Rivals 9.92: Satoshi’s Finished

Rival Cowfolks of Newcrest: Satoshi Soma (1/3)

Week 9/Sunday

Momo: Due to events beyond my control, I only become a child late Saturday of last week.
Both my rivals ended Week 8 as teens, so I’m at least a full day behind.

Hopefully, I’ll age up to a teen before school on Monday morning!

Satoshi: I need only one career promotion and retail perk each for my bloodline requirements.
After herding Erina back to the boxing bag several times, I finish mentoring at last.

Elsa: Why can’t you play with me, Sofia? You’re my elder sister, not hers.
Sofia: You know I can’t do that, Elsa. Now run along and use the observatory or something.

Clara: *locks Elsa out of the Painting Studio

Bjorn: My grandson Nikolaj’s birthday is on Tuesday.
Elsa’s birthday, unfortunately, is not until Saturday.

Satoshi: Around 4 pm, we arrive at our sorry excuse for a shop.
On the positive side, I figure out why I was unable to earn all retail perks in one week like my father.

When I remembered to lower our mark-up to 5%, I couldn’t because the shop was open.
After that, I completely forgot all about our mark-up until, thankfully, today!
So, 5%, it is! We start our “day” at 540 perk points.

Sofia: Watchette, I’ve really suffered a lot in this challenge.
Would you ever consider making me the founder of a new challenge of yours?

Probably not.

Satoshi: I text Momo to tell her that Daichi has just finished shopping at the store.

Momo: Of course, I immediately ask him to mentor me. If only he’d arrived sooner!
And what’s with Papa, waiting until Daichi bought something before texting me?


Satoshi: Momo’s done with Artistic Prodigy around 4:30 am.
However, we don’t earn 2,500 perk points for the last perk until 5.

After I buy Cheaper Restocking then sell the shop for $117,043, my bloodline requirements are complete!
Let’s rush home and cake up my little angel, folks!

Momo: I age up into a self-assured Chief of Mischief.
Really? There isn’t another more palatable aspiration I can choose?

You need an aspiration where you can stay near home so your portrait will get painted.
Or how about Outdoor Enthusiast? Spend 2 days doing stuff in Granite Falls then sleep in a tent for 5 days?

Momo: Thank my lucky stars I resemble my mother!
Satoshi: Gee, thanks!

Momo: With this hair, though, I obviously look waaaayyyy cooler than Mom.
Erina: Gee, thanks!

Satoshi: My adorable little Momo, Chief of Mischief. It can’t be helped. *sighs
Pose for your portrait, do your homework, then go wreak havoc in the hood!

Momo: Let’s see…Do 10 Mischievous or Mean Interactions, Be Despised by 2 Sims.
I can combine those goals with my move-out requirements, maybe.

First up is Mint Dinero, who needs no introduction by now.

Momo: To kill two birds with one stone, I decide to talk trash to Mint about my target Zanna.

I’m flabbergasted. When did I even have time to get so friendly with Ruki Zanna!?
Incredible! I’m closer to that vampire than I am to Grandpa Bjorn!

Oh well, that’s one good friend down, eh?

Momo: It takes forever and a half to declare Mint Dinero my enemy.
I initially make the mistake of using mischievous interactions for my aspiration.
But they result in a “pleasant conversation.”

So I switch to one mischief social every two or three mean socials.
And now, Mint Dinero and I despise each other. Nice!

Momo: Sorry, Ms. Laura! But you’re not only Zanna blood but you’re also much less scary than a vampire!

Laura: I never realized until recently what poor Lio had been going through!

Momo: Please help, Watchette! Papa’s about to disrupt our fight!
Watchette to the rescue! *cancels Satoshi’s flirty introduction

Momo: Really, Papa!? I am risking life and limb here and you choose a flirty introduction?
Punish him, Watchette! Punish him harshly for all of our sakes!
Hahaha, that look on Satoshi’s face!

Momo: Now that Papa’s been banished and I can properly focus, I declare Laura Zanna my enemy! Grrrrr.

On the minus side, making these two enemies takes ten whole hours. TEN!!!
On the plus side, I’ve already reached Level 5 Mischief. Worth it!

Elsa: My life’s been more fun since Momo’s teen birthday.
She spends more time with me than anyone else in the house does.

We monkey around and joke to help level her mischief skill.
But Momo always makes sure to be friendlier with me than she is mischievous.


Elsa: Ssshhhh! Tell no one you saw me here at the park at 5:30 am.
I’m on a very important mission!

We’ve brought Uncle Satoshi, too, so we don’t get in trouble for breaking curfew.

Satoshi: So this is where Lio Zanna died. I can’t say I’ll miss him.

Should I release his spirit to the Netherworld? Nah.
I’ll leave the decision to do that or revive him up to the Zannas.

I wonder why the girls wanted to come here at this unheavenly hour?

Momo: Shocking that I’ve climbed to the final tier of Chief of Mischief already, right?
I still have a bunch to do before I’m done and I’ll only have time to clog this one drain before school.
But it’s a great start, amirite?

Satoshi: I agree that it’s a great idea for the three of us to spend more time together.
Maybe next time, we can go out in the afternoon after you get home for school.

Elsa: Excuse me, sir. Aren’t you Count Vladislaus Straus IV?
What’s a nice vampire like you doing in a place like this?

Vlad: I had to take out a second mortgage on my house and the payments are killing me!

Momo: Well, okay, I can make time for a second drain this morning!


Current Week 9 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL
Store: Satoshi’s Comeback, resale value: $117,043
Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 10)
Retail perks (5/5): done

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Toddler skills: L5 Communication and Thinking; L3 Potty
Child aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: 
Enemies: Mint Dinero and Laura Zanna
*Incomplete move-out requirements: 
Teen Job: Retail (Level 2)
A in High School: B
Museum Portrait: not yet
Chief of Mischief: Tier IV of IV
Skills: Mischief (L6) and Violin (zero)
Collection: not yet (paintings x7)
Good Friends: (Yukio Soma; Ruki Zanna, 2 more)

Rivals 9.93: Momo Finds Her Mojo

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