DD 3.20: Let Them Eat Cake!

Warning: Extreme silliness ensues. Proceed at your own risk!

Week 16/Day 106 (Sunday)

Daia: Before we get to today’s happenings, I’d like to talk about something really important that happened on Friday.

After discovering that Morgan had packed up and moved out Friday afternoon, I consulted Kage about our next steps.
We agreed to invite over our co-worker, Bjorn Bjergsen, right away.
Kage and I work at the S.I.M.S. Agency with Bjorn Bjergsen so we know him quite well. Also, our families go way back!
When our founder Satoru first moved to that island off Windenberg, Bjorn and his wife Claire were part of the Welcome Wagon.

Anyway, we asked Bjorn if he’d allow his daughter to live with us. And he agreed!
This type of bait-and-switch invitation is no doubt considered “cheesing,” but I have to be honest and admit that I’m fine with it. I did it with Yuki Behr as well and may do it once more.
I am not scoring my challenge; I absolutely adore all the sims in the family (even Bathrobe Erika); and I’m am enjoying how the family grows and changes as much as—or dare I say, even more than—lifting the career locks. 

Sofie: Nice to meet everyone! My name’s Sofie Bjergsen. I attend the same high school as Naoto and Mauricio.
I joined the Teen/Fast Food right after moving in, since that seems to be my reason for being here.

Naoto: Welcome to the family, Sofie!  Now, back to Sunday!
Hey, readers, I bet you’ve been waiting to hear the juicy gossip about Morgan, eh?
Mauricio: Seriously, Naoto?! I believe you heard that gossip from me!  Sheesh. I’ll tell the story, okay?

This morning, Siobhan gets a phone call from her hubby Sasuke, inviting her to his birthday party.
That’s weird! I have ageing disabled for townies, so why would Sasuke have a birthday party? 

Mauricio: Anyway, Siobhan takes all of us along with her over to the Fyres for the birthday party.
That’s where I run into Morgan!
What happened to you, girl?  We’ve all been so worried about you!
Morgan: You know that Gavin and I became good friends while I was still a teen, right?
Well, I invited him over after my birthday on Friday.
One thing led to another and we ended up getting married and eloping.
When I realized I was pregnant, though, I felt too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I just left.
Of course, there’s no hiding it now.

Mauricio: Whooaaa!  Morgan,  you’ve only been gone a little over 24 hours!
Morgan: You wanna feel the baby, Mauricio?
She’s already second-trimester huge because she took a pregnancy test before leaving, I think. 

Mauricio: All that happened while I was painting? So, you’re living back here now?
Morgan: After the baby is born, Gavin and I will decide where we’ll live together.
For now, though, it’ll be easier to have a child here, where my parents and Sasuke can help out.

Daia: I’m upstairs at the Fyres’ listening to music, when I suddenly get a pop-up: “Sasuke: Happy birthday to me!”
When I run to the kitchen, Uncle Sasuke is celebrating his elder birthday all alone.

Oh my gosh, what was the point of having Sasuke move out before his elder birthday!?
I just checked my settings and they are “Auto Age (Played Sims): Active Household Only” and “Auto Age (Unplayed Sims: No.”
I might have changed my settings for a tournament challenge and not change them back immediately. Oh well. 

Naoto: Hehe, sorry I missed Uncle Sasuke caking up, but have you seen the Fyres’ home gym?
We don’t have space for a weightlifting machine at our place, so I ask Kage to mentor me during the party.

Siobhan: After the party, Sasuke comes back to Newcrest with me to renew our marital vows.
I’m really eager to be done with this career so I can move back to my family home.
Not only do I miss Sasuke and our kids, I also miss sleeping in a real bed!

Karina: I maxed Mental tonight and want to work on Logic but my parents are at work and no one else can help me.
That’s when I saw Great-Uncle Sasuke here and asked him to mentor me!
Sasuke, Kenta, Erika, and Yuki all have maxed Logic and Fitness. Unless it’s late at night, I will never use a housemate to mentor these two skills again.
For fitness, we could always go befriend the three gym trainers (one at each gym), too. 

Naoto: I’ve been chatting a little everyday with that cougar, Zoe Patel, who I met last Sunday at The Roomies.
It’s been a week and we’re friends now, so when I become a young adult on Thursday…
What are her stats, pet? 
Naoto: I only know she’s clumsy, Watchette.

Let me go check the forum. Hmmm, she’s also a cheerful goofball. The forum says she’s unemployed. 
Naoto: Yeah, that’s what she told me and Morgan last week, too…no job.
Let me check your relationship panel. Good grief, she works from 10am to 4pm as a Criminal/Boss, which makes her Level 6. Hmmmm, hmmm.
Nope, I think you should do it, Naoto. The skill requirement is Level 10 Mischief; Zoe is Level 1 but you’re already Level 8.
Plus, you’re close to maxing Charisma. In the last several levels with only 2-3 workdays a week, you’d get promoted more quickly than Zoe.
I mean, you could still date her, if you want, but we won’t be moving her in, okay? 

Naoto: *sulks

Sorry about that, Naoto. I don’t feel like leveling Mischief for another sim. You’re the last! 

Day 107 (Mon) 

Daia: Karina is such a daddy’s girl. She even looks rather like him and shares some of his mannerisms.
By the way, Kage got promoted to Level 9 [Redacted] Sunday night and is wearing his new uniform in the third shot.
Anyway, I’m really hoping our son will resemble his father, rather than me. *crosses fingers
Oh darn! Now I wish that I’d thought to make all the portraits of the household members wearing their top-level career uniforms! 

Kage needs to do mischievous interactions as the daily task for his last two levels.  *groans
Nope, Naoto. You are definitely the last one in the household to level up Mischief! 

Kage: Daia’s been so busy telling you about what’s happening with the rest of the family that she neglects to share our news with you.
We’re both so excited!

Day 108 (Tue) 

Daia: I phoned in fake sick today although I have 7 vacation days to spare.
I’m taking it easy and just hanging around the neighborhood since my baby is due today.
Who should I meet by the riverside but Auntie Erika! She’s looking happy and healthy!

Daia: Soon after the kids all come home from school, I go into labor.
Kage’s already back from work, but I decide to have the baby at home since Siobhan’s still at work.
We welcome this little boy into our home. His name is Go.

Daia: Kage is holding Go for the first time. He’ll only be a baby for two days!

Kage: You only see us at home but you’ve never seen the power couple at work.
At the S.I.M.S. Agency, Daia and I are actually the highest-ranking agents in the Diamond Agent and Villain Branches, respectively.

Yuki: When the whole gang came over to visit last night, I heard from my daughter Daia that Karina would be aging up tomorrow.
I can’t believe my little grandaughter will soon be a teenager!

Day 109 (Wed) 

Daia: Was this really necessary, Kage?
When a father says he’s planned some entertainment for his daughter’s teen birthday, this isn’t what anyone usually expects.
Kage: Well, that’s strange. In my first job, the young ladies always seemed to really like..uh…erm…ehhh *clears throat
Yes, dear, you’re absolutely right, my darling Daia.

Mauricio: I can’t believe I let your dad talk me into this, Karina! Unlike your dad and Naoto, I’m only Level 1 Fitness!
And do you realize I even saw a girl from our high school tonight?
Naoto: Seriously, dude? What happened?
Mauricio: Uh, she wanted to exchange phone numbers…

Kage: *whispering  Anyhow, it’s your birthday, Karina. What did you think? Were you entertained?
Karina: Hahaha, oh Dad! I’m pretty sure I’ll be super popular at high school, with all the girls wanting to meet my “family.” *rolls eyes
Never fear, dear readers!  This is a special, one-time event for laughs; “The Dancers” will not make a reappearance.  ;) 

Tremain the Trashcan: Oh look who’s coming our way! It’s the lovely Siobhan!
Gned the Gnome: Well, well, Siobhan, you are certainly looking fiiine tonight! What are you doing here?
Siobhan: I somehow ended up at the club tonight in my work outfit.
It was so embarrassing! We did a group dance for Karina on her birthday, but everyone except me wore party clothes!
Mel the Mailbox: So you’re going clubbing again tonight?
Siobhan: Oh no, it’s much too late for that! Watchette feels bad about my being in a suit at the party.
She likes this dress I was wearing at Sasuke’s birthday party and asked to take a shot of me in it.
So stunning! 

Day 110 (Thu) 

Kage: Go ages up to a child this afternoon. Like Karina, Go has my eyes.
In fact, people say he looks a lot like me. *swells with pride
Daia: Yeah, it makes me wonder what happened to my genes! *sulks
I’m also surprised, Daia, that your daughter doesn’t look more like you.
But I have to confess: I deeply hope that Go will continue to resemble Kage as he grows older! 

Kariina: Since I’m going to become an Athlete/Bodybuilder, the household has started spending time at the gym or spa more.
Daia: Naoto, I think you should just use the treadmill from now on. You got really bulky from the weightlifting machine!
Siobhan, Sofie, Karina, and I all believe a slimmer build would suit you better. Like my Kage, he’s perfect!
Kage: *preens
Naoto: You four ladies have been talking about me? *blushes

Kage: You know, this place is called Perfect Balance Spa but none of the spas or gyms are perfectly balanced.
Perfect Balance Spa needs less massage space and more fitness machines, while none of the gyms have baths.
When I get fatigued, I’d like a muscle-relaxing bath so I can work out again before going home.
Also, I love the little kitchen area at the Harbor Gym!
Mauricio: Oh well, once you max your Villain career, all this won’t matter, will it?
Our house will be so fabulous that we’ll only need to leave it for socializing, fishing, harvesting, and clubbing!
Kage: Don’t forget! We’re waiting on Naoto to eliminate our payoffs to the mob! And we still can’t buy quality stuff until Startup Entrepreneur unlocks.

Daia: By the way, congratulations on your young adult birthday, Naoto! Hurry up and get a job, slacker!
Naoto: Back off, big sis! You are talking to a Level 3 Ring Leader!

Siobhan: Did everyone hear that that Morgan had a little girl?
I checked my relationship panel today and her baby girl is a child now. Can we go visit my family?
Kage: Sure, just let me make sure that Sofie is optimally prepared for work from 5 pm!
She’s only got one more level left and might even finish on Saturday!
Sofie: Does that mean I can go home then?
You bet! 

Mauriocio:  Hey look outside, over there! I’ve never seen that little girl in our neighborhood before.
Kage: Let me teleport over there and introduce myself.
Amanda: Hi! My name is Amanda Fyres. I live with my mother, grandparents, Uncle Sasuke, and cousins in Windenberg.
Ooooh, she’s got Morgan’s green eyes! 

Day 111 (Fri) 

Siobhan: Hey, Kage! Congratulations on your adult birthday today! Will you cake up?
Kage: Nah, I’m putting it off as long as possible but I have to age up before I leave for work today since my age bar’s bubbling already.
Siobhan: Well, I hope Sasuke and Daia won’t mind me saying that you look as hot as ever!
Kage: The ageing process is just too depressing, to be honest. Please, no photos today, only autographs!
*whispers:  Hey, Watchette, you’ve saved a copy of the young adult me in your Library, right?

Siobhan: Daia, I’m so blue, girl! I’m becoming an adult really, really soon!
Daia: Oh that’s nothing! All my kids are growing older! My husband just caked up to an adult this afternoon, but I’ll be an elder in another week or so!
Siobhan: Awwww.  You know, I really don’t feel like having any pictures taken of me today, Daia.  Do you?
Daia: Agreed.  We’re ending this chapter right now, right here! No more photos!


Career Recap as of Friday morning

Daia (Gen3 heir): Level 10/10, Secret Agent/Diamond Agent
Kage (Gen3 spouse): Level 10/11, Secret Agent/Villain
Siobhan (Gen2 spare’s spouse): Level 9/10, Business/Investor
Sofie (visitor): Level 2/3, Teen/Fast Food
Naoto (Gen3 spare): Level 3/10, Criminal/Boss
Mauricio (teen)
Karina (teen)
Go (child)

It looks like Sofie and Siobhan will be moving back to their family homes soon.
And although this update is entitled “Let Them Eat Cake,” I ended up not showing any birthday cake scenes at all.
Nevertheless, five out of the eight household members celebrated a birthday this week, without counting Go’s actual day of birth.

In the next update, several sims move out (again) and several sims move in to replace them (again). And the house!

DD 3.21: A New Home

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