Rivals 8.83: Momo the Speed Princess

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Satoshi Soma (3/3)

Week 8/Friday

Erina: Satoshi and Clara have already left for work. Elsa’s at school.
I’ll read to the children, Sofia, so you can catch up with your painting.

Sofia: Thank you, Erina. And thanks, too, for helping me with Nikolaj.
Once he maxes Potty, he’ll be Level 3 in all his toddler skills!

Erina: I hope I can count on you to help me raise Momo, Sofia. She’s so behind!
Sofia: Of course, I’ll help out. Good thing that you and I both can “Give Second Wind,” too!

Erina: Poor little Momo! You’ll be the first and only heir who doesn’t earn the Happy Toddler trait!

Daichi: I’d half expected at some point that one of the families would ask me to move in.
I guess I’m just too good at what I do. *sighs heavily

Satoshi: Today’s been a great day for me so far.
After I bring home my guaranteed Level 7 promotion, The Well grants me another guaranteed promotion.

And I like how the “Mentor fitness” daily task has changed.
Previously, one had to do that daily task before every work shift.
Now, I only need to complete it once for each promotion.

Satoshi: I take my pulled  muscle and the rest of the household to the store.
Wow! Victor Feng really loves those mannequin outfits!

Victor: Would these make a good choice for Lily and me when I host my next fund-raising gala?


Satoshi: After all the drama surrounding Sofia, the Bjergsens bring a blessing in disguise.
I had no idea that Clara Bjergsen had max Fitness.

Clara: Hey, you would have maxed Fitness last night, if you’d remembered to buy me the Mentor trait!
Satoshi: *sighs

Elsa: By now, you’ve no doubt noticed that this household’s ugly stepsister is me!
I’ve finished Whiz Kid and Artistic Prodigy, but get no encouragement to finish the other two.

Sofia: Ugly stepsister? Don’t make me laugh! As if my life’s been a Cinderella story… *rolls eyes

Satoshi: My promotion today grants me a work uniform more suitable for my whimsical charm.

And then The Well boosts me to Level 9 Celebrity Bodybuilder!
Not a bad way to end the week!

Bjorn: Why me? I was busy tending our garden!
Satoshi: Clara’s at work, Sofia is painting, and Erina’s mentoring her. Need I say more?

Besides, Bjorn, don’t you feel honored that you’re the last sim I’ll ever mentor in Fitness?
Bjorn: Eh, I was already at Level 8…

Satoshi: As much as I’d love to go to the store tonight, we’re going to stay home.
I want to focus on Momo now, since she only needs two more levels to age up.

Of course, we’ve had to completely ignore two of her toddler skills.

Momo: Are you sure that was an apricot, Papa? It looked like a peach to me!

Satoshi: That’s it, Momo! Keep yakking at your plushies! You can do this!

Elsa: Oh look! My shoe actually made it into the screenshot! Whoopee-doo!

Satoshi: Her last needed skill is Thinking, so I take her to the kitchen to Watch me bake her birthday cake.
By the time she’s ready to age up, she’s about to crash and burn.

Erina: Quick! Add her to the club and rally the troops!

Momo: I can’t believe Watchette only gave me a makeover for my everyday outfit.
Satoshi: Well, if things go right, Momo, you won’t have a chance as a child to wear any other outfit, anyway!

Momo: Yes, sir! I plan to be a teen by Sunday evening.
Does that make me only one day behind, Papa?


Final Week 8 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements: 
Store: Satoshi’s Comeback, resale value: $103,396
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Retail perks (4/5): needs Cheaper Restocking
Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Toddler skills: L5 Communication and Thinking; L3 Potty
Child aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (just started)

Rivals 8.84: Ayato’s Advances

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