DD 4.24: Daddy’s Dirty Dancing

Just another update with a suggestively misleading title!  

Week 18/Day 124 (Thursday)

Hi! My name’s Amanda Fyres. I’ve hardly gotten any attention in this story so far.
And it’s no wonder! My auntie Siobhan is the spouse of the Gen2 spare Sasuke.
My mother (Morgan) is Auntie Siobhan’s younger sister who only cleared a teen career.
My father Gavin’s so uninmportant that he doesn’t even get a portrait in our Family Echo family tree. Hmmph!
Unlike my mother, though, I’m being raised to clear an adult career, so there!

Tomorrow’s my teen birthday and I’m taking today off from school to work on aspirations.
Would you like to spend the day with me, even if I don’t have ripped abs or pastel hair? Hmm?

Gned the Gnome: There goes Go on his first day of high school!  He sure grew tall in a hurry!
Tremain the Trashcan: The other day, @Nettlejuice remarked on Tao leaving for high school shirtless. Do we need to explain that?
Mel the Mailbox: The Sanada family and friends have contributed so much toward improving living conditions in our simverse.
To honor their efforts, the Simverse Center for Genetic Excellence has convinced their high school to allow the family a special dispensation.
Thus, the boys in the family are allowed to attend high school without shirts.

Gned: For all their hard work and tireless dedication, you’d think the household would request something, I don’t know, less frivolous.
Mel the Mailbox: Who cares when Go is looking that good! Anyway, this is The Sims! Hey, what’s Amanda doing just standing there?
Tremain: I’m not sure. First, she was muttering something about ripped abs and pastel hair.
Next thing I know, she was outside smilng and waving at Tao as he left for school…

Amanda: You’re probably wondering why Naoto is upgrading the toilet when we haven’t even cleared the Interstellar Smuggler career yet, right?
Because the daily task for his Criminal/Boss career has become “Upgrade objects,” he’s allowed to do upgrades anyway.
Every moment he’s not sleeping, eatng, or working, he plans to spend on doing upgrades around the house.
Sometimes I use my X-ray vision to see through bathroom walls and watch him upgrading.
Seeing him from behind like this, I can understand why he attracts the ladies.
Huh? No, I’m not being a creepster!

For awhile, I’d kinda had my heart set on marrying Naoto ..
But since Auntie Siobhan’s married to Uncle Sasuke, Mom doesn’t want me marrying Uncle Sasuke’s nephew.
I don’t mind. Lately, I’ve realized that Naoto is too old for me anyway, but we’re still great friends!

Hey, Uncle Naoto! I noticed that you’re paired up with Sofie Bjergsen on our Family Echo tree! When did you two hook up?
Naoto: Oh really? I haven’t seen Sofie since she moved out. I bet Watchette just wanted Sofie on our family tree somewhere.

Amanda: So why are you wearing that shirt today?
Naoto: Watchette ssays that, when I go shirtless, people have a hard time noticing my devastating cuteness!
Amanda: Hmmm, let me ponder that for awhile…

Karina and Mauricio are inseparable, except of course when they’re working.
Mauricio was saying something about being in better shape for dancing, so Karina has been mentoring him.
I know that Mauricio’s joined the Musician career, but I’ve never heard that he dances!
I wonder what kind of dancing he does. Social dancing? *whispers: He looks pretty nice to me already!
Ssshhh, don’t you dare tell Karina I said that!

Sara, Tao, and Go come home from high school. I hear Sara’s the oldest of the three.
Go’s stressed from studying hard and Sara’s tense from lack of intellectual stimulation, so Tao suggests the hot tub.
Uncle Kage’s been mentoring Naoto in Handiness while he does upgrades.
I overhead Grandpa saying to Nato, “Those teens have it so easy these days!”

Go: Aaahhh, I feel my stress just melting away!
Sara: How did we not discover this hot tub sooner?
Go: Dude, don’t forget we have practice tonight!
Tao: Nope, I won’t!

Day 125 (Fri) 

Today, I age up into a teenager!
Uncle Kage says we’re going to go to a new restaurant that opened up in town, then go clubbing!
Uncle Mauricio and Cousin Karina work until the evening, so they’re meeting up with us after work.
Thanks to Uncle Mauricio, I’m able to max Artistic Prodigy!
Besides The Founder, Satoru, I’m the first in this household to complete three childhood aspirations.
I realized belatedly, Amanda, that you should have done Whiz Kid instead.
Your Space Ranger career requires L8 Logic, L10 Fitness, and L4 Rocket Science… Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be fine anyway! 

Gned the Gnome: Bye bye, Karina! Enjoy your second day on the job!
Tremain the Trashcan: Hmm, I can’t say that work outfit really does much for her!
Mel the Mailbox: On the other hand, hubba hubba, look who’s here! It’s Paolo Rocca.
Tremain the Trashcan: Oh right, Erika the Bathrobe Lady used to be BFFs with him. What happened?
Gned: One, there’s not enough space for everyone to move in a spouse.
Two, Gen3 heir Daia preferred Kage the Cat Burglar to Pablo the Athlete Who Randomly Does Push-Ups When You’re Trying to Have a Convo.
Mel: You’re both wrong. The big question is not “what happened,” but “what’s happening.”

Kage: Thanks for coming over! You’ll do, Paolo!
Paolo: Huh?

Kage: Hello, Dane! Thanks for coming over on such short notice! How you been?
Dane: Oh, you know, same ole, same ole. I’m still struggling to find a job, but otherwise, I’m well.
Kage: And sorry that didn’t work out between you and my daughter, hey?
Dane: No worries, Kage. I never even met her so I wasn’t too broken up when you told me I wouldn’t be your son-in-law. W’ssup?
Kage: *whispers

Gned the Gnome: The teen trio, who will soon become a quartet, return home all tense—stressed out from another grueling day at high school.
Mel the Mailbox: Off to the hot tub you go!

Go: Ahhh, this is the life! Hey, do you guys know how Amanda’s spending her last day of childhood?
Sara: We can see her from the hottub! She’s in the Focused Room with your great-uncle, Sasuke.
Tao: You think she’ll turn out as pretty as her mother?

Tremain the Trashcan: So many visitors today! Isn’t that Amanda’s father, Gavin Richards?

Amanda: A little before 7, we all change then head for the new Shimuzu Restaurant in Windenberg.
Kage: Well, here we are, crew! Let me talk to the host to confirm our reservation.
Naoto: Check us out, looking all fabulous in our formal wear as we strut and swagger over to our table!
Girls, stop breaking formation!

Amanda: Uncle Kage, is it just my imagination or are all the other diners here staring at us?
Naoto: You know it’s because we are all looking so amaaaazing!
Amanda: Seriously, why is everyone watching us?
Kage: It’s because we’re the only Asians eating at this Japanese-like restaurant.
So when the other diners see us here, they think, “Oh look, there’s a Japanese family eating here—that must mean this food is authentic!”
Amanda: How do you know that?
Kage: I heard it from Watchette who heard it from her father.
Whenever her family would go to an Asian restaurant and people would start staring, her father would say, “This restaurant should comp us this meal for promoting its authenticity.”
True story. 

Go: What are Karina and Mauricio doing over there at their own table?
Kage: They arrived about 90 minutes after us, but the host wouldn’t let them join our table.
Naoto: That’s bizarre. Do you want me to go explain things to him, bro? This restaurant’s owner owes me some money and I could lean…
Kage: Nah, we’ll just take over the restaurant ourselves, after we get a few more unlocks done.

Naoto: Where the heck is our food? We arrived here at 7:30 and its almost 11 o’clock already.
What are you people doing? Growing the rice? Is the chef off mushroom hunting?
Waiter: We deeply apologize for keeping you waiting! Your meals will be ready very soon!

Naoto: It’s 12:30 am now! I’ve had enough. Waiter, oh waiter!
Waiter: Yes, did you summon me?
Naoto: We’ve been sitting here without anything to drink or eat now for five hours!  Five hours!
Please deliver my insult to the chef!
Sorry for making you do all the dirty work, Naoto! But you seem to enjoy it and, more important, you always look so good acting like a thug! 

Go: Wait, before we go, let’s order a birthday cake for Amanda, so she’ll be a teen when we go clubbing!
Go clicks on the table to order a strawberry cake which, unlike their meals, appears on the table instaneously.
Amanda blows out the candles and does the birthday spin…

Amanda: Gah, what’s going on with this hair? Go gets the Blow Fro but I get the No Fro?!
Get thee to a closet, woman! 
Kage: Come on, gang. It’s past 1 a.m. We are so outta here!

Day 126 (Sat) 

Amanda: The fam takes me to the Pan Europa Discoteque in Windenberg.
Uncle Kage prepares a special surprise for my teen birthday. I hear it’s turning into a house tradition.
“The Dancers” make a comeback for a group dance,  adding two new members, Tao and Go.
That’s post-makeover me on the right.
It’s quite amazing how much Go resembles his father, don’t you think? You have to look up, you know, at the face!
I hear Karina made a lot of friends her first day of high school when rumors spread that Karina lived with The Dancers.

Pan Europa’s dance floor has more surrounding space than Narwhal’s, but it feels smaller because other people keep crowding us.
Especialy that Walking The Dog, who keeps trying to get in the photos that Sara’s taking.

Oh, it seems Uncle Kage recruited three other members to The Dancers for a group of eight.
Sadly, we spent so much time at that restaurant that by the time we arrived at the club, the other three were sleeping!
I’m actually really glad! What girl wants to watch Daddy’s dirty dancing? Ugh. *tries to wipe the image from my mind

Tao: This is the first time I’ve ever gone clubbing and I have to say it’s right up there next to hot tubbing!
I’ve discovered I love to dance!
This step is particularly tricky, though, because of the facial expression.
You have to squeeze your eyebrows together and make a face like you’re saying, “You want summa dis?”
To be honest, I’m not really sure, but that’s how Naoto and Uncle Kage look…(Mauricio, on the other hand, just looks like his eyes are closed.)
There’s a ghost in back who seems enthralled by Kage!

Kage: You little whippersnapper, Tao! You have the nerve to challenge me to a dance battle?!
Tao: I don’t mean any disrespect! This is my first time out dancing, you know, but I see that you have a lot of great moves!
Since you don’t show off your dance moves, though, I thought I could see you dance in a dance battle.
Naoto: Haha, Tao watches open-mouthed as Kage goes through his moves, closing his turn with the Light Spin.
Tao already admires Kage for mentoring him in Fitness but he’s a total fanboy now!

Amanda: I’m standing outside Pan Europa and, as you can see, we’ve danced until morning.
Good thing Watchette had us all nap on Friday!
By the way, Pan Europa has closets downstairs, so I got a makeover right away.
This is a better look for me and the shape of my face, agreed? Different hair and a little makeup work miracles!


Thanks for reading this silly update!
I’d fully intended to devote more screenshots to the restaurant experience, but the food never arrived after waiting five hours.
So instead, The Dancers got moved to this update, hehe.
(And yes, this is still an Apocalypse Challenge, in case you were wondering, but I tire of writing about skilling and career promotions, despite the sims’ steady progress.)

DD 4.25: Sometimes I Feel Like a Fatherless Child

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