Rivals 9.89: Friending Frenzy

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (1/3)

Week 9/Sunday

Our final week begins somewhat inelegantly with Sage Dinero and Cassandra Goth standing outside with dire bladder issues.
Seriously, folks! Just start a club gathering and rally the troops!

Sage: I’ll need to max Charisma for my Friend of the World aspiration.
I’d rather be socializing than using the mirror, but it’s rather late to go out now.

You can see Mama behind me, practicing on her electric keyboard.
She only needs one more promotion for her Musician career!

Mint: By the way, Alex, I heard an odd rumor at work earlier tonight so I phoned Grandpa Moss to confirm it.
Alex: Really, what does the rumor mill have to say about your grandfather?

Mint: I’d heard that he worked as a vegetarian caterer for the Soma household last week.
Alex: Really? I didn’t even realize your grandfather could cook!

Mint: Apparently, he just wanted to check up on our rivals. That’s what he said, anyway.

Mint: Alex, darling, why do you have a two-day Sad +5 “Witnessed the death of a friend” moodlet?
Alex: I slept overnight at Desert Bloom Park on Friday, and my friend Lio Zanna fried to death yesterday morning.

Mint: What!? You were friends with that creep?
Alex: I felt so bad for Lio! For one thing, he wasn’t as handsome as his brother Massimo.
But also, because a teen can fight another teen but not another adult, the Dinero and Soma heirs always targeted Lio as their Zanna enemy.

Mint: That’s my Alex! Champion of the Underdog!

Jagger: Sage posed for us last Saturday, so Cass and I have already started on his portrait!
Cassandra: I rather resent having to paint all the time instead of spending time with Natasha.

Jagger: Sweetheart, when one of us paints one portrait worth $10,000+, we can coast the rest of the week!

Sage: Around 9 am, I’m out getting to know Arun Bheeda when I suddenly suffer a mood swing.

Mint: I’m about to rush over to Offer Mental Relaxation Tips when we remember that teen mood swings don’t lead to mood-induced deaths.

Thank you again @HelenP for sharing that invaluable data!

Sage: In fact, Auntie Cass quickly runs out and gives me a moodlet solver.
And, you know what? My 8-hour Embarrassed +50 Mortified moodlet vanishes like a summer shower!

Making new friends around a hookah is definitely more fun than talking to myself!

Alex: Wow, congrats on completing the Bestselling Author aspiration, Father!
Mortimer: Yes, I’m very pleased with my achievement, if I do say so myself.

Alex: So, what now?
Mortimer: I’m going to write a Book of Life for Sage, then I’m going to reward myself.
Would you mind terribly if I invited your mother over? She wants to meet the grandchildren…

Sage: We can’t leave the neighborhood until my portrait is done, so I’m just cruising around meeting whoever’s nearby.

Akira: Nice to meet you, Sage. I’m a Tech Guru and I live in San Myshuno.
Sage: Since you’re a techie, maybe you’ll be interested in my new mobile app!

Akira: Cool! Did you know I was on the design team for that app, Sage?
Sage: So tell me. Why’s a good-looking guy like yourself never starred in your own challenge story?

Akira: I dunno. I think simmers all avoid me because of my Jealous trait.
I ask you…is a little jealousy worse than hating children?!

Bella: It’s been really hard for me living with the Zannas, Mortimer.
Serena and even Vitoria are such divas! And the Zanna men–heartbreakers, each and every one!
Hmmph, once this challenge is over, I’m sure nobody cares what I’ll be doing.

Mortimer (internally): My Bella looks as ravishing as ever…even more beautiful than before, if that’s possible.

Bella: So, Mortimer, what are your plans after this challenge?
Mortimer: Well, the kids want to stay in this house, but I’m thinking of moving elsewhere.

Bella: By yourself?
Mortimer: Not if you’ll come with me. Bella, please tell me you never remarried!

Bella: Can you believe Ayato never even proposed to me? Let me think about it, okay?

Bella (internally): Leaving him really damaged our relationship. Can we still work things out?

Sage: My Great-Great-Grandfather Salim! Why have I never even met you before?
Salim: Your mother never bothered to come meet me, although she’s managed to become a friend of Caleb Vatore.

Sage: But didn’t my mother grow up right across the street from you? And we’re next-door neighbors now!
Salim: Strange, right?

Mint: While everybody’s off doing their thing, Alex works off his sadness doing yoga.
And I play dolls with Natasha who will be ageing up in two days.

I can’t wait to see what she looks like!

Bella: Since living with the Zannas, there’s one thing I’ve come to deeply appreciate about Mortimer.
He always made me feel as if I was his beloved queen. I really miss being cherished that way!

Mortimer (internally): What I wouldn’t do to have Bella back!

Sage: Meet Paola Pizzazz, my soon-to-be 14th of 20 required friends and the woman who has forever changed my life.

Paola: Yeah, I’m languishing all by my lonesome in a house with Vitoria Zanna and her hubby Jung.
So, if you have any better ideas…
Sage: Do I ever!!!

Mint: Oh Alex honey, it hurts me to see you trudging around, all slouched over and moping!
Alex: I can’t help it, Mint! I witnessed Lio burning to death right in front of me!

Mint: Maybe if you would stop sleeping overnight on park benches…
Alex: You aren’t helping me feel any better.

Sage: A little past 8 pm, I spot a lovely lady in blue with indigestion.
I need 20 friends and Level 10 Charisma for my aspiration, so I go introduce myself.

Kendall: …and that’s how I met Ayato Zanna, yada yada.
Sage: Wow, your pregnancy lasted almost an entire week? But you had twins?

Kendall: Yes, it was a pretty miserable week. I’m pretty sure everything about me is glitched. *sighs
My nooboos, however, are perfect!
Sage: Well, you know that I am Friend of the World. I think I can help you out, Kendall.

Ayato: Really, Sage? You would do that for Kendall and me?
You would become good friends with our twins tonight then age them up?
Sage: That’s the idea.

Jagger: Wait, why am I here? You brought me here so I would invite Ayato over?
Sage: Not just that. There are twins, so you and I will each befriend one nooboo each, duh.
Plus, it’s easy to befriend them in the bassinets since they don’t get stranger danger, hehe. It just takes time.

Sage: I befriend the little boy. Ageing him up, I see he has Ayato’s green eyes and olive skintone.
Jagger: Meanwhile, I befriend the little girl. As a toddler, she now has her mother Kendall’s deep-set eyes.

Since I can’t control the toddlers, I have Sage and Jagger click each armchair and choose “Put [toddler’s name] here.”

Sage: I try to “Get to Know” the boy but can’t learn his trait.
I do spot him later doing that Independent pose!

Jagger: I also try to “Get to Know” the girl and learn that she’s Fussy. Uh oh!

Sage: Feeling bad that the toddlers have no beds to sleep in, Jagger and I leave the children to their delighted parents.

Sage: Back home, I decide against talking to myself in front of a mirror all night.
Instead, I call a gathering of Knights of the Hedge and we play Don’t Wake the Lllama for several hours.

Our friendship bars climb very slowly and my Charisma level doesn’t budge at all. Hmmmm….

Sage: It’s getting light out but I change the game from Don’t Wake the Llama to Cards.
Since cards lets me chat while playing, I can build both friendships and charisma.

Sadly, the game doesn’t recognize these three sims as my friends. Wait a minute!
When I travel with the trio to the empty lot across the street, their relationship status switches to Friends. Yay!

And now off I go to my first day of high school!


Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Incomplete bloodline requirements: 
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive; Cheerful, Self-Assured
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: 
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Krishna Bheeda, Masato Yamamoto, and Max Villareal
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Teen job: Retail Employee (Level 2)
A grade in high school: B
Aspiration: Friend of the World (Tier IV of IV)
Unique skills: Charisma (Level 7) and ?
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

Rivals 9.90: Mascot Madness

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