Rivals 8.82: Retail, So Tedious!

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Satoshi Soma (2/3)

• Sofia gives birth to a son who is named Dexter by default then she begins studying Vampire Lore;
• With one household vacancy, Satoshi and Erina have “make-up try for baby” of sorts;
• After joining the Critic career, Satoshi buys the 30×20 Bargain Bend lot in Willow Creek, and names his new shop “Satoshi’s Comeback”;
• By Monday morning, he has purchased his first of five required retail perks: Faster Checkouts (Large);
• With a Gen5 Soma heir forthcoming, Satoshi is officially back in the running.

Week 8/Monday

Erina: Why are we all standing outside and why is this new house here?
Satoshi: Watchette decided that, since she doesn’t feel like going all out on my store, she’d build us a house instead!

Sofia: Where’s my nooboo, Dexter?
Satoshi: I was worried about that but, after I bulldozed the other house, he showed up in the family inventory.

Sofia: Good to know, but OWWWWWWW. I’m still a vampire with zero sunlight resistance, remember?

Author’s note: I’m not a good builder but all of the Gallery houses with the #carlsguiderdc hashtag are one-bedroom starter homes and too small for my heirs’ households.
It’s completely unfurnished but I’ve uploaded it to the Gallery for now. Feel free to download, place, and drastically remodel. :D
Edited to Add: I need to take it down, make some revisions, and re-upload… darn it!

Erina: Wow, people strolling by can look right into our living room. Talk about no privacy!
Satoshi: Be a sport, Erina! Did you forget that I have the Love the Outdoors trait?

Bjorn: What are you drinking, dear?
Sofia: I maxed Vampire Lore and mixed a Vampire Cure for myself.

Clara: Nice work, Sofia! We really need you to help out at the store!
Sofia: Huh! And here I thought my parents would be worried about my frying in the sunlight!

Anyway, people, my vampire days are over!

Satoshi: Sadly, I’m forced to switch careers and pursue the Bodybuilder career.
Remember how I had to reach Level 3 Writing for my first work-from-home assignment?

Well, this morning I did another work-from-home assignment: “Finish writing a book.”
My Writing skill hit Level 5 by the time I finished that stupid book.

Megumi Soma already claimed Writing as her unique career and I’m only a Level 3 Critic.
No way I’ll be able to max my career without unwillingly maxing the Writing skill, too!

Satoshi: Clara’s at work, but I take everyone else with me to Skye Fitness in San Myshuno.
I’m not at all concerned about leveling Fitness. That should be a piece of cake.

The skill that takes forever to level is Charisma! *sighs

Don: Caleb, Jung, Akira, Yukio, you–so many of you dynasty fellas are here this evening!
Satoshi:  That’s odd. I never knew they were all fitness buffs!

Don: So why aren’t you dressed like them, dude? What do you have to hide?
Satoshi: I ain’t got nothing to hide, Don!  I, my friend, am blessed with whimsical charm.
That’s why I don’t need to do the shirtless-with-skimpy-shorts look.

Satoshi: By the time I open the store, it’s already 6 pm!
Egads, the aprons are irresistible!

Satoshi: For some reason, our lady customers aren’t as enthusiastic about the mannequins’ fashion options.
We’ll need to think about changing their outfits. Or maybe provide dressing rooms?

Clara: Is that gentleman really a cook or does he just want to cos-play? The outfit suits him!


Satoshi: We close shop at 1:30 am and finish restocking at 4 am.
We end up 90 points short for buying Serious Shopper.
Erina: Don’t worry about it, Satoshi! We opened the store very late this time!

Bjorn: Can you believe Erina’s in her second trimester and they’re just now having their First Kiss?
Sofia: Oh Dad, don’t be so old-fashioned! Anyway, things have been crazy in our household lately!

Sofia: I get my son’s birthday notice at 3 am but need to wait until everyone gets home.
I give him a makeover then we switch the upstairs Kids’ Room for the downstairs Focused Room.

When I phone to hire a vegetarian caterer, look who arrives: Moss Dinero!?

Sofia: Since we Bjergsens are of Danish descent, I’ve renamed my son Nikolaj.
Nikolaj aged up with this hair and everyday outfit. I only changed his shoes and socks.

Isn’t he lovely?

Sofia: Nik has blue eyes, like Dad, Elsa, and me.
What do you call the color of his hair? Ash blonde? Or is he prematurely grey? Already!?

Sofia: Why is Olivia walking around in broad daylight when she lives in that spacious house in Willow Creek?!?
Doesn’t she care if she fries? Or did she not get the memo?

Satoshi: I get promoted to Level 5 Athlete and branch to the Bodybuilder career.
Life is mocking me, I’m sure of it!

Of all the sims to wear this career outfit, it just had to be me and my whimsical charm!

Yukio: Too bad about your Food Critic career, but why pick the Bodybuilder career?

Satoshi: It has short hours, Fitness is quick to max, and Great Kisser trait is helping with Charisma.
But I’d forgotten how time-consuming mentoring fitness is! Focus, Sofia, focus!

Sofia: *pops a flirty introduction on Satoshi’s great-grandfather, Yukio
Satoshi: Great, just great!


Satoshi: We open the store after midnight, closing soon after buying the Serious Shopper perk.

Erina: I give birth to our daughter, Momo, around 5 am. Look how cute she is, Satoshi!
Satoshi: Are you sure she’s mine?

Erina: I’m not even going to dignify your question with a response! Hmmph!

Clara: Now that you’ve finally reached Level 5 Gardening, Bjorn, get to grafting!
Bjorn: You don’t have to tell me! I can’t wait to see what happens to our backyard.

Clara: I’m hoping for a small pool!
Erina: I’m hoping for a little playground for Nikolaj and Momo!
Bjorn: I’m hoping for a manly BBQ area!

Sofia: I’m leaving you to it, Erina!
I’ve already had my cake, showered, and milked my cowplant!  Ugh.

Erina: Thanks, Sofia! Satoshi really needs all the help he can get with his promotions!

Satoshi: Let’s make a quick stop at Sky Fitness, folks, so I can work out for an hour.

Bjorn: When we arrive, my grandson Nikolaj is starving so we all head over to a cupcake stall.
Erina: Oh, I didn’t realize you could buy cupcakes for a toddler to eat!
Sofia: Why can’t I be at Skye Fitness with Satoshi?

Erina: Don’t look now, but the cupcake vendor looks like the father of Ayato’s lady love.

Satoshi: We open shop after 6 pm, so we won’t have time to buy another perk tonight.
Still I want to open the store as often as possible!

Sofia: That gardener with the Evil trait comes to the shop then picks fights with us.
I’m about to ask her to leave when I get a text message from that vampire cutie-pie.

When I last saw him, he was such a charming teen that I couldn’t refuse his offer to turn me.
What could he want this time?


Sofia: View three paintings at a museum? Okay, I’ll go with you but why should I bother?
Clara: Don’t be that way, Sofia! You have the Creative trait so you should paint some portraits, too!

Sofia: Unless our house gets remodeled, there’s not enough room for you, Erina, and me in that cramped Inspired Studio.
Clara: Stop being so negative, Sofia. And whatever you do, don’t go meeting that Ayato!

Ayaka: Dude, you followed me into the restroom. Can’t it wait?
Satoshi: No! *endorses product then enthuses about store

Bjorn: The four of us are spamming those retail socials as fast and often as we can! Clickity-click!


Satoshi: Fourteen hours and 37 individual sales transactions after we open, we close shop at 1 am.
I guess we could rally the troops and keep going, but we all really need showers.

We’ll definitely be able to buy our fourth perk next time! Let’s head home, folks!

Satoshi: My little angel becomes a toddler!
You probably haven’t noticed but I’m the first Soma with brown eyes.

Here’s a collage so you can see where Momo got her violet eyes.

Satoshi: In my journey as the Soma heir, I’ve faced one setback after another.
My future wife turned then seduced, my future portraitist Sofia also turned then impregnated, changing houses, my hasty career switch, all adults not working at the store (because of nooboo-sitting)…
May I also complain that Erina, who is a goofball, often ignores the customers to “dance with mannequin”?

Nevertheless, when I gaze at my darling Momo, I feel energized to carry on.
Momo’s appearance makes all my recent trials and tribulations worth shouldering.

Sit back and watch the Somas NOT come in third place!


Current Week 8 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Store: Satoshi’s Comeback, resale value: $103,396
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Retail perks (3/5): Faster Checkouts (Large), Serious Shopper, Faster Restocking (Large)
[needs Sure Sale and Cheaper Restocking]
Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 6)

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Status: Day 1 toddler
Toddler skills: None

Rivals 8.83: Momo the Speed Princess

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