DD 4.25: Sometimes I Feel Like a Fatherless Child

Week 19/Day 127 (Sunday)

Naoto: Thanks for bringing me along, Dad. Where are we?
Kage: Well, I thought you might enjoy having brunch with your sister and mother, but Daia couldn’t make it!
I’ll have to remember to quit my job before I move out!
Yuki: Thanks for the invite, Kage. You’re such a thoughtful son-in-law. Naoto never invites me anywhere.
*waves to Mortimer Goth who’s sitting nearby

Kage: So this is L’Attente Bistro. It’s advertised as a brunch place.
With the name “bistro,” I thought it’d be a little classier, more like a brasserie. Looks like a diner, though.
Yuki: So isn’t that a bad choice for a restaurant name? L’Attente means “the wait” or “waiting” in French, doesn’t it?
Kage: Yeah, I hope they’re just being sarcastic.
Naoto: Well, I’m The Brain (Level 9 Criminal/Boss) now, so I definitely don’t want to be late for work today!

Naoto: Well, let’s order, I don’t have all day!
Kage: I’ll let you two decide.
Yuki: Let’s only order coffee and a main course, just in case.
Naoto: And to be extra careful, can we all order the same meal? Eggs Benedict?

Kage: Aaaannnd, the cougar magnet strikes again!
Naoto: Well, technically, she’s not a cougar anymore since I’m an adult now, too.
Kage: She’ll always be one in my eyes because she’s been staring at you like that siince the day you became a teen!
Yuki: Didn’t we just see her husband sitting at the table next to ours?

Kage: Hey, look! There’s outdoor seating!
Naoto: Oh yeah! There’s even a table that seats 8. Good to know, I guess.
Yuki: Why do you say “I guess,” my darling son?
Naoto: Because Kage and I are moving out this week. Kage, definitely. Me, as soon as I get one last promotion!
Kage: Have you decided what you’re going to do when you move out, Naoto?

Yuki: Uh, what are Bella and Mortimer doing? Bella’s gone into the kitchen and Mortimer’s following her there.
Naoto: Who knows? The bathrooms are on the opposite side of the restaurant.

Kage: Hehe, Bella’s probably going to get “the talk” from her husband.
Serves her right for standing there staring at you, then pretending she was on her way to the kitchen!
Yuki: Hah! Good luck talking your way out of that one, you hussy! Chasing after my little boy, were you?

I couldn’t resist following them to see what they were doing. Mortimer doesn’t seem very convinced…I feel kinda bad for him, to be honest. 

Naoto: How you been doing, Momn? You’re looking good!
Yuki: I really love the new house I’m living in. You’ve all come to visit a few times already. Why no screenshots?
Kage: Makes me wonder if the kids will come visit me after I move out! Usually I just invite Daia over.

Kage: Oh, cool! Our food’s arrived!  *squees
Naoto: Stop acting like such a foodie, Kage. You’re embarrassing us!
And don’t turn around to look, Mom, but Mortimer and Bella stood up when our food arrived. Why?

Kage: Unbelievable! Now Bella’s just standing there making those goo-goo eyes at you, Naoto.
Naoto: Let’s just enjoy our meal and pretend we haven’t noticed, okay?
Hey, stop making flirty eyes at Mortimer, Kage! You’re freaking me out, dude!
Kage: I can’t help it! The Chef’s Choice mocha that Yuki and I ordered makes me feel flirty!
Naoto: I wanted to color a placemat, but I think it’s time we left. Sheesh. Can’t take you two anywhere!
Kage: Hey, that’s my line!

Gned the Gnome: There goes The Brain! I don’t think Watchette’s even snapped a shot of Naoto leaving for work!
Mel the Mailbox: She’s been feeling all sentimental lately! He’ll move out as soon as he earns his next promotion.
Tremain the Trashcan: Chances are excellent that he’ll finish either Thursday night at the latest, or even tomorrow night!
Mel the Mailbox: Hmmm, he looks like an entirely different person in a suit and hat! I definitely prefer his tattooed look!

Amanda: Congrats on your promotion to Level 5 Personal Trainer, Karina. You chose the Bodybuilder branch tonight, correct?
I love the way your new work outfit matches your hair!
Karina: Haha, thanks! And no worries about mentoring. It’s my daily task now, so I’ll always want to be mentoring household members!
Amanda: By the way, I’m also doing the Bodybuilder aspiration. Will my thighs get all muscular like yours? *hopes not

Day 128 (Mon) 

Sara: Today, I become a young adult at last! I’m really looking forward to becoming an Interstellar Smuggler!
Kage: You’ve been working hard since you moved in, Sara! You’ve completed much of your career skilling already!
Sara: Yep, I can’t wait to join the Astronaut career, but I’ll also be in charge of the garden.
Kage: You know, Naoto left for work tonight only a half-tick from maxing the Criminal/Boss career.
He’ll be moving out real soon. I’ll also be moving next door with my wife Daia on Wednesday.
Would you mind terribly if we held off your birthday celebration until Tuesday night, so we could have a triple celebration?
It would be your birthday party plus a farewell party for Naoto and me.
Sara: That’s fine, Kage! I wold be honored!  And Watchette, thanks for the Bro trait! *winks

Day 129 (Tue) 

Naoto: Yep, I’m Da Man! Level 10 Boss!
Gned the Gnome: Look at that, folks, Naoto is now officially Da Boss!
Mel the Mailbox: That means no more payouts to the mob, right?
Tremain the Trashcan: Exactomundo. Their bills will decrease substantially, too.
Gned: How so?
Tremain: They’d been stockpiling a portion of their dragonfruit and UFO fruits to sell only after Naoto cleared the Boss career.
Mel: Too bad all the paintings they’re saved can’t be sold until they’ve cleared Bodybuilder and Patron of the Arts!

Hey, Kage and Naoto. I hope you don’t mind that I dragged you both over here.  
Kage: We understand. It’s because our lot still doesn’t have any outdoor lamps.
Naoto: Oh, Watchette wants to take a commemorative photo of just the two of us? I’m touched!
You know very well how much I’ve enjoyed having you in the household.
Kage, you immigrated here from another file because I wanted you to be in a story. You cleared the only career with 11 levels with flair.
Naoto, I wasn’t sure what to do with you at first and you ended up joining one of the toughest careers.
As the Secret Agent/Villain and Criminal/Boss, the two of you have really improved the quality of life for your household.
As founding members of The Dancers and loyal contributors to “the cause,” I just want to say you will both be sorely missed! *sniffle, sniffle 

Kage: If you ever need me, call me. No matter where you are, no matter how far.
Naoto: Just call my name, I’ll be there in a hurry. You don’t have to worry!
Cuz baby there ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough…
(“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell—everyone must hear this!) 

Kage: So for our triple celebration, we start with an early dinner, followed by clubbing later!
Sara: How’s that different from what we did for Amanda’s birthday?
Naoto: We hope to actually eat this time and there’ll be a special guest later. Anyway, we try visiting Shimuzu again this evening.
Whereas we each mostly ordered something different the first time, this second time we all order the same beverage (Chef’s choice) and the second-cheapest appetizer: Honeyed World Fruit Charcuterie.
Our food and drinks arrive without much waiting.

The three waiting staff are like helicopters, hovering over us as we dine, swooping in to clear tableware as necessary.
At one point, we had three staff members in our private room, clearing our table. Great service!

Go enjoys the “experimental dish” appetizer so much he takes a photo of it.
After finishing their appetizers, Kage and Karina both learn to make the dish at home using “their personal chef station,” no doubt because their Cooking skill is already Level 5+.
Sara, Naoto, Mauricio, Tao, and Tao all get the same message: “If only they had Level 5 Cooking, they could make this experimental dish at home.”
For some reason, only Go learns the Gourmet Cooking skill (because he snapped the photo?).

Next, everyone orders water ($0) and the least expensive main course (Artisan Fish Trio); it was not Chef’s choice.
This time we clock it and our meal arrives almost exactly an hour after we place our orders.
Since the restaurant is new, maybe the chefs can’t handle a lot of different orders yet. Our maybe it’s our large party.
But why would they set a table for 8 if they can’t handle it?

Naoto: To make up for insulting the chef on Saturday night, I ask the waitress to deliver my compliments to the chef this time.
Oh Naoto! How I will miss your charming self when you move out! 

Kage: Next, we move our party over to the Pan Europa Discoteca to celebrate Sara’s birthday in the traditiona manner.
Tao: Happy birthday, Sara!

Amanda: Oh, hi Mom! I haven’t seen you for ages!
Morgan: It’s great to see you, too, darling. You’re looking all grown-up and wonderful! Ooooh noooo, what’s he doing there?!
Amanda: Moooom, how embarrassing! How did Dad become a member of The Dancers?

Amanda: It’s getting worse, Mom! What shall we do?
Morgan: My plan’s just to pretend I don’t know him. We’re married but I never took his last name, so…
Amanda: Okay, our first step will be to nonchalantly walk away to a different part of the club. And, Mom, I officially have no father, okay?
Morgan: Suits me!

Sara: How is this supposed to be my birthday party celebration, when all of the visual focus is on The Dancers?
And get away from me, Candy Behr! I’m not in the mood to dance with you!
Awww, don’t be mad, Sara! You will get your time in the sun very, very soon, I promise! 
Amanda: Mom? I think I’m going home first.

Day 130 (Wed) 

Kage: Hey, brother-in-law, it’s hard to believe we’re going to actually leave this place, eh?
Naoto: I know, right? I’ve lived here since birth and it’s all I’ve ever known.
Once Daia cleared Diamond Agent, I thought we’d visit the homes of a lot of other sims, but all Watchette wants to do is go to restaurants!

Kage: So, what’s your plan now? I heard Jacques Villareal has asked you to take over and move into his huge estate on Windenberg.
Naoto: Yeah, but I’m somehow not really feeling it.
Kage: What about moving with me into that house right behind me? It’s right next door to here, bro!
Your sister and your mom’s there, too! Would be so much fun!

Naoto: You know what, Kage? I think I’d rather live over there with you guys then live far away in Windenberg!
At first I thought it’d be cool. You know, living in that grand villa on the same island where Founder Satoru was born.
But all my family lives in this neighborhood.
Kage: I know, man! You shouldn’t live that far away. We would all miss you too much!

Naoto: Actually, I’ve asked Watchette to build me a new place for me and my lady. You’ll meet her next time.
Kage: I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on us! Well, okay, man. I’ll be seeing you around!
Naoto: Yeah, laters!

The Dancers appeared in two consecutive chapters because they would be losing two of its founding members.
Now that they’ve lost their “lead dancers” (lol), the group will no doubt disband.
Unless someone opens a restaurant with a dance floor…

DD 4.26: Naoto’s Lady Friend

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