DD 4.37: The Force Is Strong in This One

Week 23/Day 158 (Wednesday)

Tao: Now that we’ve got an incentive for gathering reward points, most of the adults in the house have started fishing.
We’re surprised to see how many townies decide to join us, including Kenta Sanada who lives just across the street from us.

Tremain the Trashcan: I’ll always be a fan of Amanda. When did she start wearing that black spacesuit?
Gned the Gnome: I’m not sure, Tremain. This house is experiencing glitches with work outfits.
Mel the Mailbox: Remember Mitch? When he maxed Mixology, he came home dressed in those Level 1 Culinary threads with the tool belt.
Tremain: Hmmm, Sara in the white spacesuit or Amanda in the black spacesuit—so hard to choose!
Mel: Oh please, the L10 Interstellar Smuggler outfit is hands-down the best work outfit in the game!

Go: My lovely Mina has been learning to play the violin. She hasn’t maxed it in time to mentor Jade or Makoa, but there’s still time.
More importantly, little Jade will eventually join the Painter/Artist of the Real career, so Mina can mentor her in painting during Jade’s teen years.

Mitch: I’m so proud of Sara! Even though she’s a genius, she managed to stay away from chess and video gaming long enough to reach Level 10 Writing.
Our boy Makoa will join the Writer/Author career and, as in the case of Jade, Sara will be mentoring Makoa in writing while he’s in high school.
Mina: Sara looks so professional, sitting there at the Journalist career desk with the Business career chair.

Sara: We really need to fire this maid! I saw her throw out a freshly made plate of experimental food (the black plate), while ignoring a half-eaten plate of breakfast scramble.
I’ve also noticed that she’ll spend an hour or so, just staring into the space in the basement. Why?

If I fire her, will we get a replacement? One way to find out.
I hear that sometimes a new maid appears, but other times no maid appears at all. We’ll see.
Sara: *fires the maid
Maid: *struts out with a smug look on her face

Sara: Good afternoon, this is Sara Kalani at Rippling Flats in Newcrest. I just dismissed our useless maid and wish to schedule a new one?
Do I have any preferences?
Well, now that you ask, I’d prefer that the maid NOT be a young woman in a French maid’s outfit. How about a young Brazilian guy, perhaps a Paolo look-alike?
Oh, you’ll see what you can do? Thanks, we look forward to meeting them!

Mitch: Today, we had two promotions in the house. Mina is now a Level 9 Patron of the Arts, while Amanda is a Level 8 Space Ranger. Way to go, ladies!
Mina: To celebrate, I asked to come here to the Italian restaurant La Bovine.
I learned the Gourmet Cooking skill lately, so I think it’d be fun if Mitch and I collaborated to learn all the experimental dishes!

Tao: As soon as we get a table, Watchette pulls a chair out from the table to get a better screenshot, causing us to reset and lose our table. Nice work, Watchette!
Mitch: I’ll go request this table again.  Sheesh.
Albert: *starts doing homework and Tao comes over to help
Watchette: *feels ashamed

Mina: Jade and Makoa are still working on their Social Butterfly aspiration, so Tao invites along his sons for our children to befriend.
That’s Kyle with the pink hair, Albert with the pink-tipped blonde hair, and Makoa being adorable.

Tao: I’m the one who extended the dinner invitations—it’s a very different crowd tonight.
Go, Sara, and Amanda stayed home to give up their places.
Besides my twins, @Nettlejuice had wanted to see the made-over Cade, Naoto’s son.
That’s Cade with the black sweater. Even without the tattoos and scar, he looks a lot like his father.

Tao (glaring): Uh, Mina, you can stop staring at Cade any time now. Also, he’s still a teenager.
Mitch: Unbelievable! Go is going to wring our necks, Tao!
Tao: Cade, the cougar magnetism runs strong in your family.
Mina: *continues to make eyes at Cade
Mitch: Tragically, La Bovine serves no experimental dishes, Mina. I thought you and I could order different dishes then taste each other’s meal at home.
Mina: *could care less about experimental dishes at the moment

Jade: Uncle Tao, I’m bored! Mom just sits there, making goo-goo eyes at Cade, and ignores me!
Tao: Hey, Mina, snap out of it and eat your meal. You’re making everyone uncomfortable.

Jade: Uncle Tao, I can’t wait till I grow up!
Tao: Why, so you can go with your family to nice restaurants?
Jade: Not that, Uncle Tao. I want a handsome, attentive husband like Dad but also have a hawt underage boyfriend like Cade…just like Mom wants!
Tao: Jade, where did you learn to talk like that!

Tao (mutters): No, no, no, Cade! Stop smiling at her like that! *groans

Mina: Did you just say something to me, Jade? I’m a little distracted this evening.
Jade: Moooom, stop staring at him. You’re embarrassing us. Sheesh, we can’t take you anywhere!
Mina didn’t actually say or do anything conspicuously inappropriate, but she stared a hole through that boy over dinner.
I thought it was bad (for Go) but hilarious at the same time. History repeats itself. 

Mitch: So, Jade, what did you think?
Jade: Well, Cade’s pretty cute for a teenager but if we held a ”Who’s the Cutest contest,” pink-haired Kyle and blonde Albert wouldn’t do too shabby, either.
Mitch: I meant the meal, Jade, the meal! What did you think about the meal?

Day 159 (Thu) 

Mina (gushes): Oooh, is that Cade walking by in his everyday outfit?
Go: Who’s Cade again?
Tao and Mitch: *whistle innocently

Jade: Makoa and I skip school today but we invite Kyle and Albert over to the house after school lets out.
Makoa: When the game ends, we spam the twins with socials until they become our friends. We’ve now completed all four aspirations.
Jade: So, Makoa, what shall we do now until our teen birthdays tomorrow night?
Makoa: I don’t know, Jade. Drink moodlet solvers and level charisma?
Without “mood rooms,” completing the four childhood aspirations pretty much took up their entire childhood.
You might think going to restaurants might have slowed things down, but that’s where they level Social. 

Mitch: You know what? If the kids are going to be up all night skilling Charisma, we might as well go to another restaurant.
We went to La Bovine the other day to celebrate Mina’s promotion. Amanda, where do you want to go to celebrate yours?
Amanda: I’ve always wanted to eat at Chez Sul Sul!

Mina: The bad news is that Chez Sul Sul doesn’t serve experimental dishes! With a name like that, you’d think they’d serve nouvelle cuisine, right?
I realize that I could have just gone in and changed all the menus to Experimental, but I’ve not gotten serious about Dining Out yet. 

Mitch: The good news is that it has a table for eight, which is good to know!
Up to know we’ve visited three other premades with a table for eight: Shimuzu and La Bovine both have an eight-sim table outdoors, while Chez Llama has a indoor table for eight sims.
Go: Other good news: the kids can spam friendly socials on six captive adults!

Tao: At the next table, you can spot Clare Bjergsen chatting up Erich Fyres, who’s sitting next to his father Sasuke. Really, Clare?
Cade better make sure to stay away from Clare!
Go: Why?
Tao and Mitch: *suddenly find their meals verrrrry fascinating

Sara: Can you see the little hearts floating down around Mitch? I can’t believe that Sasuke did an Enchanting Introduction on my husband!
Mitch: I just checked my Relationship Panel and I have a very small pink bar with Sasuke. I guess all that working out shows! *preens
Omg, omg, omg, now I’m in a Very Flirty mood. I better not look Sara in the eye…
Sara: Mitchell Kalani, stop grinning like an idiot. *mutters to herself: Hmmm, maybe I should fatten Mitch up a little, so things like this won’t happen!
I have no idea what got into Sasuke! Poor Mitch! Poor Sara! 

Day 160 (Fri) 

Mitch: We end up visiting Watchette’s Iyashi restaurant again, because we still have another day until the kids’ birthday and we’re all tired of skilling!
I just added a dresser to this restaurant. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll put a dresser in all the restaurants! 

Mina: Also, now that I’ve learned Gourmet Cooking, I’m determined to learn an experimental dish!
Mitch: Don’t forget! We’re gonna order different dishes and share once we get back home!
Sara: Mitch decided to wear his kimono and hakama (rather like culottes and worn over a kimono)—he looks quite dashing, don’t you think?

Sorry for visiting three restaurants in one update, but there’s nothng for Amanda and Mina to do until their next work day.
Plus a restaurant visit is such a great way to build Charisma and kill time simultaneously.
The next post will be very short, mainly just to share the teen makeovers of Jade and Makoa. 

DD 5.38: The Fifth Generation Teens

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