Rivals 9.93: Momo Finds Her Mojo

Rival Cowfolks of Newcrest: Satoshi Soma (2/3)

Week 9/Tuesday

Elsa: I’ve never visited this art museum in Willow Creek before, Uncle Satoshi!
It’s so nice!

Satoshi: I agree, Elsa. And I hear there’s really great fishing behind the museum.
I’m glad Momo suggested that we come here!

Momo: Well, what do you know?
I did have time to clog a third drain before my first day of school!

Sofia: Momo and Elsa return home at the last minute then quickly get ready for school.
I didn’t even notice that Nikolaj’s birthday notice had arrived until they left!

Happy birthday, little man!

Sofia: Nikolaj ages up with this hairstyle which, I think, really suits him.
He loves the outdoors.

Momo: I only have 3 hours between school and my retail job that starts at 6.
If I can reach Level 2 Charisma, I’ll receive a guaranteed job promotion.
So I invite my friend Makoto Yamaguchi over to socialize.

Although Makoto becomes my good friend, I couldn’t ding Level 2 Charisma, even after three hours!
Meanwhile, Ruki Zanna phones me about hanging out together. How do I even know him?

Bjorn: Despite the circumstances, I’m quite delighted to finally have a male Bjergsen heir!

Momo: After work, I meet Meredith Mixon not far from our house.
She dresses like a vampire wannabe, but she has a great sense of humor!

Momo: She even lets me use my voodoo doll on her!  We become good friends.
She’s a mean, romantic vegetarian but, she’s such a good sport, her traits don’t matter to me.


Momo: Both Mama and Auntie Clara have been painting portraits of me.
I favor my facial expression in the portrait by Auntie Clara on your right.

The portrait on your left, painted by Mama, however, is worth $9,540.
This one will be my museum portrait.

Momo: After school, I immediately invite over the founder Yukio Soma.
He looks so youthful! Hard to believe that he’s my great-great-grandfather in those destroyed denim shorts!

Momo: Just like yesterday, I have only 3 hours before my part-time job starts.
Would mentoring be the best way to get friendly with the founder?

My museum collection will be paintings, so this works out perfectly!

Momo: You have no idea how stressed out I feel about finishing everything in time!
Well, yeah, today I earned an A in high school and maxed my Retail Employee job.

But I still need 3 more Mischief levels, a second maxed skill plus good friends with the founder.
And don’t EVEN get me started on my museum collection. Arrrgggghhh!


Momo: I’ve been spamming Mischief moves ever since returning from work last night.
Papa’s been a great sport and our conversation has remained pleasant.
Other household members have helped out by rallying the troops as needed.

I’m seriously feeling the sting of not having the Happy Toddler boost for skilling!
Are Morning Sim and Night Owl traits even working?

Momo: At 6 pm, I max Mischief and Chief of Mischief, also earning the Problem Child achievement!

Unbelievable! Those last three Mischief levels took me 21 hours! *cries

Momo: I’ve invited Grandma Jun along with us to San Myshuno’s Casbah Gallery.
I’m pretty sure she has the Mentor trait which I’m hoping has more punch than simply hiring an Entertainer.

Grandma Jun and I have started at 7 pm. Pray for me that this goes faster than Mischief skilling!

Sofia: What luck! I run into that guy who used to shop at Satoshi’s store!
He’s an adult named Ali Mandir and he’s a Bro, like me!

Sofia: Ali is also very handsome! C’mon, tell me your traits, sweetheart!

I learn that he’s unemployed and single.
An ambitious, insider, bro!  I could live with that! *starts flirting in earnest

Sofia: My cherished Nikolaj is doing well in school and his aspirations.

When this challenge ends, I plan to move out with Nikolaj to somewhere quieter.

Sofia: What Nikolaj and I will need, however, is a real man around the house.
We both deserve more than a mere baby daddy.

I want Nikolaj to grow up with a father who helps raise him. Ali, are you the one we seek?


Satoshi: Around 2 am, I notice that a vampire break-in is happening.
The only two vampires in Casbah Gallery right now are Ayaka Mori and the ghost of Lio Zanna.

Ayaka is not slinking around the Gallery so could it be Lio’s ghost!?
Makes me regret not releasing your spirit to the Netherworld! It’s not too late!

Momo: Grandma Jun mentored me in Piano all the way from Level 0 to 10, bless her heart!
Three cheers for reward traits, mentoring, and a supportive lot trait!
I get home in time to phone in another vacation day from school.

Now that I’m good friends with The Soma Founder, all that remains is my museum collection.
I was starting to despair there for a while, but it looks like I’m gonna be able to move out tomorrow night after all!


Current Week 9 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Toddler skills: L5 Communication and Thinking; L3 Potty
Child aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
*Completed move-out requirements: 
Enemies: Mint Dinero and Laura Zanna
Museum Portrait: $9,540
A in High School: A
Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
Teen aspiration: Chief of Mischief (done)
Skills: Mischief and Piano (both Level 10)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Ruki Zanna, Makoto Yamaguchi, Meredith Mixon
*Incomplete move-out requirements: 
Collection: not yet (paintings x7)

Rivals 9.94: Momo Makes Her Move(s)

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