DD 4.32: Stork Watch, Part II

Week 21/Day 144 (Wednesday) 

Mitch: I’m back from strolling around the neighborhood, which didn’t do as much for my charisma as I’d hoped.
Since I’m feeling Very Happy now, though, I decide to level charisma in front of the mirror.
Yes, we all realize that this is not the fastest way to level charisma, but there are six sims in this household.
We can’t all be the object of Watchette’s attention all the time.
And did I mention that I’m feeling fabulous! What? Oh yeah, my little baby bump? I’m in my second trimester!

Go: Hey, dude, have you been reading the forum? In another simverse, you just died in an immortal dynasty.
And Grim Reaper blabbed to that hothead Kessy that you’re going to have a nooboo.
Mitch: What?  Whaaat? Kessy found out already?!  I’m ruined, ruined!!! *cringes in fear
Go: So, what you gonna do, bro? You’re not going to the Chants’ wedding, but Sara and Tao are!
Mitch: Well, technically, I got pregnant through artificial insemination…

Go: Oh no, you soooo can’t use that excuse—there’s an incriminating shot of you and Sara a few updates ago.
Mitch: Oh right, what should I do?
Go: Well, let’s hope Kessy won’t stay mad.
Watchette initially planned to add you to this house after you passed in Kessy’s story, around the time Nettlejuice started missing you.
But then Watchette got impatient and added you earlier! Are you going to be okay, Mitch?
Mitch: Yeah, deep down underneath, Kessy has a compassion as vast as the ocean.
She will feel happy for me when she sees the boy…I hope.

Day 146 (Fri) 

Mitch: Tonight’s the big night. I’m so close to my Level 9 promotion that I had Sara write an excuse note for me today.
I don’t want to have to leave work early and take a performance hit!
Watchette moved my portable bar over to where Sara is writing her novels.
Sara: Since our child will join the Writer/Journalist career, I thought I’d try to max Writing since I have all my career skills done.
And it’s nice that Mitch is practicing bar drinks nearby, so we can both enjoy the Happy +1 “Hanging with Bros” moodlet!
A shot of Mitch and his glorious third-trimester baby bump! 

Mitch: Sara, it’s time! It’s time!
*Sara continues writing her novel and doesn’t go into prenatal panic at all

Mitch: Allow me to introduce you to our son, Makoa Kalani.  His first name means “brave.”

Sara: Oh, our darling son is here! Let me hold him, too!
Actually, she would have continued writing her novel, if I hadn’t forced her to quit and come see the baby… 

Mitch: Sara, when you click on the bassinet, do you get the breast-feeding option?
Sara: No, but that’s no surprise since I’m not the one who carried him to term.
Mitch: But I’ve been clicking the bassinet ever since Makoa’s birth, and I don’t get the breast-feeding option, either.
Sara: But we’re not supposed to bottle-feed him until you clear Mixologist.
Mitch: I know. Let’s wait until Makoa starts howling to be fed.
If I can’t breast feed, I’ll just always be the one to feed him until he becomes a child on Sunday. Sound good?

Mitch: Whew, I’m beat! Thanks for rearranging the furniture for us, Watchette.
Everything I need is in one part of the room—Makoa, Sara, a sofa, the bar, and Sara’s computer!

Day 147 (Sat) 

A little while after midnight… 
Mina: Hey, Go, stop working for a minute and come over here! I’m in my third trimester now, you know!
Go: Whoa, it’s a good thing you’re due in a few hours. You must feel so uncomfortable!

Mina: Do you want to feel the baby, my adorable family-oriented sim?
Go: Dag, dag, nooboo!

Mina: Gah, I’m so uncomfortable!
Go: Can I give you a massage!
Mina: Yes!  Erm, it’s actually my lower back that’s aching, not my shoulders. But I’ll take it!

Mina: *autonomously blows kisses at Go.
That massage puts me in the mood!

Go: You little vixen! We need to nap so we can wake up when the little one arrives! Now you’ve done it! *becomes Very Flirty
Go and Mina are going strong! Theirs is a pairing that I’d planned from the very start.
But it’s too late to take your naps now, you silly sims! 

Mina: Around 1:30, I go into labor so Watchette sends me and Go into the other room.
Go doesn’t go into a prenatal panic at all. In fact, he stands facing the wall in a very flirty mood.

Mitch: I wake up to hear Makoa crying. I’ve been holding off feeding him, hoping to get the breast-feeding option.
It hasn’t appeared so I am forced to bottle-feed him. I wonder how Go can be so calm over there.
In fact, what’s with this house and the lack of prenatal panic?
There you go, Makoa. What a handsome boy you are!

Mina: Go remains looking the other way, as I huff and puff my way through the contractions.

Mina: Finally, Watchette sends him over to me, but he just stands there grinning like an idiot.
Go: I’m still feeling flirty and I just popped a whim to watch Romance TV.
These must be the weirdest home deliveries I’ve ever seen in Sims 4! 

Mina: Just when I think I can’t stand the pain a moment longer, she arrives!  She’s perfect!
What shall we name her, Go?
Go: I want to name her “Hisui,” which means Jade. On second thought, let’s just name her “Jade,” even though that’s the name of the founder’s wife.

Jade: What’s with all the loud music? Why is Mom holding me right in front of a speaker?
Doesn’t she realize how sensitive my hearing is right now? Sheesh?
Whatever! I have arrived and I will be gorgeous! Now, let Dad hold me!

Jade: Ouch!!! Hey, pay attention, please! I know you’re not supposed to be holding me like this!

Jade: Pfft, don’t think I’ve forgiven you already for dangling me by the leg!
Mitch: Hey, folks, I finally got the option to breast feed Makoa after 4.5 hours.
I wonder if I’d needed to bottle-feed him once first.

Go: Hello, my beautiful little girl! Do you know why your name is Jade?
When you grow up, you’re going to have green hair, just like me!
Jade: Thanks. Whatever. I’m hungry. Got milk?

Mina: By the time I feed Mina then crawl into bed, its 3 in the morning.
I’m so glad I don’t work tomorrow!
Watchette, can you make me a little setup like Mitch’s? You know–bassinet, easel, sofa?


DD 4.33: The Last Generation

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