DD 4.22: Why So Mean?

Week 18/Day 120 (Sunday)

Hello, my name is Tao, Tao Kaneda. I’m the newest addition to this household so Watchette says I should talk with y’all so we could, you know, get to know each other better.

Anyway, I wasn’t that surprised when Kage invited me to move in last night, since Sara is already here.
I mean, that’s the whole purpose of ageing Sara and me up in The Bin, right?
People say that Kage is an absolutely vicious Villain, but he’s shown me nothing but kindness.
He helped me with my homework as soon as I moved in.

And no, don’t confuse me with one of those not-so-appealing sims who conceal their flaws with cc hair.
I just couldn’t find another hairstyle with the right shade of pink, you know?
And by the way, if you think Watchette obsesses over Kage, you ain’t seen nothing yet…
Kage: Seriously, Watchette? Now that I’m adult, you would cast me aside for…a little teenager?
Watchette: *pretends not to hear 

In case you don’t remember, here’s the current household at breakfast.
In the last chapter, Sofie Bjergsen, Siobhan Fyres, and Daia Sanada (Gen3 heir) maxed their careers and moved out.
In their places, Amanda Fyres (daughter of Morgan Fyres and Gavin Richards), Sara Shin, and I moved in.
Daia’s husband Kage cleared his career already but he’s staying behind to help mentor us.
Gen3 Naoto with the tattoos and Mauricio are young adults; Karina, Sara, and I are teens; and Gen4 heir Go and Amanda are both children.

Any of you interested in some really juicy gossip?
It’s about Mauricio Landgraab, the awesome Nancy Landgraab’s son with The Founder, Satoru.
When I lived across the street, Mauricio always greeted me whenever we met in the neighborhood.
He’s a very chill dude who loves music. But…..
Seems like those quiet, innocent-looking types are the most unpredictable!

I’d heard from Sara that, last week, Watchette and Kage laid down the law to Mauricio about not dating Karina.
But last night after I moved in, I saw Mauricio in the indoors garden, looking into the Focused Room.
At the time, I wondered why he was smirking at Kage who was in the other room and didn’t notice Mauricio.

Well, I found out why this morning, people! Check out these photos I found under the stairs.
Karina’s still a teen now, so this first photo has to be from four days ago or earlier, while Mauricio was still a teen.
Looks like she asked him to exchange promise rings!

This second photo’s the clincher! Technically speaking, I guess we couldn’t call that a “date,” eh?
See what I mean? Gotta watch out for those quiet types like Mauricio! Looks like Karina is really into him, too!
What? You want to know why I was snooping under the stairs? Just checking out my new home, yo.

Strangely, Mauricio’s wearing shades in an indoor hot tub! Did he think no one would spot him?
Nah. I’d initially planned the swimwear as a poolside look, but I’ve since removed the shades from everyone’s swimwear outfit. 

So, after I show the photos to Kage, Kage contacts Watchette to discuss what to do next.
(I’m not normally a snitch, you know, but Kage’s my sponsor here, okay?)
Great news! They decide to give their blessings to Karina and Mauricio as a couple, though Karina won’t be a young adult until Tuesday.
Watchette checks their relationship status: Lovers, Best Friends, Soulmates, Promised.
Yep, there was never any hope of stopping that ship!

Late in the afternoon, Kage takes us all to the gym.
We go to the gym in Oasis Springs, since that neighborhood also has a playground, grilling, and fishing.
We’re lucky to catch the gym trainers between shifts and end up with Kage and two gym trainers mentoring us.
Some weird moustached guy in a towel tries flirting with Sara. Good luck with that, dude! (I know I’ve seen him somewhere…)
And you can’t see them in this shot, but Bella Goth is giving Naoto a sizzling stare.
Kage: Yeah, that’s right. Naoto has always been a cougar magnet, even in his teens!
Tao: I guess this household causes a stir wherever it goes.

Day 121 (Mon) 

Tremain the Trashcan: Oh, there goes the new addition to the household, Tao Kaneda. So that’s the new obsession?
Mel the Mailbox: Shhhh, not so loud! Watchette might hear you! But yeah, Tao’s her bias these days.
Gned the Gnome: Well, Tao does have sentimental value! He’s from Watchette’s first immortal dynasty attempt, started back in December 2014.
The immortal dynasty founder and heirs all had lavender hair, except Tao because he was still a child when it failed.
Do you remember who the founder’s spouse was, Mel?
Mel: It was Mitchell Kalani, who chose not to dye his hair lavender.
Gned the Gnome: Long story short, Tao came from Watchette’s first of eight failed IDC attempts.
Tremain: So is that why he’s here in this challenge?
Mel: Of course, not! He’s here only because he’s cute!

Naoto: I’m a Level 7 Getaway Driver now (Criminal/Boss) and my daily task is mean interactions.
I don’t mind. I just have to pick people my household aren’t friends with.
Tao: Your “fake sad” face when you’re giving “fake bad news” is so perfect!

Naoto: And this is for being mean to my nephew Go yesterday when he was just trying to make a friend for an aspiration!
Max: Arrggghhh!

Kage: Around noon, I get a phone call from Siobhan, inviting me to her birthday party. She’s becoming an elder?
Technically, she’s my wife’s aunt but we’re close to the same age so I’ve never called her Auntie Siobhan. She would hate it, anyway.
I invite some people along and we visit Sasuke and Siobhan’s house for the first time. It’s located diagonally across from ours.
Unfamiliar with the house, we first sit down in the kitchen/dining area.
The caterer, Clare Bjergsen, decides to sit and chat with us, or to be specific, with Naoto. Sheesh.

Mauricio: The caterer’s too distracted once she notices Naoto, so we move to the living room.
Naoto: This is a great room with an amazing view! It feels strange to to have so much empty space in the room…
Kage: As you can see, I invited along my wife Daia, her brother Naoto, Mauricio, and Liberty Lee (who was visiting us).

Kage: Where’s that cougar caterer? Why hasn’t she finished baking the birthday cake yet?
Can you believe she’s followed us to the living room? She’s sitting behind us at the bar with her cutting board! *groans

Kage: My brother-in-law decides to take action.  He threatens the caterer for not baking the cake yet.
Clare: Oh gosh! You’re even hawter when you’re angry!

Mauricio: Instead of baking, she just keeps following Naoto around!
When he yells at her for not making the cake, he gets a popup from Siobhan.
“Siobhan: Why do you have to be so mean? It’s my birthday party!”
Wow, Siobhan! Don’t you realize Naoto’s chewing out the caterer for you? 
Mauricio: Poor Naoto, he’s so misunderstood. But hey, check me out in the middle, looking fly.

Naoto: I need to lighten up, so I go to chat with Liberty Lee who’s upstairs in one of the kids’ rooms.
No surprise that she’s deep into a computer game. It’s useless trying to flirt with her when she’s getting her game on.

Kage: Since I’m the only one here with the Always Welcome trait, I take matters into my own hands and bake the darn cake.
When I go to tell Siobhan to come blow out the candles, I find that she’s aged up already.

Naoto: This party is a total bust!
The caterer has been sitting in the dining room with a packet of fish & chips she’ll never prepare.
While waiting for a birthday cake, Siobhan ended up aging up all alone in her bedroom.
Meanwhile, Liberty is too busy playing some video game to chat with me.

Oh well, at least it’s great to see my sister with Kage! She looks so happy to see him.
They must really miss living together, but we really need Kage to stay a while to mentor us.

Naoto: Hey sis! You should come over and visit more often!
Daia: Who says I don’t come to visit?

Go: It’s Monday night and I just need one more child friend to complete my second aspiration!
It’s too late to invite anyone over so I try to “Chat with…” the kid Max Villareal on the computer.
We were almost friends on Sunday but he started being mean.
Bam, we’re friends! And now I’m done with Social Butterfly!

Tomorrow’s a big day!
Karina will become a young adult, get a job, and probably get engaged to Mauricio.
And me, I become a teen on Wednesday! And by the way, now that my mother Daia has moved out, I’ve officially become the Gen4 heir! Make way, folks, make way!


DD 4.23: Letting Go

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