Rivals 9.90: Mascot Madness

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (2/3)

Week 9/Monday

Alex: Father, Mint, and I have been putting in extra time to help teach Natasha.
Only one level in Movement to go, Natasha!
You can do it!

Sage: This is it, folks! I’m only two shy of  20 friends for Friend of the World!
After school, I reconvene Knights of the Hedge for more cards.

From left to right, that’s me (red) plus my last two friends: Jung Storey (green), and Grandma Mina (yellow).

Mortimer: With all that’s been going on lately, I’d never expected to advance much in my career.
Imagine my surprised delight when I’m actually given the chance to become an Author!

Krishna: So, we’re working on your project, homework, then handiness?
Sage: That’s the plan, Grandpa Krishna!

Krishna: Great job getting within range to earn the Good Manners trait! How’d you do it?
Sage: I’m pretty sure it’s all the Heartfelt Compliments I’ve given to raise my Charisma.

Sage: Looks like our household won’t be needing The Well anymore.

Thanks for the Level 3 promotion to Customer Support (Retail Employee)!


Alex: Now that you’re going to be a Top-Notch Toddler, Natasha, it’s time to learn some manners.

Alex: Not long after, we get Natasha’s birthday notice. Father does the honors.
Farewell, my darling little toddler!

Mortimer: Natasha ages up into a charming young lady who resembles her mother.

Natasha: I look like my mother? Where are my parents anyway?

Cassandra: So, Watchette, Natasha ages up yet we are confined in this Inspired Studio?
You will be “released” after you finish this set of portraits, Cassandra.

Jagger: Only Cassandra? Why?
Because she’s been wanting to spend time with her daughter.
(But mostly because her portraits have been worth less than $3,000. *coughs

Oh, I see that you’re using Laura Zanna’s patented portrait strategy!

Jagger: Hello!? Laura is my sister-in-law, remember?
In fact, the Gen5 Zanna heir is my wife’s half-brother. Does that make him my half-brother-in-law?

Sage: And I’m off to my second–and most probably my last–day of high school!

Mint: Thanks for the massage, Alex darling!
Alex: Go get that last promotion, tiger!

Sage: Mama doesn’t finish work until 9 pm, so I guess this is one of the advantages of being obscenely rich.
*Learns woodworking schematic

Alex: Eh, some of us had been looking forward to going with you to Granite Falls!

Mortimer: This afternoon, during breaks between novels, I’ve been socializing with Bella.
I’ve sent her two “Love emails,” which I’m only allowed to write hourly.
And we’ve chatted twice online.

Now it’s time to start pushing her romance bar back into the pink!

Since Mortimer’s been taking all the initiative, Bella’s red bar is almost gone.
Does that mean that his romance bar toward Bella remains very red?

Krishna: I’m really starting to hate the new earbuds!
I understand that Watchette’s trying to keep Sage’s fun high while he crafts.

But Sage’s been standing there, bobbing his head, for the past half hour.
I better text my wife to tell her I’ll be home later than I’d thought. Sheesh.

Alex: Congrats on maxing your career, sweetheart!
Mint: I could never have done it without you, Alex darling!


Sage: It’s harder to craft a camping mascot worth $4,500 than I’d realized.
I’m, like, about 15 minutes from maxing Handiness.
But, so far, I’ve only crafted two worth slightly over $4k.

Well, it’s not as if I’m going to miraculously shoot up to second place!
I’d just like to avoid an embarrassingly large gap between second and third, y’know?

Natasha: You forgot to add that the space print is thanks to me!

Sage: My museum collection’s still incomplete, but I want to finish Friend of the World today.
That’s why I’m phoning in to take a vacation day from school.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to move out before Saturday night, don’t you agree?
Hmmm…I need to start thinking about housemates.


Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed bloodline requirements: All
Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 10)

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive; Cheerful, Self-Assured
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: 
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Krishna Bheeda, Masato Yamaguchi, and Max Villareal
Teen job: Retail Employee (Level 3)
A grade in high school: A
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Portrait: in progress
Aspiration: Friend of the World (Tier IV of IV)
Unique skills: Charisma (Level 7) and Handiness (Level 10)
Collection (3/7):
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

Rival 9.91: Sagely Success

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