DD 4.26: Naoto’s Lady Friend

Week 19/Day 130 (Wednesday)

Amanda: Ever since I became a teen, Tao has been spending more time with me, talking about school, going for walks, and stuff.
This morning as soon as I come upstairs, he looks as if he’s waiting for me.
And he asks me to be his BFF!!!  Yeeesssss!

Go: I’m not going to be an Athlete like my sister Kariina or my buddy Tao, and I’m not going to be an Astronaut like Sara or Amanda.
Still, when I have a little time in the morning, I go joggng around our neighborhood.

This morning, I run into that girl I met at school the other day. Her name’s Mina Arata.

Go: Today, I ask her to sit on a bench and chat for a few minutes.
Tao: That look on your face, dude! You are such a goner!
Go: She’s just so cute, Tao! I really can’t stop myself!

Mina (to herself): Go is seriously gorgeous! I can’t believe he wants to sit and chat!
Oh?! He wants a “friendly hug”? I’m game, sweetheart. Bring it on, friendly or more than friendly!

Gned the Gnome: There go our scrawny teen heartbreakers, off to high school!
Tremain the Trashcan: I can’t believe the other students’ parents don’t complain about those boys attending school shirtless!
Mel the Mailbox: Trust me, Tremain! Not a single P.T.A. mother is complaining…

Kage: So, you’re finally going to introduce your lady friend, eh?
Naoto: Yeah, I’d like you all to meet Yae Oguri. She’s someone I met through work.

Yae: Hi, sweetheart. I’ve missed you! *kisses Naoto autonomously
Naoto: Hey, not in front of everybody. Sheesh, that’s embarrassing!

Mauricio: Well, I’m surprised, to be honest. She looks very normal and rather conservative.
Karina: I was just going to say the same thing. Are you sure she’s the one, Uncle Naoto?
Kage: I’m going to have to agree. You shouldn’t be ruining an innocent life, Naoto! She’s too nice for you!

Naoto: What do they know, right, Yae? We were made for each other!
Yae: *giggles
He proposes to Yae, she accepts, and they elope in the one of the most cramped spaces in the house. 

Naoto: Were they not paying attention when I said that I met Yae through work?
Yae: I know, right? We even got our tattoos from the same tattoo artist who was visiting from Tokyo.

Naoto: Watchette recently made her own version of that premade restaurant Shimuzu, so I invite Yae there to celebrate our marriage.

Yae’s gorgeous, right? Are we a good match or what?

I request a table from the host who shows us to a small table in front of the chef stations.
It’s a lame location. (Watchette, you need to do something to spruce up this area.)

I’d like to sit outside but the room in back is for a party of eight.
I’ve borrowed @Nettlejuice’s idea and joined two tables for four instead of one table for eight. 

Instead of leaving the choice up to the host, I specifically request a table on the front patio this time.
I don’t know what the lighting would be like at night, but it’s lovely during the day.

Except for those sputtering spouts in the water—those are annoying. Please fix those, Watchette.
Hey, I’d never made a pond before, okay? But thanks for play-testing it for me. 

Yae: What’s the name of the restaurant?
It’s Iyashi, which means “healing.” Did you see the sand garden out front? 

Naoto: Our meal arrives immediately. Watchette, you should run this restaurant yourself!

Naoto: What? You want to know where I’m moving? Look at this shot of the neighborhood.
You recognize the Apocalypse House right?
Across the street iin the beige house live Kenta Sanada, Summer Holiday, and their three sons.
In the blue house next door to the Apocalypse House live Mom (Yuki), my sis Daia, and Kage.
Across the street from them live Sasuke Sanada Siobhan, and their two kids. Erika the Bathrobe Queen recently moved in with them.
And you see that dark wooden house beyond Sasuke’s place? That’s where I’ll be living with Yae.

By the way, did I already tell you that we’re going to be parents soon? *grins widely

Go: Meanwhile, remember that girl, Mina, from this morning? When I saw her at school later, I invited her over to the house.
After school, we continue our convo while kicking it up quite a few notches.  She likes me back!!!

Go: First kiss!
I already have the option to ask her to be my girlfriend, but there’s some weird dude watching us, so I’ll ask her later.
I know, Mitch totally photo-bombed my shot of your first kiss with Mina!
And after watching you two, he’s feeling all flirty, great! 

Go: Watchette, as much as I love my father, I’m not sorry to see him go. One, he’s living right next door now.
Two, are you going to let me invite Mina to move in?

Mitch: Hey, Sara! Thanks for inviting me over, but where the heck have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you!
Sara: Hehe, I phoned to invite you over from work. I just got home. Wassup, Mitch my bro! *does bro bump
And, Watchette? I agree with Go about the need to make more room in the house! Can Mitch move in, please? Pretty please?

Career Recap as of Wednesday afternoon: 

Mauricio Landgraab: Entertainer/Musician, Level 8
Karina Sanada-Landgraab: Athlete/Bodybuilder, Level 6
Sara Shin: Astronaut, Level 3 (Interstellar Smuggler)
Tao: 3 days to young adult (Pro Athlete)
Go Sanada: 6 days to young adult (Startup Entrepreneur)
Amanda Fyres: 9 days to young adult (Space Ranger)

DD 4.27: Love Is Everywhere

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