Rivals 8.84: Ayato’s Advances

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (1/4)

Previously in Week 7:
• The Gen3 Zanna household consists of Vitoria (Gen3 heir), her spouse Jung Storey, their teen son Ayato, Vitoria’s twin Laura, Paola Pizzazz (portrait painter), Masato Yamaguchi (vampire bro), and Bella Goth.
• Vitoria easily completes her remaining bloodline requirements;
• Ayato is mentored in Writing by Arun Bheeda but vetoes novels to opt for a Handiness-based museum collection instead;
•  Laura discovers a new strategy for painting portraits that requires minimal posing by the subject;
• While turning offspring for his Vampire Family aspiration, Ayato succeeds to “Offer to Turn” Erina, even after his father Jung failed;
• Laura celebrates her teen birthday then asks Alfonso Dinero to be her boyfriend;
• While raising his vampire rank, Ayato completes all his move-out requirements by Saturday evening;
• Ayato leaves behind his parents and Paola and forms a new household at Hillside Highlands, consisting of Masato, Bella, Laura Zanna and Alfonso Dinero, and Masato’s son Makoto.

Week 8/Sunday 

Ayato: We are most happy to be able to begin our Week 8 not long after midnight, for a change!
First of all, allow me to introduce our household’s new additions.

That’s my son Ruki on your left and Auntie Laura’s daughter Poppy on your right.

Ayato: You may recall I turned six offspring last week and trained Kendall on that fateful Saturday.
Since it’s dark out, I invite and train two other offspring, easily completing my Vampire Family aspiration.

Turning humans who are already your good friends saves so much time!
Also, Vampire Family only requires the Master Vampire rank.
Nevertheless, I still need to reach the Grand Master rank to buy my two Tier-Five powers.

But tonight, I exult in my newly-acquired 100% Sunlight Resistance!

Ayato: As you’ve already heard, Watchette’s made a few missteps with assigning careers.
The career switching has resulted in changes in teen aspirations due to overlapping skills.

But we recently learn that Ruki will be doing Nerd Brain, which has nothing to do with his museum items.
On the bright side, both Masato and Alfonso have maxed Logic and can mentor Ruki.

Masato: Let’s leave the garden to Bella and get started on the rocket ship for Ruki, Alfonso.
Bella: Gee, thanks!

Ayato: When I spot Bella go out the front door, I follow her outside for “the talk.”

Bella: I don’t understand, Ayato. You seriously think you could do better than me?
Ayato: It’s not about “better” or “worse,” Bella. I will never love you.

Bella: But what about our son? What will people think?
Ayato: For all intents and purposes, you are publicly my wife but we will never marry.
Anyway, you’re too busy chasing after Grandpa Massimo to care about me, aren’t you?

Ayato: I still need to earn another vampire rank. Would you be so kind as to spar with me?

Bella: It’s your childhood sweetheart, isn’t it? You think I’m going to let you off so easily?

Masato: Ayato, Ayato, Ayato. Were you sleeping during your English lit classes?
Do you not remember the famous words of William Congreve (1670-1729)?
“Heav’n has no rage like love to hatred turn’d / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.”

Ayato: Good evening, miss. My name’s Ayato Zanna and you are?
Leticia: My name’s Leticia Mixon. You must be the great-grandson of my master Serena.

Ayato (internally): Very nice! She’s “only” a fledgling vampire whereas I’m a Master Vampire!

Ayato: You must be thinking that I look quite ferocious here.
Truth to be told, I lost three spars to Bella and lost the first spar to Leticia. That’s 4/5!!!

Just when I think I’m in the zone, though, the sun comes out and Leticia runs off.
Admittedly, I’m more of a lover and schmoozer than a sparrer and dueler!

Ayato: The Well granted me a full promotion soon after the Big Switch.
This time, it grants me a guaranteed promotion, though my performance bar doesn’t budge.

Anyway, I choose to work from home so my garden plants have some time to grow.
I’ll write that letter first.

Ayato: I check in on Bella because I’d asked her to prepare food for when our son ages up to a toddler.
She is driving me batty, Ayato! She has to stop and eat everything she cooks, even though she’s not hungry.
I have to watch her constantly to make sure she’s actually cooking!

Masato: Let’s just go ahead and hire a caterer. We can afford it now!

Ayato: After writing that letter, I check the progress of my cause: World United.
Things are looking very bleak but that’s only because I’ve never actually worked yet.

Protest at a bar, protest at a bar….where shall I go? I know just the place!

Caleb: It’s always such a pleasure to see my favorite great-grandson…
Ayato: Your one and only great-grandson, I might add!

Caleb: Details, details! What I want to know is why have you invited me to a bar at 8:30 am?

Ayato: I ‘m here today to protest the Shrieking Llama Bar’s discriminatory practices!
There’s a night for aliens and ghosts, even for knights and bears.
Why no Vampire Night?  Why!?

As the promoter of the World United cause, I demand equal treatment for vampires!
Vampires deserve a bar night of their own, too!

Laura: Are we supposed to join in Ayato’s protest or just watch?
Alfonso: I’m not sure, but he is family, you know!

Ayato: Thanks for helping out, people!
Alfonso: You’d do the same for us, Ayato.

Ayato: Laura, please try to look angrier! We are protesters here, not cheerleaders!

Ayato: After the protest, I spend a little time introducing myself to potential voters and promoting my cause.
Good morning, ma’am. My name is Ayato Zanna. May I interest you in supporting my cause?

Clara: Oh, so you’re the young man who, as just a teen, managed to turn Erina and Sofia!
My name is Clara Bjergsen and I’m…
Ayato: Don’t tell  me! How did I never know that Sofia had an elder sister?

Clara (internally): I can certainly see his appeal…

Clara (enthralled): So what can I do for you, Ayato? Would you like to turn me?
Or may I offer you my social security number and bank account password?

Ayato: Uh, no, Clara. I would just like you to support my cause and give me your vote when the time comes.

On a whim, Ayato decides to play Kendall a quick visit, leaving the rest of the household behind.

Ayato: What’s wrong, Kendall? Why are you doubled over in pain like that?
Kendall: It’s nothing, Ayato. My stomach is unhappy with the spicy food I ate at Korma Chameleon for lunch today.

Ayato: I stopped by to see how you were and to offer you vampiric training.
Kendall: I’d like that! I want to be able to daywalk someday, just like you!

Ayato (internally): I briefly consider proposing to Kendall, but her father walks in.
When I propose, it must be a special moment! Now is neither the time nor place!

Father: You must be the young man my daughter’s been talking about. It’s nice to finally meet you, Ayato.
Ayato: Mr. Kendall, I…

Father: Let me speak first, Ayato. My wife and I never gave Kendall the loving home environment she craved.

I don’t care that you’re a vampire and that you turned Kendall.
I don’t care whether you’re rich or poor.
All I ask is that you cherish her and give her the family life she’s always wanted.

Ayato: I promise to do everything in my power to make Kendall happy, sir.
My hands are tied for the next two weeks. But when I’m free, Kendall will want for nothing.

Ayato: I spend the rest of day implementing my new system for boosting not only my vampire rank but also my charisma and political support.

Typically, I start out with “Detect Personality” followed by a self-introduction.

I choose the “Promote Cause” social next, then end with “Share Vampire Knowledge.”

Fortunately, there’s a lot of sims strolling in our neighborhood throughout the day.


It’s just past midnight when I detect the personality of Malcolm Landgraab.
And that’s what finally boosts me to the rank to Grand Master!

Of course, Masato trained me whenever he could but I didn’t need anymore sparring or even a single duel.

I rush home to buy a bar and mix a Draught of Reconfiguration for myself.

No, dear readers, it’s not repetitive to watch me mix and drink a Draught of Reconfiguration!

Just think! This is the last time anyone in this particular Rival Dynasties Challenge will drink one!
It’s a milestone moment, folks!

I purchase Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures as my two required tier-five vampire powers.

Note that I’ve given up Vampire Creation but added Garlic Immunity.
I mean, who knows which garlic-warded homes I’ll need to visit in pursuit of support for my cause?


Current Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Career: Politician/Politician (Level 3)
Garden (2/6 plants): needs Dragonfruit, Cowplant, Sixam Mosquito Trap, and Deathflower

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna 
Status: Bassinet burrito

Rival 8.85: I’m a Political Man (Get into My Big, Black Car)

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