Rivals 8.86: Ruki Rocks On

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (3/4)

Week 8/Tuesday

Ayato: After I secure Geoffrey Landgraab’s vote, I spot my very favorite vampire in the neighborhood!

Glad to see she’s a Minor Vampire already, I offer her more vampiric training.

Kendall: Why did you invite me here, love? This place is deserted!

Ayato: Exactly! And why can’t I ask about your due date or ask to feel our nooboo?

Ayato: Kendall, I lost my heart to you that day I found you crying in the park.
My life as the Zanna heir is quite complicated at the moment, but would you marry me?

Kendall: I was wondering when you’d get around to asking me, baby boy! YES!


Ayato: What a surprise when Kendall jumps into my arms! She is sooooo heavy!
But I think I hide my shock and dismay quite well, wouldn’t you agree?

Kendall: I know you’re crazy busy these days, but I’d been feeling insecure about the future.
Ayato: Once we Zannas have won this challenge, I’ll be all yours, Kendall. Where do you want to live?

Masato: Dude, get out of bed. What are you sulking about?
Alfonso: I just saw Geoffrey Landgraab kissing Laura’s hands in the hallway!

Masato: Oh, so that’s why you have the Drifting Love moodlet. You’ve got it all wrong!
Alfonso: How so?

Masato: Didn’t you see Laura got angry at Geoffrey? You should have kicked Geoffrey’s butt!
Instead, you slink away and sulk like a three-year-old. Get it together, man!

Ayato: The Well has been so incredibly accommodating lately that it almost scares me.

It grants me yet another full promotion to Level 8 Representative. This career is a breeze!

Ayato: Ruki asks me to feed him in the high chair, which we have just in case.

Grab a plate for yourself instead, Ruki boy, so I can read you a story!

Bella: You’re probably wondering why you don’t see much of me these days.
Watchette is angry that I’m constantly eating the food prepared for the toddlers.

That’s why I’m locked up in my room whenever I’m not being the dynasty drone.
Eating is even a banned club activity, Bella! Why do you keep doing it?

Bella: I don’t know. Hey, did I tell you my Gaming skill is Level 4, just from playing on my phone?

I couldn’t stand it any longer. Bella constantly takes food out of the Baker’s Cousin Display Case.
She’s not even hungry! And she has dozens of plasma packs and 99+ plasma fruit in her inventory.

Ayato: You’ve been so helpful with your maxed Wellness skill, Masato!
You’re always there for my pre-work massage and Wellness socials!
Masato: Hey, that’s what I’m here for, Ayato!

Makoto: What about me? I’ve come to set the club vibe to Very Confident!
Ayato: I’m glad you live with us, too, Makoto!

Alfonso: Hey, you know how an adult with the right skill maxed can mentor children in Mental or a musical instrument?
Masato: Right! And a child seems to learn Creativity faster when encouraged by an adult with maxed Painting, too.

Alfonso: Since you and I have max Logic, do you think Ruki learns Thinking faster from us?
Masato: I don’t know. Do you think your Mentor trait works with toddlers?

Bella: Ugh, this life!
People think I lead such an exotic life but I spend most of my time either gardening or playing games on my phone!

I’m starting to think that life with Mortimer wasn’t half bad.
What has Mortimer been up to lately? Hmmm, should I give him a call to chat?

Ayato: I need to remember to top off my thirst before leaving for work!
I was this close to another promotion but I got so thirsty that I had to stop working hard.

Laura: Poppy is the last of 23 toddlers raised during this Rival Dynasties Challenge!

Maaike Haas’ daughter counts because Erina was adopted as a toddler.
Ulrike’s daughter doesn’t count because Jun was already a child when she was adopted!

Bella: Oh, burn! Wait till Ayato finds out that Kendall’s taken up with Masato!

Check them out sneaking through those bushes together.

Ayato: Finally, an orchid has blossomed! You probably think I’m making a big deal out of nothing!
But “someone” put this plant in the family inventory for a whole day, thinking it was wolfbane.

I wonder who would have done a dumb thing like that? *coughs innocently

Ayato: I really appreciate your giving Kendall a Fertility Massage, Masato!
Kendall: How I would love to give birth to twins or triplets! But isn’t this spot a little too public?

Masato: Too bad we don’t know your approximate due date so we could time this better.
Ayato: Oddly, I still can’t ask about her due date or to feel her tummy!


Ayato: You still need a little over four levels, Ruki. I’m thinking you’ll age up early Friday.
Ruki: Four! Friday!

Ayato: Now, let me show you a magic play trick before you go to bed.
Ruki: Papa, it feels like my legs are attached backwards!

Ayato: I told you it’s magic, didn’t I?

Bella: In an attempt to escape being locked up, I volunteer with Masato who’s off from school today.
What about a beach clean up? I’m not sure vampires would be welcome at a soup kitchen.

Masato: This cute girl sees me drop a load of trash but I decide to pick it up and continue clean up.
And she actually comes over to help me out! How cool is that?

Ayato: Hello, young lady. What are you doing in my neighborhood? I’m Ayato Zanna.
Momo Soma: So you are the vampire my household is always going on about!!! I’m Momo Soma.

Ayato: Well, I guess I’m flattered they still care about me. So what do you think, Momo?
Momo: Eh, you’re not all that, dude!

Ayato: Oh don’t be like that, Momo. I’m quite a likable fellow. And you should meet my son Ruki when he’s older.
Momo: Why am I even letting him hug me? Why am I smiling? And why do I suddenly want to meet his son?

Kendall: Masato invited me over for another massage while you were at work. He said you’d asked him, too, so thanks!
Ayato: Oh, I can finally ask you your due date. And…may I feel our nooboo?

Kendall: I can’t stay long but would you give me vampiric training before I go?
Ayato: Sure, sweetheart. And thank you for giving me my 20th (and last) vote!

Don’t you like your new outfit, Bella?
Bella: It’s all right.

So you don’t like it? Is that why you’ve dropped your action queue 4 times in a row?
Bella: Why am I always downstairs? I even volunteered with Masato three times today.

Because when you’re on the first floor, you scarf up all of the toddlers’ food for no reason.
Bella: Have you ever considered that I might be stress eating? *sighs and rolls eyes


Masato: There’s not much for me to do anymore.
I don’t know any children I haven’t already befriended, so I can’t complete Social Butterfly.
There’s no fishing in this neighborhood, so that’s out, too.

Since my birthday’s not for another 6 days, I’ve been trying to raise my Empathy.
Not bad for the helper kid of helper parents, right?

Ayato: It’s 3:30 am and you only need one more level in Thinking to age up!
You rock, little Ruki!

Ayato: What do you say, fellas? Shall we max out Ruki’s Thinking now, without letting him sleep?
Masato: I’m game, Ayato. Let’s do it.
Alfonso: I’ll help, too, just in case the Mentor trait makes any difference.

Ayato: All right, let’s call this update a wrap and meet back for Ayato’s birthday!

Poppy: I’m not at all jealous Ruki gets two mentors! And that’s because I’m…
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that means? (Thanks to Webbie!)


Current Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
Career: Politician/Politician (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna 
Traits: Inquisitive
*Incomplete age-up requirements:
Toddler Skills: L5 Imagination; L4 Thinking; Level 3 Potty, Communication, Movement

Rivals 8.87: A Prolonged Pregnancy

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