Rival 9.91: Sagely Success

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mint Dinero (3/3)

Week 9/Wednesday

Sage: I end up working on my museum collection all day so that Uncle Jagger can paint my portraits.
By evening, everyone’s suffering from cabin fever, which gives me the idea to throw a dance party.

Considering I’m a Friend of the World, I don’t really know that many sims.

Sage: Kendall shows up without Ayato. She’s looking pretty happy to be expecting.
Shouldn’t she have given birth by now, though?

I hope she’s not going to have another week-long pregnancy.

I’m glad Paola Pizzaz could make it.
I’m wondering if she’s someone I’d like to get to know better.

All I learned tonight is that she’s cheerful and creative.


Cassandra: Young lady, you’re grounded for making a mess in this room!
No games or toys for the rest of the day!

Jagger: Natasha doesn’t look like she’s taking you seriously at all.
Maybe we should take away her phone for a day, too?

Natasha: Noooooo, not the phone!

Jagger: Folks, we have a winner!
Our unforgiving watcher has finally accepted this portrait that I painted yesterday.
It’s worth $9,760–pretty darn close to $10k!

And now I free range for the rest of this challenge.

Boy: Hello, nice to meet you, too. My name’s Nobuya Yamaguchi.

Sage: Oh, you must be related to Masato and Makoto Yamaguchi, who live with the Zannas.

Boy: If I had a dollar…but, nope!

Sage: In the evening, I invite Jade Rosa and Ayato Zanna to hang out at our place.
Jade shows up in a flirty mood and totally hits on Ayato while ignoring me completely.

The situation isn’t helping my charisma skilling, so I have Papa ask Jade to leave.
Why don’t I ask Jade myself? No point in burning any bridges, right?

Sage: With Jade gone, I become good friends with Ayato Zanna.
When he leans in to whisper, I anticipate hearing some juicy gossip.

Instead, he shares his vampire knowledge. That’s useful, too, I guess.

Mint: Now that I’ve maxed my career, I can relax.  Let’s renew our vows, Alex!

Jagger: Now that I’m done with portraits, I can relax. Come on, Cassandra!

Bet y’all didn’t even know we have a bedroom downstairs!
This is the first time we’ve been down here this week ourselves!

Mortimer: Oh ye of little faith! See how Bella’s feelings toward me have blossomed!
The wonders of information technology!


Sage: While chatting with Ayato last night, I went from Level 8 to 9 Charisma.
But it takes me most of the night to earn that final level!

When I finally finish my aspiration, the sun’s already risen. It’s done!

Natasha: I’m already done with Whiz Kid and Artistic Prodigy. That’s enough for me!
Our week ends tomorrow night, anyway, so I might as well just take it easy!

Mint: So this is what it feels like to do whatever I want!
Natasha: Are you sure Watchette hasn’t just stopped caring about us?

Mortimer: Frankly, I didn’t mind the constant reminders to send Love E-mails to Bella.


Sage: Around noon, I head over to the Founder’s home with my museum items.
Here’s one last look at the Dinero Museum from the outside.

In retrospect, all three museums are much too small!

Sage: I’m really glad that I remembered to bring portable tables.
My display space was completely bare except for an unsightly lamp.

Combined with Uncle Jagger’s portrait, my total museum contribution comes to $40,225.
I know, right? I surprised even myself!

Sage: My final move-out requirement is to declare two enemies.
While standing in front of the house waiting for my first prospect to come over, Caleb Vatore stops by.

I’m not sure how I’ve become so friendly with the Zanna vampires.
Does it truly all trace back to my great-grandfather Moss Dinero and Massimo Zanna?

Sage: Luckily for me, Caleb runs off before my Soma victim arrives.

I gotta say that I never tire of seeing that super-speed run. It is the coolest.

Sage: Becoming enemies with Satoshi takes forever!
Not only does he keep trying to be friendly but we froze, too.

Satoshi and I spend at least an hour doing nothing but bobbing our heads and going, “Uh huh, uh huh.”

And the moment I’ve been awaiting comes at last and I declare him my enemy.

By this time, I’m enraged but I invite over my next prospect anyway.

Laura: It’s not bad enough that I developed acne as a teen that’s persisted into my adult years?
I also have to be mocked and belittled by my one and only nephew?

Sage: That’s not true! Ayato Zanna is also your nephew!
Laura: Details, details!

Sage: I’m about 30 minutes into this fight when it happens.
Yet another mood swing hits me with a Sad +50 moodlet. Just great!

Laura: But why me, Sage?
Sage: Massimo is off limits, Serena and Vitoria are scary as heck, and Ayato is my good friend.

Laura: I see! Since I’m not a vampire, you’re not afraid that I’ll try to drain you afterward.
Sage: Sorry it had to be this way, Auntie Laura. I didn’t make the rules!

Sage: I age up with the Good Manners trait. Darn, I should have tried for Responsible, too!
Natasha: Like it matters anymore.

Sage: Whatever. I add the Vegetarian trait like all Dinero heirs do.

Sage: I move to the 40×30 Avarice Acres, the only vacant lot remaining in south Newcrest.
What a heady feeling!

Sage: I invite two sims to move in with me into a hastily built house, which is even more hastily furnished.

Which two sims? I guess you’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?


Final Week 9 status: Dinero line

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Traits: Inquisitive; Cheerful, Self-Assured, Vegetarian
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: ALL
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Krishna Bheeda, Masato Yamaguchi, and Max Villareal
Teen job: Retail Employee (Level 3)
A grade in high school: Yes
Portrait: $9,670
Unique skills: Charisma and Handiness (both Level 10)
Aspiration: Friend of the World (done)
Collection (7/7): $30,555 (camping mascots x7)
Enemies: Satoshi Soma and Laura Zanna

Rivals 9.92: Satoshi’s Finished

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