Rivals 9.96: Uncontrollable

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Ayato Zanna (2/4)


Laura: Not long after midnight, Poppy is ready to age up.
Alfonso: Great job helping Poppy max her traits, Laura!

Alfonso: Oh no! This is simply terrible!
Laura: What do you mean, darling? Poppy is a gorgeous little girl!

Alfonso: I know! I’ll need to escort her to and from school every day to protect her from unscrupulous boys!
Laura: *rolls eyes

Ayato: Well, now that Poppy’s aged up, it’s time for an outing!

Ruki: Why am I not surprised that we end up at Kendall Roberts’ home?

Ayato: Look, little Cade came out just to say hello to you, Ruki!
Ruki: Sure, he did!

Ayato: Enough with the attitude, Ruki! Thing is, you need to do five upgrades for Nerd Brain.
However, Masato and Alfonso have already insta-upgraded all the appliances at our place.

Ruki: I see! So I can complete my five-upgrade goal here instead of running all over town.
Ayato: Exactly!

Alonzo Brothers: You vampires are so odd, but thanks for adding Self-cleaning and Auto-Soap Dispenser to that sink!

Ayato: In addition, Poppy can play on the nearby space gym.

Poppy: I can finish my first milestone right here, right now!

Poppy: But why is it so dark out? And where are the other kids?
Alfonso: It’s late because we were all waiting for you to age up, Poppy.

Laura: And Papa and I are here to play with you, darling.

Ayato: You know, of course, that we’re actually here so I can befriend and age up my son, Julien.

Julien: So this is my father! What a relief to know that I won’t look like Grandpa Alonzo!
My father smells so nice and he has a certain je ne sais quoi.

What? You think I shouldn’t know any French?
Mother listened to language tapes while I was incubating!

Makoto: While Papa continues practicing bar flair on his beloved portable bar, I chill with Cade.
Since we’re not family, I’m quite surprised I have to option to teach Cade to talk.

Well, Uncle Ayato was saying that this household was a bit bugged.
Spending time with Cade makes me think that having a kid or two of my own wouldn’t be bad…

Alonzo Brothers (left): So, I’ve been asking around and these Zannas are insanely rich.
Aaliyah Brothers (right): Yeah, I heard the same thing while tending bar at Pan Europa the other night.

Alonzo: Maybe Ayato will buy that huge 64×64 lot in Countryside Windenberg for Kendall and their kids.
Aaliyah: When he builds us an in-law cottage and asks us to move in, let’s initially pretend we don’t want to be a burden.
Alonzo: Why would you want to move in with them, Aaliyah? You hate kids, remember?

Ayato: Julien and I are good friends at last, so I age him up.  He’s the cutest of Kendall’s children!
On your left are the green-eyed twins who don’t resemble each other at all.
For comparison, there are shots of me (upper) and my son Ruki (below).

Ayato: Cade and Faith always look a little cross, but Julien is a real charmer!

It’s a shame we won’t be around to watch these three children grow up.

Ruki: Makoto and I get back from school at 3 pm, the same time Papa and Auntie Laura finish work.
I should have received an “A” today but come home feeling Enraged (+50 Angry) instead.

When I pop the whim to drink uncontrollably from Auntie Laura, Papa quickly sends me inside.

Ayato: But Ruki flies back out in bat form and starts mesmerizing Auntie Laura.
I have no options to stop him except to pick up the phone to travel to Grandpa Massimo’s home.

While he drinks a moodlet solver there, I check his moodlets and discover I was too late.

Ruki: Arrrgggh, I feel horrid. Now I’m not only Enraged but also have the Guilty Drinker (+50 Tense) moodlet!
Ayato: You have no idea how deeply you’ve disappointed me today, Ruki.

Ruki: But, but, but I was Enraged and I couldn’t control myself.
Ayato: Do you remember Makoto also came home Enraged yesterday? He didn’t spin out of control like you!

If you don’t watch yourself, Ruki, the Zannas will disown you at the end of this challenge.
Thanks to Auntie Laura’s Deluxe Easels and her portraits of you, you don’t need to lift a finger for your museum collection.
Now go home and get ready for work. You’re poised for a career promotion tonight, but you’ll probably mess that up, too.

Laura: I have to tell you what that scoundrel Ruki just did to me, Alfonso! *whispers
Alfonso: After all we’ve been done for him? What an ungrateful jerk! What do you want to do?

Laura: I have no beef with the rest of the family, so I’d like us to stay here until the end of this week.
But I believe it’s time we leave east Newcrest. There’s no reason for us to be living in Vampire Central.

Laura: Ruki will live forever, darling, but you and I will not.
No way I would ever leave our precious Poppy alone in the same house as that uncouth Ruki!

Alfonso: I’ve lost any desire to continue mentoring him for his last three Logic levels, but I’ll do it for Ayato’s sake.

Ruki: Now that I’ve calmed down, I’m so ashamed about what happened earlier today.
I can’t even apologize to Auntie Laura and Uncle Alfonso. I feel so bad…

Will no one believe me when I say that I wasn’t myself?

Just one little bit of good news: I maxed my Fast Food job and will surely get an “A” tomorrow.


Makoto: I stay home from school today and catch up to Ruki at Tier IV of the Nerd Brain aspiration.
Congrats on earning that “A” today, Ruki!

Ruki: How the heck did you catch up with me? I started last Saturday morning.
You started a whole day later than me on Sunday morning plus you have Level 6 Gardening!
Makoto: True, but I’m a Top-Notch Toddler with the Mentally Gifted trait.

Ruki: My Logic is Level 9 and yours is Level 7, but still…

Ayato: Now that Ruki’s done with Nerd Brain, I’d like to talk with the two of you.
I want you to know that, after this week, I’ll be moving away from Newcrest to start a new family with Kendall.

Since Ruki will be moving out, you are both welcome to this house, if you wish.
It’s my gift to you, Masato, for all your support and friendship.

Masato: That’s so generous of you, Ayato. I’ve really been wanting to live with my lady, Ulrike, and our daughter.
I’d love to invite them both to live here with me. You’ll stay with us, too, right, Makoto?

Ayato: Doesn’t Makoto have his eye on a lavender-haired young lady who stole his first kiss?
Makoto: I do and she did, but then she aged up and I’m still a teen so I don’t know what to do right now.

Ayato: Invite her over and ask her to be your BFF, dude! Rumor has it Sofia Bjergsen’s teenage son also lives in Momo’s household.
Masato: Seriously!? Momo aged up Sofia’s love child into a teen!?


Current Week 9 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna 
Traits: Inquisitive; Cheerful, Music Lover
*Completed move-out requirements:
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Nobuya Yamaguchi, Ritvik, Srivastava, Shaurya Nair
Portraits (2/2): $13,977 (normal: $7,900; dark: $6,077)
Teen career: Fast Food (Level 3)
“A” in high school: yes
Aspiration: Nerd Brain (done)
*Incomplete move-out requirements: 
Skills: Logic (Level 10) and Cooking (Level 3)
Collection (0/7):
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Rivals 9.97: The Last Museum Contribution


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