Rivals 9.88: The Home Stretch

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Final Week

Now that the Zannas have completed their eighth week, the Rivals will proceed to play what will become their ninth week.
I’m intending Week 9 to be the final week of my Rival Dynasties Challenge, so I thought I would do a short recap here so that we all have a better idea of what each household brings to the table.

Also, due to the nature of rotational gameplay, I imagine it’s difficult for readers to keep track of who’s who. My proclivity to encourage non-heirs to produce offspring to satisfy my sims-genetics curiosity doesn’t make remembering all this story’s sims any easier, I’m sure.

This update is not essential to the advancement of my Rival Dynasties Challenge.
It functions more like an comma-like commentary before we proceed to the final week.
The recap is as much for me as it is for the readers, since it won’t make much narrative sense to look back at these last three households once the challenge ends.


The Dinero Line of Mansion Barons

Mint Dinero (Gen4 heir) moved out to the 50×40 Twin Oracles Point lot with her maternal Uncle Jagger, then invited the Goths to move in.

From left to right: Mint Dinero (Gen4 heir), Sage (Gen5 heir), and Alex Goth

Mint will go down in Dinero history as the heir who submitted frogs for her museum collection.
Among the Gen4 heirs, Mint has been blessed with the happiest and least troubled family life.
Except that her mother-in-law gave birth to the Gen5 Zanna heir…

While Mint focuses on her career and bloodline requirements, Alex has adeptly cultivated his gardening and parenting skills. He is the perfect husband.
Alex also restored balance to the rivalry by curing Erina Haas of vampirism so that Satoshi and Erina could start their Week 8 without having to deal with that themselves.

Apart from his green hair, Sage Dinero resembles his father a lot, don’t you think?

From left to right: Jagger Dinero, Natasha Goth, Cassandra Goth

The favorite son of Moss Dinero (Gen2 heir), Jagger was initially groomed to be a Zanna helper but got rejected when he aged up with the Klepto trait. He could care less now, as he’s deeply in love with Cassandra and their daughter Natasha.
Both Jagger and Cassandra are painters.

Since his wife Bella left him, Mortimer Goth (left) has not “been with” anyone else except Senior Pollination Technician #3 (right).

Mortimer: Very funny, Watchette. And, by the way, that’s a complete lie!
Really? You mean you’ve been with someone else since Senior..
Mortimer: You know very well that’s NOT what I mean!


The Soma Line of Restauranteurs/Retailers

Ever since Megumi Soma (Gen2 heir) decided to wait for Braddon Storey to age up ( thereby delaying conception and birth of the next heir by 3 days), the Soma line has seemed constantly behind its rivals.
Although the Soma households appear to be the most sociable, both restaurant and retail interactions are not true socials. So, even though they spend so much time interacting with their clientele, they aren’t any more popular than the Dineros or Zannas.
The glitching of restaurant management robbed much of the fun out of satisfying the bloodline requirements, but not of the Soma households themselves.

From left to right: Satoshi Soma, Moma Soma, Erina Haas

In retrospect, Satoshi could have avoided a lot of grief by moving out earlier and getting Erina pregnant by the end of Week 7. As it was, he left open a window of opportunity that his rivals quickly moved to exploit.
Lucky for Satoshi and Erina, Alex Goth is a big-hearted fella!
Neverthless, Satoshi has been quite resilient!

The choice of the Bjergsens was a fortunate one for Satoshi Soma…well, except for the part where Sofia got turned and pregnant.
Not only have the Bjergsens been great help at Satoshi’s shop, but they’ve also learned to garden (Bjorn) and paint (Clara and Sofia).
Since Erina moved in with maxed painting, three portrait painters aren’t really needed but the shop can always find a use for the extra income generated by more paintings.

Sofia’s son Nikolaj shares her deep blue eyes but has silver hair.  Sofia refuses to disclose the father’s identity.
By the way, Nikolaj’s father is constantly at the house. Constantly!
You never see him, though, because I always crop him out of the screenshots, hehe.


The Zanna Line of Vampires

From left to right: Ayato Zanna, Ruki Zanna, Bella Goth

Bella was moved into the home of the Gen2 Zanna heir (Massimo Zanna) before Ayato was even born.
Despite the Zanna founder’s desire to combine Bella’s genes with the Zannas’, no real affection ever grew between Ayato and Bella.
One thing they share, however, is their commitment to the Zannas’ success.
No one can say that Bella hasn’t been doing her best to fulfill the role the Zannas assigned her.

From left to right: Laura Zanna, Poppy Zanna, Alfonso Dinero

This is a cadet branch of helpers. Laura is the younger twin of Vitoria (Gen3 Zanna heir), while Alfonso is the younger brother of Mina (Gen3 Dinero heir).
Even if Alfonso’s twin Jagger hadn’t aged up with the Klepto trait, Laura would have persuaded Ayato to instead move in Alfonso.
Laura is the resident painter, while Alfonso with his maxed Logic/Handiness and Mentor trait is ideally suited to help Ruki complete his Nerd Brain aspiration.
Their daughter Poppy actually gets a lot more attention than she lets on.

Masato Yamaguchi, Makoto Yamaguchi, and Ulrike Faust

When Masato first moved in with Ayato’s mother Vitoria and Jung Storey, he was a yoga instructor with level 9 Wellness and a Grand Master Vampire.
Since then he’s maxed Vampire Lore, Logic, Handiness, and Parenting. An all-around essential member of Ayato’s household.

Makoto is his son with Ulrike Faust, with whom Masato also has a daughter.
Ulrike doesn’t live with Masato and Makoto, so I wanted to at least include her picture here.


Status Going into the “Home Stretch”

• Total museum worth: The Zannas have a substantial lead which will be hard to beat. I committed a fatal error in having Moss Dinero claim writing as a unique skill but submit paintings for his museum collection. If I hadn’t made this mistake, the Dineros would be in a much more competitive place.
• Gen 4 career: All three young adults only need one more promotion, so no problem here.
• Other bloodline requirements: Mint Dinero is done and Ayato Zanna only awaits the blossoming of his Deathflowers, but Satoshi Soma will probably need two more full days of shop operation to buy his fifth and last retail perk. They can’t hire a nanny to babysit at home while they’re at the store, so too bad they can’t hire a nanny to babysit AT the store.
• Momo Soma made up for being born 3 days later than her rivals by skimping on her toddler skilling. She’s the only toddler heir in my entire challenge that didn’t earn at least the Happy Toddler trait.
• Ruki Zanna is slightly farther ahead than Sage Dinero for move-out requirements. It only means he’ll have that much more time to spend on his museum collection.

Coming next: Week 9 with the Dineros

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