DD 4.23: Letting Go

Week 18/Day 122 (Tuesday)

Karina: Watchettes wakes everyone up this morning at 6 o’clock.
We gather downstairs and change into our party outfits.

I got the “throw a rocking birthday party” message this morning around 2:30 am, but I wanted to wait and celebrate with the entire household.

Don’t you think I look exactly the same? I’ve got Mom’s perfect nose but everything else is all Dad.
Mauricio’s behind me, looking glad that we’re both young adults now, hehe.
Sara’s looking stunning. I’m glad she tones down that hair and make-up for her everyday look, or the guys in the house would be too distracted.
Time for me to sign up for the Athlete career!

We hardly get to wear our party outfits. My Mauricio is looking fine, as always.
Dad, if Mom ever catches you looking at Sara like that, she’ll wring your neck!
Sara is just naturally elegant! She looks dainty and fragile, but she’s actually pretty tough!
Tao, is it true that Watchette gave you four different party outfits?
And Uncle Naoto—you are such a thug, lol! In high school, everyone always raves about how cool you are!

My little bro Go and Amanda look so adorable watching TV together.
Go looks so much like Father and Amanda looks like the perfect mix of Morgan and Gavin.
Note: These two will not become an item, because I have different plans for them.
Because they’re both ageing up this sim-week, though, I wanted to include close-ups of them as children. 

Karina: Thanks for getting everyone up to celebrate my birthday this morning, Watchette!
Sorry we couldn’t throw you a birthday party, but everyone’s on different schedules today.  
Karina: Now that you mention it…come here, lover boy! Hurry up before all the kids start leaving for school!
Wow, your thighs, Karina! You obviously reached your maximum body potential yesterday! 

Mauricio: Gosh, Karina, you’re feeling rather muscular today, but ravishing all the same! ❤ ❤ ❤
Karina cuteness!!! 

Hey, you two! You’re eloping? What about the wedding party? 
Karina: Think about it, Watchette. The wedding arch is downstairs in the basement.
Mauricio: A party would only remind us that we still can’t have bar drinks or listen to a stereo yet.
Karina: It’s fine! We’re just happy to be together!
We should think about throwing parties at other sims’ homes. 

Kage: Oh darn, one of the next milestones of my Big Family aspiration requires me to have four grandchildren.
That’s why it’s important to have a son first! Watchette, what were you thinking?
Obviously, I wasn’t thinking. Oh well, it hardly matters since you can’t buy reward traits without unlocking Pro Athlete.
Kage: I thought we’re stockpiling Moodlet Solvers for the Mixologist unlock.
Oops, sorry, you two! Congratulations on your wedding!
*whispers: Watchette, there’s no room in the house for them to have my grandchildren! You planned this on purpose, didn’t you?
Yep. But you knew it was coming. Of your children, only Go will have kids in this house. 

Go: Thanks! Fiiiinally, people remember that I’m the fourth-generation heir as well as this household’s reigning heir!
I’ve taken a vacation day from school today and am working on Rambunctious Scamp until tomorrow.

Gned the Gnome: Have a great evening at work, Mauricio! *waves good-bye
Tremain the Trashcan: So what’s the story with Mauricio and Karina now? I heard they were allowed to get married, but why no kids?
Mel the Mailbox: Oh, they can have kids alright but the kids will be Landgraabs, so not at this house.
Thanks for reminding me! I need to change her family name in CAS so the kids will be born Landgraabs. 
Gned: Don’t you read the memos, Tremain? Mauricio and Karina will eventually take over the Landgraab Estate in Oasis Springs.
Tremain: Oh, okay. About that, I hear that Watchette will only allow certain sim couples to have children in the house from now on.
Gned: Yeah, I heard that too. I wonder what the selection criteria are.
Mel: Oh please, you don’t know Watchette by now? Personal bias based on “aesthetic” preferences, natch.
Tremain: Anyway, how’s Mauricio doing in his career?
Gned: Pretty good. Tonight, he’ll bag the promotion to Level 5 Entertainer and go into the Musician branch.

Tao: Hey, Naoto! When you asked me to come along with you tonight, I thought it would be a guys’ night out.
What are we doing in this house in the ‘burbs of Oasis Springs?
Naoto: Sorry, Tao. I thought the trip might be educational for you. This is strictly family business.

Mauricio: So what’s the deal here?
Naoto: You remember how Zoey Patel’s been after me since I was a teenager?
Well, I was with her last week in a moment of weakness. You probably don’t even remember going after the woman I love, after Kage warned you off Karina last week.
I was so depressed that when Zoey phoned me, I came over here.
Tao: Waits, so that’s your love child? What’s his name? Did you come to age him up?
Mauricio: Man, you go ahead, Naoto. We can’t stand to watch.
Tao: Well, technicaly speaking, we’re standing but we can’t, you know what I mean?
Naoto: I’m so glad I brought you guys along for moral support.

Naoto: His name’s Keith Patel and he’s a bookworm.

Naoto: Hold on, guys. Just one more thing I need to do.
Kage (thinks to self): I see Gavin’s replaced that $10,000 computer I nicked during the kleptomaniac challenge last month! Sweet!
The Apoclaypse Challenge Rules’s Startup Entrepreneur lock prohibits the purchase and use of objects that aren’t the worst quality.
But it doesn’t say anything about swiping stuff that goes directly into family inventory.
Aaarggghh, it’s impossible to resist! Some cravings should never be denied!
Hehe, I hope Gavin won’t miss his computer since he’s, you know, an author! Mwahahahaha.
I note the empty desk where Gavin’s computer used to be, lol. 

Naoto: I know it’s late, Zoey, but could I speak to you privately for a moment?
Zoey (wonders if Naoto’s going to propose): Sure thing, sweetheart. What’s up?
Naoto: Well, I know you’re really into me and we even have a son now, but I’d like us to just be friends.

Zoey: You’ve got to be kidding me! Are you saying that I don’t mean anything to you?
Naoto: Oh please, Zoey. You know you’ve been after me for years!
Zoey: So why were you with me at all?
Naoto: Well, one, you’re extremely pushy. And two, I think I briefly succumbed to cougar magnet madness.
I should never have been with you—you aren’t who my heart truly desires.
Zoey: Well, that’s really heart-breaking!  By the way, who’s that cutie with the pink hair you brought with you?
Tao: You’re unbelievable, Naoto, you know that? You invited me along as a diversion?
Naoto: Lol, no. It just worked out that way. Too bad this challenge doesn’t allow clubs.
You and me could have started one named Cougar Magnets…  8)

Kage: Okay, one last thing before we go home! Mitchell Kalani is sleeping on the couch.
Wake him up and everyone introduce yourselves to him real nice, okay?
Tao: Awww, shucks, Watchette! Thanks for the compliment about my being a great mood-maker.
I really dig this Mitch guy—just look at much he laughs at my jokes!
When I age up to young adult, do you think I could have the Bro trait, too?

Day 123 (Wed) 

Gned the Gnome: There goes the shirtless Tao, off to his third day of high school. *waves farewell
Mel the Mailbox: Watchette! Even I’m shocked that Tao is running around shirtless in low-slung jeans! *drools slightly
Oh please! This is a scientific experiement! Tao has the Bodybuilder aspiration and will join the Pro Athlete career.
So I am monitoring his weight fluctuations, his Body Mass Index, and, uh, erm, other things. *coughs 

Tremain the Trashcan: Other things like what?
His achievements…maybe…maybe not, it depends on the rigorous criteria of the experiment, you know!
There’s no room for slacking when it comes to the advancement of sim science!
And besides, he has four different everyday outfits. What he wears is up to him (sort of). 

Gned: Yeah, yeah, we get it. He has potential assets. *rolls eyes
Well, I could have simply started him out as a young adult, but he’ll have more skills and aspiration traits if he starts out as a teen, okay? 
Mel: Hey, hey, no need to get so touchy! I certainly won’t mind seeing Tao everyday!
Strictly for the sake of the advancement of sim science, of course. *grins  What’s his Fitness level now?
*whispers: Level 6… 

Go: Helllo, people, remember me? The fourth-generaton heir of this challenge, hello?!
Would you all please tear yourselves away from the topic of Tao for a second to focus on today’s main event?
Compared to my elder sister Karina’s birthday the other day, mine is celebrated with much less confetti and only one green horn.  >:(
Tao: Well, that’s easy. It’s because there are three less celebraters!

I leap into the air, spinning and sparkling.
Tao continues singling enthusiastically, while Naoto and Sara stand there looking bored.
Remind me not to invite those two for future birthday photo shoots!
Gah, my hair looks disturbingly…large?!

Oh no! The ‘fro must go!
Aside from your 60’s afro, Go, you look remarkably similar to your father, Kage—from your large eyes to your nose to your mouth.
I’d include a shot of you with your father for comparison, but we’re hitting the image limit, so we’ll do that next time. 

A collage of a few of Go’s outfits. The athletic, sleepwear, and swimwear outfits don’t interest me as much, so I include a second everyday outfit instead.
I went pale green with his hair. I tried lavender but Go looks too much like his father to do the same color.
And Tao is already rocking the pink. Go in pale green will grow on you, I promise.


We’ve been moving through the days at a snail’s pace lately but too much is happening with this household these days to cover an entire week in one update.
I could have written an entire cheesy update just about Siobhan’s birthday party, Clare the Caterer, and her infatuation with Naoto, lol.
Amanda Fyres ages up to a teen in two-sim days, but I decided against squeezing her birthday into this chapter.
Now that more restrictions have unlocked, I can enjoy playing the sims in this household more, although I’m not writing much about the challenge per se.

By the way, I’m delighted that Go resembles his father so much but Kage has completely wiped out the Sanada genes. Karina has Daia’s cheeks, but that’s all.

Thank you very much for reading.
It motivates me to continue playing and writing about this challenge, even during those times when I feel there’s really nothing to say.

DD 4.24: Daddy’s Dirty Dancing

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