & Communication)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: 
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Krishna Bheeda, Makoto Yamaguchi, Max Villareal
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements: All
Teen job: Retail Employee (Level 1)
A grade in high school: “C”
Aspiration: Friend of the World (Tier II of IV)
Unique skills: Charisma (Level 2) and ?
Portrait: not yet
Collection: not yet
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

Rivals 8.81: Satoshi’s Comeback

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